About Us

Welcome To Celestial Inspiration - Your Source For Angel Connection

We are a team of angel channelers, healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and earth angels helping angel lovers like you connect with your guides since 2014.

The teachings in our ‘school of angels and guides’ help others to receive guidance, Divine blessings and miracles from angels.


Our Vision – Why We Do This?

Angels have been guiding humanity since creation. They are our source of guidance and blessings and they bring miracles into our everyday lives. Along the way, this precious connection has been lost because humanity started living in a lower vibration. As a result, our day-to-day connections were severed and we've lost this Divine gift.

Celestial Inspiration's vision is to bring humanity back to our Divine birthright and restore our precious connection with our angels so that joy, love, abundance and peace will be with us again.


Be A Part Of Our Mission And Calling!

Our calling as angelic workers of the light is to bring the channeled guidance, higher vibrations, blessings of angels and their daily miracles through our angel readings and courses in our school of angels and guides.

Please feel free to reach out to our healers, channelers, teachers, and coaches for we are ready to serve you through our courses and programs as we help you to discover your true potential, manifest financial abundance, heal physically and emotionally, improve your relationships and find your highest purpose in life.

Receive Daily Blessings From The Divine

Your Guardian Angels are constantly guiding you through signs and messages!


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