5 Ways Angels Are Working In Your Life

Most of us learned about angels when we were kids. And often, we get so curious about them – who they are and what they do exactly. We are fascinated by their wings and their power to do something out of human capabilities.


As we get older, we still believe in angels and the possibility of them helping us in times of difficulty. Sometimes, we just want the assurance of their presence as it makes us feel safer and more peaceful.


Most of the time, angels work on the background as we go with our daily lives. They’re just there watching and protecting us.


Angels have many roles in our lives. They are immortal spiritual beings who are tasked to give us protection, direction and wisdom.


They are known to be divine messengers and they help comfort the alone and lonely people. Angels are also there to assure us of divine love and favor in our lives as part of the roles they play.


They work in our life in many profound and incredible ways and there have been many stories of individuals with their guardian angels helping them. 


The Human Free Will


Angels can do a lot of things for us. And they’re genuinely there in order to help us with our needs.

However, they cannot just extend you help that affects your free will. You need to ask them to help you. This is because angels respect our free will. They will not do anything against your will or against the universal law.


There can be many ways an angel is at work for us. But it is still our choice to invoke their presence and let them intercede for us. They may be able to do plenty of things, but the access to the angels’ help lies in our hands. The key is to just ask.


Angels Universal Roles


There are things that angels will do for you without the need for you to ask. These are universal roles that are all for the highest good.


Here are 5 ways that our angels are working for us without the need for you to ask.


#1 They Protect Us 


Angels are armies of the divine. They are divine beings who are there to fight for us and guard us in all our ways. There have been many accounts of angels protecting their people and it is undeniable that this is one of their most appreciated work. 

They protect us in ways that prevent us from heading to a disaster or a potential pitfall. They also keep us from going somewhere dangerous or not good for us to keep us away from misery.


Angels also protect us from any physical hazard. Even spiritually, they protect us from any evil elements and strengthen our ethereal spirits.  


They are always beside us and sees everything we are doing or in every location we are doing. They are looking after us and making sure that we are safe under their care.


They would not allow any harm to be in us and they make ways to save us or keep us away from any danger. Not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally as they protect us against the evil elements around.


#2 They Act as Divine Messengers 

Being a faithful messenger, they act as deliverer of messages from the divine to the people. In Christianity, it is no surprise that there many times even in the Bible that God speaks to the people in the world through His angels. They are instruments of the heavens to reveal the truth, or relay a message of love and protection, even wise ideas. They minister the people to God’s will and sends the message of our purpose of living.  


There are also numerous times that angels are used to send words of warning and prophecy. They also convey comfort and reassurance to people without any judgement from them. Their duty as envoys is also to send good news to men that despite the many surrounding foes and troubles, angels camp stronger around us sending us messages of faith, love and hope.


#3 They Oversee Us 


Angels are always observing us. They gain information about us as they always accompany us and study our experiences for our own benefit. Through this, they will know how they will assist us and act in any situation that we might encounter.  


We may not be able to see them but they are actually always around us. They interact with us in their own gentle and subtle ways and realize that we are maturing and realizing the meaning of humanity and patterns of the world with them guiding us. 


#4 They Encourage Us 

Our guardian angels are truly selfless that they always make sure we are in good heart and in a joyful mood. Whenever there are times of sadness and disappointments, they will immediately send us encouragements so that we could go on. 


While they are physically strong, they also make sure that we, their assigned people, are shared with emotional and spiritual strength. Even in times of temptations, they would help us to be reinforced and overcome these challenges. They want to work out for our rescue and provide in our times of need in all aspects of life to give us an uplifted center. 


#5 They Care For Us Even After Death 


Humans are not immortal, and it is a normal part of life wherein we’ll eventually be facing death. At this once in a lifetime moment of our life, our loyal angels will come to assist us. They will be there to help us with the transition making it easier for us as they are there to guide us and show us the way to our designated places.


Even at the time of death, our angels will be there for us not leaving us alone to face it.


Although we do not see our angels, we are actually surrounded by them and they are always there to protect and serve us even in our death. 


Indeed, our angels love us so much that they will not allow us to go through different situations alone. They want us to be protected, guided and favored in every area of our life.  


Although angels are not visible with our naked eyes, they are always going towards our direction at every challenges and victories in our life. At all times they are willing to embrace and carry us every day and work for our good. But only if we allow our angels to intervene in our lives.