10 Signs You Could Be An Earth Angel


You may not know it, but you could be an earth angel!

Did you ever feel like you are an old soul? And most of the time much of the contemporary world do not resonate with you?

When you are working, do you feel like you should be doing something else? Like you are meant to do something greater?

Do you feel like you have come here on earth once again to help renew it?

Do you have a soft heart for animals?

Do you have a sense of knowing that you are a healer?

If you can relate to some of these traits, you could have the invisible wings of an earth angel ready to shine.

You might be wondering for a long time now what this kind of pull is. And we are here to reveal to you the reasons why you feel this way and some more signs you may be experiencing, that you are looking some explanations for.


What Are Earth Angels?

Earth Angels are basically humans with the characteristics and limited traits of heavenly angels and their job is to shine their light to others.

They are highly evolved spiritual beings born into physical form. They come in a certain point of time to serve humanity and the planet. They also assist souls in the process of ascension and awakening. They are here to help bring earth and humanity into harmonious co-creation by bringing in light, love and peace. They’re here with a mission to fulfill.

There could be instances when you felt like you were on a mission but don’t know exactly what that mission is. You could also be dreaming of seeing the world as a lighter place.

You might be feeling like these because being an Earth Angel means you are being called in the deep recesses of your soul to serve and help others, to spread kindness and positivity, to embody compassion and make a difference here on earth through your light and love. This is just a manifestation of the higher spiritual realm into the physical reality through you.


What makes earth angels different from human beings?

While earth angels are highly evolved spiritual beings, we humans are spiritual beings too. We are filled with light and energy. We are gifted with intuition and curiosity. Deep inside, we speak in the language of angels, we are connected to nature and the universe; and we are vessels of love, light, joy and abundance directly from the source.

However, there are people whose souls shine brighter than others, whose characteristics make them different, more glorious, and more angel-like.

Earth angels are usually not aware of who and what they really are until they are awakened to the truth of the Divine. Still, their whole life is attracted to noble service to others, it was like their whole life and all their decisions were set towards their very main goal.

They strive to be of service to the world and to other people. They work to assist the ascension process of others and awaken each soul they come in contact with. They envision the world to become one, for humanity to live harmoniously under the light, love and peace of the universe.

Being in the human condition, they are not perfect… but they are a shining star from others when they reveal their invisible wings.

How do you know if you are an earth angel?

Earth angels are usually people who felt like they are old souls, they are attracted to old things. They feel responsible for the renewal and restoration of the planet. They have a deep connection to nature.

There are definite signs that you are an earth angel. You may not know it, but we will help you learn why you are feeling a certain way and why you do the things you do.

Here’s the 10 signs you’re an earth angel:

  1. You are always ready to offer solution and help to other people.
  2. Your friends and associates come to you for advice, to tell you of their worries, and to confide to you their painful memories and grief.
  3. You are relatively independent in the sense that you do not always ask others for help especially when it is a personal problem you are facing. You would rather help others than be helped.
  4. You are someone who can easily make the atmosphere in the room into a positive vibe. You can also influence the energy of other people.
  5. You can see positively in any situation, seeing the best in anyone even those whom others have a hard time tolerating.
  6. You are a sensitive person who is in tune to the feelings of others.
  7. You avoid any conflict with other people, and you do not know how to deal with extreme anger sometimes crying over your own frustrations to release the anger inside you and avoid hurting other people.
  8. You strive to be connected with people and your family, checking every once in a while their feelings about you.
  9. You have moments when you suddenly drift from the present, as though your inner self flew somewhere else.
  10. Sometimes, you are not comfortable on your own feet, of staying grounded. There is this inner feeling of wanting to be somewhere, to fly freely.

Now after knowing the signs, you might wonder whether you are really an Earth Angel.

If you are an Earth Angel, then, you need to understand that you possess an impressive history of helping and healing others in your previous life which makes you deeply attached to the same act in this lifetime.

Undoubtedly, you are sent to this world to influence others, to share your vibrational frequency and energy, to spread love to the world.

You may already have an inkling of what you are deep inside, we would just like to make it clear to you that you are someone meant for greater things than you can imagine.

You have a great mission ahead of you and your current profession may be the first step to fulfilling it for the Divine purpose.

Earth Angels are sometimes found amongst people who work to serve others such as social workers, therapists, acupuncturists and counselors. Their passion is to help others, to make a change, to make people feel better and they strive to be able to achieve such passion.

Earth Angels also have powerful intuition where you can see things more than others. You are driven by your emotions and intuition; you trust these things to take you to the path you were meant to go.

You have a passion for art, poetry, music and communication to others. You see these things as instruments to the harmony of the world and the glory of the human race.

You know that your intuition is guided by a higher force, that they are giving you messages, so you trust them with all of your being.

Knowing the signs of being an Earth Angel will explain to you the things you may have been feeling, the experiences that you used to think make you weird, the things that made you different from others.

While it is true that every one of us can reach the highest peak of awareness through the help of the angels and the vibration, as Earth Angels, you may have a considerably easier journey because your soul is already aligned to the teachings of the spirit realm.

But even when you are not an Earth Angel, you can still become a glorious creation of the universe, able to touch and inspire others.

Make a conscious decision to undergo the journey to the path of the angels and you will become who you are meant to be.