10 Things You Should Know About Guardian Angels

Imagine walking around every day, everywhere, anytime and you have this sense of protection and guidance in your journey.

You go through difficult and dark roads, yet it looks like someone has been gliding with you in every step of the way.

When you feel like you are about to face danger, it seems like something pulls you away from this undesirable happening and then you’re saved!

There have been many testimonies on people that had been freed from chaotic elements or experienced redeeming from any disgrace or peril. They feel like someone or something supernatural guides their path in daily living or even during asleep. And they are indeed correct! These ethereal feelings are actually confirmed.

They are Guardian Angels. They are true, and they’re always with us.

Little do we know, guardian angels are not just images or metaphors that live in storybooks or in what we see in pictures. They exist and they have been made by God to guard and guide us. Other people are not well-aware of their existence but unknowingly, they are already guided by these heavenly creatures!

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What do these guardian angels do to us?

In fact, they are not just seen as the cute and cuddly ones dressed as babies with wings attached in their backs.

They are actually mightier than what we imagined and are ready to attend our needs and fight with us in our battles.

Here are 10 of the many amazing facts we ought to know about guardian angels:

#1 Every person is assigned with their own guardian angel

Many demonstrations have been shared by hundreds of people being saved from drowning, accidents or even in events that lead them away from almost-death experiences. These all happened in reality.

One day, when I was still a 10-year-old naïve kid, we have been participating in a church activity daily. I was tasked to collect a basket of flowers for a certain segment of the program so I decided to pick the flowers that attractively bloomed in front of our chapel.

Since I was so eager to get those pretty things, I crossed the street without looking sideways and suddenly a motorcycle speedily revved to my direction and bang!

We collided. The motorcycle flew away going to the opposite side of the road and I was also dashed on the other side in a high distance like garbage thrown away.

I lost consciousness and was hurriedly sent to the hospital and amazingly the doctor said I was totally fine with no broken bones or any complications. It was also shocking when I had no injuries or any wounds or scratches.

As I grew up reminiscing that moment, I realized something miraculous saved me. As I also listen to many similar situations, I really believe that my guardian angel saved me. And each one of us is being protected with their presence since the beginning of our birth.

#2 Angels are always in contact with God

Since they are made from the heavens and sent from the heavens to us, they are indeed in close contact with God.

Guardian angels are God’s armies that He sent to the world to protect His people and keep them away from any harm.

He pours out His blessings to these angels as they are to be sent to the world to the person that will be under their care and they report back to God on the status of their person.

God has also bestowed them with many abilities that they are able to provide and help for the people and sends messages to God whatever the needs and requests of the person they are assigned to.

#3 Our Guardian Angel knows us best

Guardian angels have been with us since the time we were conceived and gave birth from our mothers’ womb. Therefore they know us very well and has always been with us on every journey we have taken. They also want us to communicate with them to give them the best parts of us.

They can see straight to our hearts and they can know our inner desires and even our fears. They are the experts of us that is why whenever we need help, the support us best and keeps us away from anything that doesn’t work for us.

#4 They bring us closer to God

They are from the heavens, right?

Angels are not only sent to provide us with the things we desire or need but they also pray to let us become closer to God. They act as our intercessors. Even when we feel that God seems distant to us, the angel that is assigned to us is also regarding God directly to connect with us.

#5 They strengthen our minds

Guardian angels want the best for us. This results for them giving us extra wisdom that can affect our intellect, will, and senses that would give us better decisions in life and surviving critical thinking. They pour out fresh ideas in our minds that could help us in our job or school work and they also keep us creative.

#6 They help us away from temptations

They do not only strengthen our minds but they also definitely keep us away from evil. Whenever we cry out to save us from different situations, they will give their everlasting protection to set our minds and actions from any evil works.

Even inside our minds, they fight for us against evil schemes to make us better people so we can do it ourselves.

#7 They keep us away from harm

We are all prone to falling. But our guardian angels won’t easily slip that to us.

By all means, they want us to be safe and when times of danger arises, they immediately come beside us and pull us out from these hurting situations.

They provide us with comfort and safety or make miraculous ways to keep us intact and alive.

#8 They love us so much

Because of these many wonderful things that our angels have done for our sake, it is natural that their feelings for us will get stronger.

Even before we have been born and grew up as an adult, they already have that love for us and as days gone by, it grew stronger that all they wish is to give us the fortune and the joy we deserve.

They have put their whole existence for us and they have no other motive but to give us a good life.

#9 They remind us of our ultimate goal

Angels are not only existing for our own consumption, but they have been also sent and made to remind us to glorify God and to work out our faith.

When we think of the angels, our Master in heaven is the head and his angels are here with us for us to be reminded that our goal is to understand His manifestation and inherit salvation.

#10 They will not leave us

Our guardian angels are our loyal companion. They do not fade their love for us and do not wish us ill.

Even we forget their presence sometimes, they still expect us to remember them thus they make extraordinary manifestations in our lives.

They have been assigned to us since the moment we were given birth until the day we leave earth. They open our minds and they never leave us hanging without their love and care.

Our guardian angels give us moral guidance and even make us a better and stronger person. Knowing them leads us to the ultimate calling of our lives and we owe them many things in our existence here on earth.

They may be quiet, but they intervene with us all the time without forsaking us as humble as possible.

Let us always make it a habit to acknowledge and communicate with our guardian angels!

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