Angel Number 1111 Twin Flame Signs

A twin flame is popularly believed to be a romantic relationship that is an intense soul connection believed to be the other half of a person’s soul. It is deep, intense and stronger than a soul mate relationship.


So, what exactly is a twin flame?


A twin flame is a special kind of soul connection because your twin flame is considered to be the perfect masculine or feminine counterpart of your soul – in other words, a mirror soul. When you meet your twin flame, it is believed to be the most powerful experience one can experience. Your twin flame will also be the one who will teach you the most. Because both parts of the twin are the same soul split into two, they constantly yearn to reconnect and be with each other.

The relationship between twin flames is believed to be both challenging and healing. It will be a kind of relationship that is like no other as your twin flame will provoke the deepest part of your soul. Because your twin flame is the mirror of your soul, he or she will show you the ugliest parts of your being such as your deepest fears and insecurities or your darkest shadows.


But the good news is that your twin flame can also help you overcome your struggles and vice versa. You will also be helping your twin flame as you will equally have the same effects on each other. Angels are often present in twin flame relationships for they guide twin flames to find each other.


We may or may not meet our twin flame in this lifetime. Some people have their twin flames in a different lifetime and all they can do is to connect with their twin flame spiritually. We can do this because we are all energy and we are all connected.


There are also people who are lucky enough to meet their twin flame in the same lifetime. This is a great blessing that you wouldn’t want to waste as meeting your twin flame is the most intense life experience you could ever have.


They have the most and the biggest impact on your soul and overall life. That’s why a twin flame reunion should not be taken lightly and is something that you may want to learn about and ask for help from divine beings like angels.


Twin Flame Reunion


A twin flame reunion is equal parts scary and exciting.

There is this fear that you may not be as ready as you think you are. There is the fear that you might screw everything up. There is the fear that your twin flame might not want to be reunited with you after your separation.


But then there is the excitement that finally, finally, you’ll be with your twin flame again. There is the exhilarating feeling of knowing that you are lucky and blessed by the universe to meet your twin flame in this lifetime when not everyone will experience it.


And through this whirlwind of emotions, your angels are here to help you face this stage of your twin flame journey.


We all know that a twin flame relationship is a very powerful bond of the soul. This is a powerful bond where you and your twin flame can spur each other’s spiritual growth, inspire and motivate each other.


Finding your mirror soul, your twin flame, is finding an ally, a supporter, a motivator. You find someone that will help and support you in your every transformation.


The relationship with your twin flame will help you understand who you are, find your truth and authenticity, and become the best version of yourself.


Everyone wants to meet their twin flame. Everyone wishes to find the soul that mirrors theirs, the one they can bare themselves to and never worry about being judged.


However, not everyone has the opportunity to meet their twin flame in this lifetime. Some met their twin flame but had to separate and end their relationship because they are not ready yet.  Some twin flames meet very briefly and have to wait for their reunion in the future.

The twin flame journey is not easy and it is riddled with challenges. It has a lot of ups and downs. The emotions are intense and overwhelming.


But through it all, you need to remember that you have a support system that will help you get through your twin flame journey.


Through every stage and phase, your angels are with you to guide you and ease your worries.


Your angels will always want you to have the best twin flame relationship you deserve and so they will send you messages that you need to hear to ease your worried and anxious heart.


Here are the messages your angels want you to have to help you in your twin flame reunion.


1. Be aware of the signs from the universe and the angels

As you are nearing your twin flame reunion, your angels want you to remember to become more aware of their guidance through the signs they give you.

Some twin flames miss their perfect timing and opportunities because they failed to notice the signs their angels give.


Remember that your guardian angels want you to go through this journey as smoothly as possible and so when you ask them for assistance, they will surely shower you with signs and synchronicities.


You might see more angel numbers than ever especially, 1111, 2222, or 444. These are some of the most common angel numbers symbolizing your twin flame reunion and journey. 


2. Do not be afraid of the new feelings you have


The twin flame reunion and journey will give you intense and overwhelming feelings and sometimes it will scare you because you do not know how to deal with it.


But your angels want you to embrace these emotions and feelings instead of being afraid of them. They want you to know that these feelings are normal as you begin to open your entire being to forge a soulful bond with your twin flame.


When you look back at the times you have been separated, you will realize that when you are afraid of your feelings, you become closed off and unable to accept the powerful connection you have with your twin flame.


It is one of the reasons why you need separation. Both of you need to fully embrace what you feel for each other and for the connection you have.


