Angel Message Of The Day: Archangel Raguel – Conflicts Are Coming To An End

Archangel Raguel, the Angel of Harmony, blesses you with an encouraging message today. She is known to deliver God’s will in relationships so you can find fairness and peace.

This card indicates that Raguel will help you with the conflicts you are facing recently. As the angel of justice and harmony, he will empower you to solve problems in the best way and make sure that you are not oppressed or taken advantage of. You are choosing to stand up for yourself and for the things you believe in.


Archangel Raguel wants you to know that when you start prioritizing yourself, you will find the solutions to the conflicts in your life. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. But this does not mean that you have to compromise your boundaries and beat yourself up thinking that everything is your fault.


Archangel Raguel’s Advice For You


It is time for you to not take mistreatment from others. Archangel Raguel knows how much you treasure every relationship you have. There are times when you back down from arguments because you do not want to make things worse.


But you are losing yourself every time you let people get their way with you. You are losing your self-worth and your peace. It is time for you to take what you deserve from the people who claim they care for you. 


Archangel Raguel wants you to remember that if a relationship is not serving you anymore, it is alright to cut it off. Although it will be really hard and painful, you need it to save yourself and start growing into your best self. He knows that there is so much love inside you. This love deserved to be reciprocated and not taken for granted. 


When you decide to let go, remember that Raguel will wait for your call to help you as well as the other angels who swore to watch and love you. Know that your angels are never too busy when it comes to your welfare. They will always prioritize you so they want you to prioritize yourself as well.


Do not hesitate to call and connect with them.


What Archangel Raguel Wants You To Act Upon



Take the first step in filling your life with harmony and love by connecting with Archangel Raguel and the Divine.


Raguel’s angelic guidance will help you take the crucial step in preventing conflicts from taking over your energy and your life. Know that conflict has no space in the beautiful future waiting for you. As Raguel blesses you with his guidance and courage, you will be able to forge relationships that will help you grow and become your best self.


This message has found you because God knows that it is time for you to be surrounded by supportive people and angelic guides. Start connecting with your angels and trust that they will forever walk with you and help you in every aspect of your life.


You deserve to be cherished and loved by others the way your angels and God loved you.


If you need additional help from your angels, you can always work with them more intimately through their Celestial Whispers.


A Prayer From Archangel Raguel To Claim His Blessings


“Beloved Archangel Raguel, I call upon your presence now.

Allow me to feel your radiance and your energy of peace and harmony.

Adjust my inner light and vibration and lead me to be aligned with the highest and healthiest relationships in my life.

Help me willingly release the heavy energy of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

And encourage me to open my heart to new positive experiences

I humbly ask you to guide my choices.

Help me to find clarity and see my life’s direction clearly.

Please comfort and support me as I acknowledge and release my fears.

Help me know and feel that I deserve all the best out of life and love.

I am now ready to feel safe, happy, and secure in my life.

And so it is … Amen.


If you’ve received Celestial Inspiration, please be an angel and share this message to someone who needs to hear this.