Angel Message of the Day: Archangel Michael – You are Ready to Manifest the Life You Desire

This angel message today is from Angel Michael, the most powerful angel of God.


He wants you to know that you are ready. You are ready to receive guidance and blessings from God. You are ready to manifest the desires of your heart.


But it is also a reminder to keep yourself open to receive these messages and blessings from the Divine.


You are creating your own reality. Your thoughts and actions have led you to your current situation.


Your angels can help you make a proactive approach and even guide your thoughts and actions so you can have control over where your life will be heading.


Remember that the angels will always honor your free will and will only guide you to your choices and decisions.


Ultimately, it remains your prerogative whatever action you take for your life.


This is just a confirmation that the angels have been working behind the scenes of your life. At this moment, they have deemed that it is the right time for you to take the next step in your life where you can find growth and awakening.


When you strengthen your connection and relationship with the angels, you will never miss out on this kind of sign and guidance from the Divine. You will become more aware of how the angels are giving you important cues that will make your life easier. The angels know when your perfect timing comes.


Know more about your angels, meditate with their presence, and always talk to them. They will always come to you whenever you call upon them.


To help you connect with Archangel Michael here is a short but beautiful prayer to ask for his guidance and presence in your life:

Dear Archangel Michael,


Thank you for your protection and guidance as I go through my life journey.


Thank you for surrounding me with your powerful presence and giving me comfort all the time.


I always await your messages of guidance and support.


I open myself to your instructions and your encouragement.


I know that my life will be easier as you open better opportunities for me.


As I await your signs and communications, I will let go of all the doubts inside my heart and mind because I know that you are working for my well-being.


I will open myself to your blessings and miracles and find comfort in your loving light.


So it is, Amen.