8 Signs Your Higher Self Is Guiding You (You Don’t Want to Miss It)

More and more people seek to go through a spiritual awakening which makes them question the things they used to believe in, the belief they grew up with and the way they live their life.

We can say that the world is waking up. Shedding its limited material views and reclaiming its connection to the universe.

In our quest to align with the energy of the universe, we inevitably meet our higher self. We become something more, we become our true self as we let go of the old things that limit us. We get more connected to our spiritual being, to our true power, and our intuitive powers. The thing is we do not only realize who we really are, we are also realized we are guided by our higher self.

Have you ever been consumed by the feeling that everything in your life is fully guided?

Suddenly, you get this incredible new job, or everything seemed to be in its perfect place and all you feel is gratitude and joy. Every one of us are born with a purpose, our destiny woven by the Universe.

We may have been lost for a while as we roam the earth but connecting with our higher self helps us to navigate back to that life purpose. Remember that our higher self speaks to us through our intuition.

And this is why it gets tricky when we are being guided because we still tend to doubt our intuition which means that we may not notice the signs of guidance.

In this article, we will be enlightened on the common signs we should not ignore because it is the guidance from our higher self.

Sign #1

You are letting go of some things and people in your life.

Connecting with your higher self makes you recognize that there are things and people that are not serving you. You have been holding on to them for sentimental reasons but now that you are on the path towards your highest self,  you realize that you must surround yourself with people who can stimulate and support you, and people who emanate positive energy and resonate with your vibration.

You must not feel guilty when you cut off ties with certain negative people in your life. It is your right not to get dragged down. You recognize that you need to walk your own path and those people too, will walk on their own.

Sign #2

Your inner voice is getting louder. And no, this does not mean you are going crazy.

This voice we are talking about is your intuitive voice and it is getting stronger. You ever wonder about that voice telling you what to do. That voice that suddenly steers you to another direction when you feel as though something is about to go wrong? Or when you are struggling to make a decision and suddenly, your gut tells you what to choose. Those are all your intuition working to get you to the right path that will take you to where you are supposed to be.

Sign #3

Your synchronicities appear more frequently.

When you are on a spiritual awakening and connecting with your higher self, you will realize that there are no coincidences for you. Every pattern, every peculiar events and perfect chances are messages and guidance from the Universes through your higher being. When you experience more synchronicities than ever, it means that your higher being is trying to tell you messages you need to hear.

Have you been seeing the same number pattern everywhere you turn your head to?

Have you had the same dream for days now?

Have you come across a feather when you are in the city?

Have you been followed by a butterfly, a dragonfly or perhaps, both?

A coin, a flash of light, a sudden fragrant smell, dragonflies, butterflies, feathers, etc., these are messages, instructions from your higher being guiding you to the right path.

Sign #4

Self-care becomes your priority.

When you are being guided by your higher being, you realize that your physical self is important for you to achieve your dreams. You understand that your optimal self should be healthy.

Self-care means you are putting your health a priority because you know what you need, and you love yourself dearly that you want the best. Your higher being is the purest and best version of yourself. Your higher self will strive to make you the best you.

Sign #5

You let go of your limiting beliefs.

We all have this limiting belief we have harbored inside us, developed by the influence of the society we grew up in and influenced by the people we grew up with.

But connecting to your higher self will not only make you realize these limiting beliefs. You will also be guided so you will know how to let go of them. Your higher self will show you your real potential, capabilities and opportunities for you. You will slowly forget about your limiting beliefs and make you fearless to take on the world.

Sign #6

Your dreams become clearer.

Our minds are powerful though it is restrained in our lower state. When we awaken our higher self, however, will expand our mind. Your mind will become more fluid and your dreams will be clearer, more intense, more vivid. Your mind is more open now and so, your higher self can speak to you through your dreams. You will have dreams that will manifest, that will come true. You will have dreams that will help you in your journey, in your everyday life.

Sign #7

You are becoming more compassionate and you give love more freely.

Your higher self is making you the best person that you are made to be. It is reminding you of your most beautiful state. You are a lovely, amazing and wonderful human being.  Becoming your higher self, you are aligning to the Universe who is pure and loving and compassionate.  Hence, you are capable of so much love and compassion and it manifests slowly to you.

You are a creature tuned in to your higher vibration and meant to serve the world and all its creature.

Sign #8

You begin to manifest the life you have envisioned.

Because of stronger connection to your higher self you are starting to achieve your dreams. You have experienced a lot of synchronicities. You have been guided and continue to be guided. You were helped to see your presumed limits, let go of them and reach your full potential.

Like everyone else, you have your dreams, visualized them, made it your reality, seen yourself in that future. And so, with the help of your higher self, your energy, your decisions, every step, is taking you to that dream, that reality.

Our higher self is still us, just better, more aware, awakened, and connected

These signs show that the Universe and your higher self will show you the best future for you and help you get there.

Establish a connection with your higher self and your angels and you will achieve anything you want, fulfill your life purpose.

We will always be here to help you become your best self.