10 Signs That An Angel Is Watching Over You

From the oldest age in time, it has been known that each human being has been assigned with one guardian angel each. They have been existing to protect and guide their people, to watch over us and save us from danger.

Even though it is already the millennial period, angels still undeniably exist, and their presence is still accompanying us. Most of what we experience is totally not just a coincidence, but it is also our guardian angel connecting to us especially in cases that we don’t seem to understand.

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We must be aware of their presence especially when they try to connect with us. Since they are not ordinary people, we have to know as well when they are with us or when do they want to speak with us.

They are watching over us all the time and there are 10 signs to know if they are there!

Unexpected temperature changes and sensations

Other people can feel like they have an unexpected gush of feeling in their body like being warm or a cold air passing by through their senses. These unexplainable phenomena that give you chills or goosebumps are actually a manifestation that your guardian angel is near you.

This is because your angel is connecting with you and they want to get in touch with you and to raise your awareness of their presence around you. This strange feeling of their presence cannot be seen but it can be easily felt, and this is one of their ways to be with you physically.

It feels like you have been touched or there is a smooth brush at the back of your neck or a light pat on your shoulders or an unusual heavy weight on your back.

If you also feel a sudden change of temperature while meditating, it is said that your angel is beside you, moving closer towards you.

Observing Flickering lights

Whenever there is an unexpected change in the lights, a shadow or a beam appears right before you in the place you are in, it is said that they are making an encounter with you.

Angels have frequencies and energies that could energize an electronic appliance. Sudden channel or development of energies in technologies could also be them relaying a signal that they are near and is trying to communicate with you.

Dreams and visions 

There are many times that angels talk to us in a dream. When we are sincerely asking for a thing to happen and asking for their help, they can send us messages through our dreams. Usually, these dreams seemed so real and it feels like the dream is a part of the reality. It means that your angel is providing you the answers to your questions and confusions.

These dreams mean something important whether it can be blurry or not but your angel is trying to tell you something.

Seeing White Feathers

These things are not normally seen every day. But if we see a white feather floating right before our eyes, it is a sign that our angel is with us and visiting us. This is believed to be that the parts of their wings have given us hints of their presence. Especially when you see a white feather inside your home or in your office, it is very unexpected and surely your angel is with you.

Flashes of light in our eyes

There are times when we see unusual blurry lights in our visions that glisten or in the edge areas of our eyes. Especially when there is no sunlight and we see these, being extraordinary, it is a sign of the presence of our guardian angel.

Messages and words

Because of the holiness of the angels, they cannot speak directly to us as we cannot contain their presence. But they can send us messages through books or signage, billboards or even on the internet that speak to us in the language that we can understand.

It can be when we are facing a struggle or is finding a sign for a certain decision, they can give it as the answer to our needs.

You may later perceive the same or similar letter in a journal, or a book may fall from a bookshelf, surprisingly opening up to a page with meaningful words or phrase.

Tingling in the ears

These sound signals happen usually in a quiet place and occur very loud or like bells ringing or buzzing. When the noise becomes too flashy or disturbing, it is acceptable to request your guardian angel to minimize the volume in the ears.

It is believed that through this signal, they transfer the data or message to you in an angelic way. While it can be uncanny, we need to understand that it is them that is connecting and is trying to talk with us.

Unexpected situations

These are the kind of special moments when surprising situations seem to come together in just the right way in the least expected way. Like it is beautifully stitched for your favor.

Unusual numeric symbols

If you witness some numbers or sequences that are recurrent to you, it may be a mark of your guardian angels trying to catch your attention. Angels are identified as creatures who use numbers to transmit various messages.

Feeling of companion

You may sense that there is somebody else in the room, even though no one is there inside. Or you may feel that there is an unseen presence close to you. These are angel signs who gives you an indication that you are accompanied by someone special who covers feelings of warmth and protection and unconditional love.

Whenever you meet a sign that leads you close to the angels, it is said that you should stay conscious and aware and be present in the time where they provide a connection to you through different ways. We should let ourselves to be open to getting heavenly messages. And we should always not forget to be grateful in their interventions to us. We should always be willing to open our minds and hearts with them so that we can accept their messages.

They unselfishly offer us the guidance we need but they also know how to respect that we have our own choices and it is always our decision to accept or reject their support. 




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