Welcome to Celestial Inspiration – where we teach you how to live abundantly through direct guidance from your angels.

We are committed to helping you to trust your highest guidance and connect with angelic energies that will provide you with the right knowledge and wisdom that will assist you on your path in life and align you to your divine purpose.

Discover The Divine Plan For Your Life By Connecting With Your Angels

If you have ‘stumbled’ upon this site, know that you are here not by coincidence but by divine arrangement.

Angelic friends have brought you here to help you to find your highest guidance and to help you to live in accordance with the divine plan for your life.

When you look with eyes of faith, you will find that you have guardian angels all around you for they are God’s messengers that will guide you throughout your life.

Open your palms to receive love as these loving guardian angels will always reach out to protect you and know that they will never leave your side.

Open hands leads to open hearts and you shall feel that when you connect with your angels. It is a blessed act indeed to join hearts with these mighty celestial beings.

Even though it might be hard to see them, they often leave signs to show us the way and it is a constant reminder from them how deeply we are loved and highly favored.

How The Vibration Of Angels Can Help You To Live Abundantly And Prosperously

Did you know that angels one of the highest vibrational beings on the planet?

Their energies are one of the most beautiful and crystalline to embrace.

Alas, people in general are not always aware of this connection.

In reality, people are not manifesting the lives that they want and enjoying the abundance of resources in the world is because they are not vibrating at a high level.

A person with a low vibration is often sad, burdened with guilt, feeling shame all the time, apathetic towards life, angry towards the world or blinded by the pride of life.

Low vibrations may even make you feel disconnected with divine power and manifests scarcity and fear in every day life.

We can be like that most of the time, especially when we are not aware of our need to connect with angels.

Left to ourselves, we will stay mired in these low vibrations.

We may even seek to drown our sorrows with stimulation out there, but even external stimulation is short-lived and we will tend to drop back to a default state of low vibrations.

Thankfully, our angels have not forgotten about us.

By connecting with angels, not only will it raise our vibrations up to the level of angels, we will also be able to trust our guidance and live in a state of true abundance and prosperity.

Life can be difficult at times and we could all use a little extra help.

Our angels, ever loving and patient is always there to guide us to make the right choices.

By relying on the help of your guardian angels, they will show you the path to fulfilling that mission and help you to live at your highest potential.

They constantly provide protection, inspiration, healing, signs and even divine intervention to so God’s grand vision for our lives’ mission will live through us.

Once we realize our divine birthright and privilege to connect with our celestial friends, there will be no more guesswork in life as you are on a path of least resistance powered by the fuel of divine power.

Will Angels Hear Me And Come To Me When I Call Upon Them?

Yes, of course!

Doubt not for angels are omnipresent – they exist as an energy vibration and they can be everywhere at once.

As an energy form, angels are non-denominational. You don’t need to be part of a religious group to access the vibration of angels.

Their power is free for everyone regardless if you’re religious, spiritual or an atheist. In other words, you can’t contain the power of angels in a religious boundary.

Angels even transcends dogma and religion so you can connect directly with the divine and brings you practical tools to assist you on your journey.

In life, humans tend to let us down.

We tend to put people on a pedestal and expect them to be there for us when we need them to be.

But when they inevitably disappoint us, it is not because they are necessarily unkind, but because they have their own needs to attend to and they can’t be there for us all the time.

The beauty of connecting with angels is that they won’t let us down.

They will help us in accordance with God’s will.

They will give us what we need in God’s perfect timing.

Even after we have given up on God, God will still send his angels to help us when we least expect it.

The Divine Gifts Of Each Angelic Archetype And How They Can Serve Us

Not all angels are the same.

Each angel carries an archetype of a certain energy.

For example:

  • You can call upon Archangel Michael to give us strength in tough situations or protection from harm.
  • You can call upon Archangel Raphael if you need healing and energy.
  • You can call upon Archangel Ariel if you’re in need of earthly resources.
  • You can call upon Archangel Gabriel for inspiration and hearing God’s message.

The beauty of angels is that they can help you – all they need is your permission as they respectfully honor your free will.

The most important thing is to connect to your highest guidance.

Different angelic archetypes will appear to you for different needs, so when you trust your highest guidance and connect with the angel that is needed, you will be able to manifest abundance.