8 Signs You’re Being Visited by Your Guardian Angel

Each of us has own guardian angel. It’s even a bolstering fact to know that they are with us wherever we go, anytime.

We may not know it, but they have been close and present 24/7 just to operate the way they’re designed to be.

Angels love to reveal themselves to us because of the primary reason that they are assigned to guide and guard us from the very beginning of our lives.

But along the fact of their heavenly presence, we want to feel if they are truly present in our lives. Because angels have this different frequency and vibration from humans, it makes them hard to be noticed.

But if we only increase our awareness and psychic senses, the better and clearer we can encounter their highest guidance and the more we can identify their existence.

So, to recognize their presence, you need to fully know and decipher that your angel is close by. They reveal through signals, frequencies and supernatural feelings we sometimes actually ignore.

You may not be a believer for the moment, but as you confirm these signs coming around through you, feel comforted and jubilant that they are reaching their love, compassion, and power to your life without reservation.

As you tune in to the angels guiding around you, start to feel the love and practice to claim their mighty presence to help and empower you over your current life situations.

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How can you tell that angels are truly with you and not just a product of your imagination?

Here are 8 wondrous signs that you are visited by your angel time by time:

1.Revealed through dreams

When we dream, our minds are actively responding to a subconscious environment even when we are asleep.

And in this time, the heavenly vibration smoothly connects itself to us through subliminal senses so we can be still and feel relaxed even after being revealed.

Angels love to expose themselves in dreams because the better they can communicate and deliver a message through us without us getting shocked and consciously disturbed. If they expose themselves through your dreams, then feel comforted.

You may encounter a dream scene that perfectly suits your present situation or a scene that solves the puzzle in your life problem. It depends! Angels wonderfully weave and craft their message for you through dreams.

So, if these kind of things reveal in your dreams,  they just want to let you know of an important message you need to know or just simply reassuring you that your trust in their existence are valuable to them. This is a very clear and reliable sign of their company.

2. Sudden colorful orb

If you see an orb or a strange light floating in your vision, you may think you have dirt elements playing in your eyesight but no, they can be the angels wings revealing to you.

It can be strange to see an orb. But if you encounter this thing repeatedly in your life, then it’s a confirmation that your angel is by your side every day and wants to guarantee you that you’re safe and secured.

3. You see feathers

Angels are imagined by us as a winged creation filled with beautiful feathers. If you believe this idea, then it’s true.

Feathers of white are confirmation that angels are beside you.

Angel lovers mostly conclude that when we encounter these white feathers, it is a good sign that angels hear our prayers.

So if you suddenly encounter a feather in your path, then, this is a word from them that they arrived in your midst and want to let you know that they are with you always, ready to serve you.

4. Flashes of light

This is a powerful manifestation that your angel is close by.

Flashes and sparkles can be through a spectrum of light, a rainbow, a bright star that shafts from above or a sudden light shimmering from an object are confirming signs that your guardian angel is close with you.

Angels love to give light and love to people.

So, if you have noticed these signs around you, feel joyous inside. Breathe, relax and remind yourself that you are safe.

5. Spotting recurring numbers

Angels want to catch your attention that they are with you, and they grab that opportunity through numbers you repeatedly or suddenly see!

For some, this can be creepy, but it is not. Angelic numbers are their way of saying that they are present and powerful, and they bring those numbers for a certain purpose.

Suddenly seeing “11:11”, “33” “777” are just some of the many angelic numbers they want to reveal to you.

Your angelic number depends on what the angel wants to reveal because it has a specific meaning according to the situation. It can be a sign of a blessing you prayed for, a password you hardly remember, an examination number or a key for your awaited blessing. Behold!

6. Hearing a music

Aside from the fact that they are assigned to us, angels have this primary goal to worship God and make music for Him! In fact, angels originate the heavenly music and orchestrate melodies of adoration before the Lord.

And as it flows down to the earth, once you can sense a heavenly music tuning in your hearing senses or a tranquil rhythm flowing in you, then this is a very good sign that your angel is at hand and with you.

Also, you can recognize a song recurring and suddenly playing in your heart that gives you peace or even makes you cry, a sing with a message that touches your heart, then, this is a perfect sign that your angel is speaking to you.

7. Transformed Temperature

We become mostly unaware of the presence of angels, that’s why they want to catch our attention through a change of temperature.

If you feel a sudden change of your atmosphere, this is a wonderful validation that your angel is with you. You may suddenly feel warm, get chills, a tingling pressure on your body. But this shouldn’t scare you, this is an exciting moment of decoding that they are really with you.

We feel these strange ways because angels are naturally powerful and their might are superhuman, but still, they are gentle. So, the way they touch us could somehow be enormously disturbing. Gladly, they just really want your attention and confirm to you that they are hearing your prayers.

8. Feeling you are not alone

This is the best feeling ever. To know that you are safe, covered and not alone in the dark or wherever you go, is the most comforting idea you could imagine.

Angels are all around us every day of every time! This fact cannot be substituted with anything, because their heavenly goal is to always protect us, guide us and lead us to safe paths and roads in life.

You may feel endangered in an empty space or at risk in a present condition, but this is the time that angels reveal themselves to you through signs of comfort, chills, and peace.

You guardian angel subtly reaches out to you, embraces you with their wings of love and encouraging you in times of trouble and hardship. They love you that they even shed their tears when we cry. They want to make their presence obvious in you so pay attention and joyfully feel it!

Have you experienced any of these signs? If yes, then this is a confirmation that angels are working and evidently expressing themselves in your life!

If you’re an angel lover but you haven’t yet encountered them, then do not lose heart. Wait and expect for them to come beautifully in your life. Because angels have the primary duty to love you, protect you and guard you in everything that you do.

And what a pleasure for them to make you happy through revealing themselves to you, so be excited and feel comforted as you soon meet these heavenly beings!

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