Am I Prepared To Love Again?

There are times when you can’t help but wonder if you deserve love. Sometimes, after a very painful heartbreak, you wonder if love is for you.


Even when you have hope for love, you are not sure if you, yourself, are ready to take risks again and look for love.


When love fails, it leaves a big hole in your heart, and it takes time to heal. Heartbreak is one of life’s most painful experiences and it makes some people afraid to love again.


You are not all alone in your journey, you can seek the help of your family and friends and seek healing from your angels.


They will be there to comfort you and heal your broken heart so you will be ready to love again.


Once you’re ready, you will know. Your angels will make sure you’ll get the sign and their message of love.


Angel Signs You Are Ready to Love Again


  1.   You Are Finally At Peace With Yourself


One of the first signs that your heart is ready to love again is when you are finally at peace with yourself.


When you are at peace, your heart is ready to receive someone. This means that you’re able to address the negative issues that you’ve been dealing with and you’re able to work on yourself. This will bring you to the point when you can finally welcome “The One” with open arms and with no past baggage.


Your angels are there for you to provide you with healing and peace within because they want you to be prepared for this special moment when you finally meet the one.


They will work on you as well and wait for you to achieve this state, so you are ready mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually before they show that special person into your life.


  1.   Your Personal Life is Full of Happiness and Contentment


You are at the time in your life when you see everything that seems like it’s falling into place.


You are doing well personally and professionally.


While your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, and everyone around you are doing good as well.


You are happier and more contented with what you have in life right now and you have finally moved on from your past regrets and failed love relationships.


It’s a perfect time not to be disturbed by your past issues but to be open instead to the new relationship that’s coming your way.


You now understand that people are not all the same and you are not quick to judge someone or categorize people into stereotypes anymore.


You are fully at peace with yourself and you understand that you cannot make others be accountable for your needs. You are filling your own self and this gives you fulfillment.


This helps you attract someone of the same vibration, someone who’s in the same place in life as you. A place of completeness, fulfillment, and happiness. You both feel complete in your own self but together you become better and will contribute to each other’s betterment.


This kind of happiness and contentment is a sure sign from your angels that love is coming your way and you are fully ready to receive “the one” in your life.


  1.   You Just Know It In Your Heart That The Time Is Right


Have you heard of people who have met the one telling you “you will know it in your heart and soul when the time and the person is right”? Well, that’s so true.


Your spirit knows and it will be felt through your intuition as you are guided by higher powers and your angels.


When you are ready, it will feel so right, and things will just go with the flow like a piece of a puzzle fitting exactly to where it belongs.


Nothing can feel so right than the leading of your spirit and you can be assured that you can fully trust it.


  1.   Angel Number Patterns Will Start To Show In Your Path Often


Your angels have their own way of signaling the arrival of love into your life.


The most common signs they use are number signs that often appear in patterns like 1111, 222, or any number sequence that appears in your line of sight repetitively.


So, whenever you notice repeating numbers in your daily life like in your watch, computer screen, in a telephone number, bills, plate number, building number or just anywhere, remember that it could be a number sign coming from your angels.


It could be a sign that one phase of your life has ended and a new one is about to start, like you are transitioning from being single to being a couple.


Discern through your heart and listen to the promptings of your spirit and you will know what these repeating numbers mean in your life. Your angels speak to your soul and through discernment you will understand what important message your angels have for you.


Always remember that angel numbers are there to guide you and help you transition from a lesser happy state to a much better one. They are indicators that your angels and the universe is preparing something beautiful and magical for you.


  1.   Signs Of Love Are Coming Through Random Repetitions And Coincidences


You may notice that you are suddenly surrounded with happy and romantic things and events like news of love from your family, friends, and colleagues.


It could also be as simple as hearing a soulful love song on your way to the office through your car radio that really pulled strings in your heart making it flutter for no reason.


And you heard that same song when you were driving home. And then suddenly you remembered hearing it at the grocery and your colleague humming that song the other day.


Or you could be meeting random people with the same names like seeing James on someone’s nameplate. And then you overheard a passerby calling someone James. While you were scrolling through social media your attention was caught by a video posted by someone named James. You also dreamed of a stranger whose name is James in your dreams.


These kinds of repetitions are quite shocking and weird that will make you think and pay attention. Who knows, the one who’s coming your way is also named James.


This is just to remind you that when you see some glaring repetitions, it’s a sure sign from your angels. Do not ignore these signs and just dismiss them as meaningless coincidences. These are signs of love that you need to pay attention to smartly as each is leading you toward the right person.


  1. “The One” May Show Up In Your Dreams


Angels also convey their message through dreams.


Before you even realize that you are meant to meet someone you’ve been waiting for, they might have already appeared in your dreams.


Remember those kinds of dreams that you wake up with intense feelings but you’re not even sure what happened?


Our dreams can have a powerful impact on us, especially those dreams that are sent by our angels. Thus, it is worth paying attention to our dreams as it can sometimes contain signs and symbols from the divine. It would help to keep a dream journal. In this way, you will be able to spot recurring dreams featuring “the one”.


  1.   You Are Not Anymore Pressured To Find “The One”


There were times in your life when you feel the pressure of finding “the one”.


Feeling pressured to be in a relationship is common among singles.


Especially when you are pressured by your own family at every family gathering with your aunties reminding you that you’re getting older.


Or being the only single person among your close friends at dinner nights.


These can easily bring pressure to also enter into a relationship.


But right now, all those deep longings and feelings pressured arel gone.


Your spirit is now at peace and knows that “the one” will appear in your path when the time is right.


You become more trusting in the power of the universe and your angels. And you’re happy with the changes you have been experiencing and confident that you’re on the right path.


As most people say, you will only find love when you stop looking for it.


  1. You Are Ready To Take Risks


You understand that in order to meet “the one”, you need to be prepared to leave your comfort zone and take risks.


Without taking risks, many of life’s amazing experiences will not happen.


It’s okay to feel fear. As humans, it’s normal for us to fear the unknown. But as long as you’re not letting it rule your life and influence your decisions, you’ll be right on track.


So whether you’re overwhelmed with fear or taking the steps to overcome it, always remember that everything you need to overcome is for your highest purpose and it’s aligning your path with that of your soulmate.


And being with your soulmate is worth taking risks.



These are just some major signs that your angels use to let you know that you’re ready to love again. There can be more ways they convey to you their message. Whether you think you see a sign or not, always remember to listen to your heart and soul. If it feels right, then it’s the right path for you.


Your angels speak through your soul. Discern with your soul and you’ll never get astray.


A Prayer for your Angel’s Guidance for your Twin Flame Reunion

Dear angels in heaven,


I come to you today with my hand in my heart.


I call for your angelic advice as I search for happiness and love throughout my life.


May you continue to bring me your unending support as I forge my own identity.


Please keep sending your energies my way so I can open my heart to love.


And may your vibrations open my mind to the love that I desire and the path I need to take to meet them.


Thank you at all times for being there with me.