Angel Message Of The Day: Archangel Ariel – Prosperity Is Yours

Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of abundance, prosperity and manifestation. She is your greatest ally when you need to manifesting an abundant and prosperous life. Her mission is to help each and every person on the planet to reach their full potential and she can help you overcome great obstacles so you can accomplish anything you set your heart upon.

This card signifies foretells that your financial struggles are coming to an end. You can rejoice knowing that prosperity is yours. Because Ariel is the great steward over all the resources on the planet, all you need to do is connect with her and you’ll be connected with the source of all blessings and resources.


Ariel understands your financial setbacks and is ready to offer you a helping hand if you promise to have faith in God’s unfailing abundance. She knows that your heart longs to help others and you often give until it hurts… you have the heart of a giver and she has noted that you often give even when you don’t have enough for yourself.


When this card is drawn, it’s a clear sign from Ariel to let you know that a big turnaround is going to happen in your finances. Because you’ve been diligent and faithful in giving to others, God will bless you 100 fold because of your faithfulness. You will be turning the corner soon and life will only get better from here on.


Archangel Ariel’s Advice For You


Now is the time to think about abundance. Start imagining life as though you have more than enough. The fact that you’re reading this on a computer or a smart phone is proof that you are more abundant than so many others on the planet who barely have enough to eat.


Abundance is all about gratitude. As you thank God for all that you have, more and more abundance will come into your life when you focus on what you already have. Others who only focus on what they don’t have… even the little that they have will disappear because they are not focusing on abundance.


Ariel assures you that what you ask for will come to you because the bible says, “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened for you.” When you knock on the door of opportunities, they will come flooding into your life. You don’t have to worry that you don’t have enough because God takes care of you.


What Archangel Ariel Wants You To Act Upon



Now is the time to manifest more abundance and prosperity into your life. You can do it by using the right tools to help you raise your vibration so you can manifest things from the spiritual world into the material world.


Work with Archangel Ariel and her team of abundance guides so you will be able to turn your dreams into reality. She will help you to be a vibrational match with your heart’s desires. All you need to do is set an intent to manifest what you want. Whether it is a new car or a new place to live… don’t worry that your desires are too small – Ariel will provide a way for you to manifest it.


Remember to believe that it is your birthright to be wealthy. God will not put a dream in your heart without giving you the means to make it a reality. Everything is coming together now. Simply have faith in the Divine plan and abundance and prosperity will flow into your life. You can start working with Archangel Ariel now.


A Prayer From Archangel Ariel To Claim Her Blessings


“Dear Archangel Ariel, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak prosperity into my life.

I ask for good favor in my work and career so I will do my best to bless others through my good work.

I ask for you to bless my finances so that I may be a good steward of God’s wealth and use it responsibly.

I ask for your guidance to lead me where I need to go – to guide my steps towards abundant opportunities.

I ask for an abundance of good friendships – people who will support me to stay positive and strong.

Above all, I ask for your providence so that good fortune will follow and I may use it to bless others as well.

Thank you for prospering me. And so it is!”


If you’ve received Celestial Inspiration, please be an angel and share this message to someone who needs to hear this.