3. Raise your vibration to align with your twin flame

Both you and your twin flame can feel each other’s energy. Your vibrations are bound to align. But when you stay at the lower energy vibration, you will fail to reconnect and reunite with your twin flame.

Being in the lower vibration means you are still held by unnecessary things that are not serving your twin flame journey.  Meditations and a stronger connection with your angels will help you raise your vibration in alignment with your twin flame.


You need to trust that your angels are also helping your twin flame raising their vibration to a higher state so both of you can be more in tune with your emotions and energy.


4. Remember that your twin flame relationship is different


Twin flame relationships are often unexplainable. It will feel otherworldly and it is because this relationship is more than physical attraction and desire. This is a bond that goes as deep as the soul.


Your angels want you to remember this message deep in your heart. You need to remember that this relationship is different from your other relationships. Your perspectives, your expectations, should be different.


When you treat your twin flame connection the same way you have treated your past relationships, you will expect the same things that have occurred in those relationships. You might manifest the mistakes you have made all those times ago.


5. Be present


It is natural to always look forward to things, to plan your future especially when it concerns someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with. But your angels want you to remember to be aware and present. Worrying about the future all the time will make you unable to live in the present. You will fail to see the beauty of what’s happening in the present.


Your reunion with your twin flame is a blessing you have to appreciate and you can’t do it if you are filled with fear and worry of what will tomorrow bring.


6. Always be there for your twin flame


Now that you are approaching your twin flame reunion, your angels want to remind you that this relationship is meant to make you both the best versions of yourself.

You are mirror souls and your connection will help both of you to find strength and inspiration when life seemed to test you. You are each other’s motivation and support system.


With your twin flame at your back, you will have the confidence to face everything head-on. You will have the courage to chase after your dreams.


Having your twin flame in your life is one of life’s greatest blessings and you want it to last. But sometimes things will not go our way and there are times when twin flames separate ways.


As a twin flame relationship is a very intense experience, some people may not be able to handle the effects or maybe they already have learned the lessons that they needed to learn from meeting their twin flame. Whatever the reasons are, twin flame separation can actually happen, and that at times, it can’t really be avoided.


Twin Flame Separation


There will be a time where you are separated from your twin flame. The pain you will feel when you undergo twin flame separation is as intense as the love you share with your twin flame. It will feel like your whole world is crumbling. It will seem like everything you hold dear is slipping from your hand and you can’t do anything but watch.


And when you are nursing the hurt and uncertainty of this separation you wonder what will happen next. You will wonder why you have to go through all these pains.


Is it the end for you and your twin flame? Why did you meet when you are bound to separate in the end? Twin flames are definitely amazing and not everyone has the chance to meet their twin flames in this lifetime.


Twin flame relationships revolve around respect, equality, and healthy boundaries. The initial stage after meeting your twin flame is filled with bliss and ecstasy. But then things start to take a negative turn as your egos clash. You’ll have to face both your insecurities and traumas. You’ll reach the point where you’ll unintentionally hurt each other.


But then, most twin flames will face separation. It is when one of them withdraws from the other, whether emotionally or physically, or both.

Some people think that when you separate or split with your twin flame, it is the end of everything, most especially your relationship with each other. The thing is, twin flame separation is fairly common for twin flames who meet each other when they are still not ready for a union.


This means that if you are not yet ready for a union, you and your twin flame will definitely reach a stage where one or both of you initiate a separation. But even when it is a natural phase you must undergo with your twin flame, it does not erase the fact that it can be emotionally damaging and brutal for both of you.


There will be times when you look back to those days when you feel like you have the best relationship. You think about the days filled with kisses and cuddles. You get confused and afraid. You start to question whether everything has been a lie up until this moment. You start to doubt the days you have been happy together. Was any of it real?


But you have to know that the intense love and connection you felt with your twin flame are all true. It is not just your imagination. The unexplainable familiarity you had with each is real. You doubt this right now because you are hurt and in pain. You are afraid of the thought that all of it will be gone and end. You start to think that you have been left all alone and helpless.


This is when your angels will help you understand what is happening. Like how they helped you meet your twin flame, they will also help you get through this painful stage of your relationship.

Angels can help you with twin flame reunion

1. You are still in the process of psychological and spiritual maturity.


One of the reasons why twin flames undergo a stage of separation is because both of them are still not mature enough psychologically and spiritually.


This is when both of you have a hard time coping with your emotions. You struggle with your egos and it causes disharmony in your relationship.


Most twin flames meet at the stage where they are still controlled by their bigger ego self and when they start their relationship, their ego will be challenged.


But twin flame relationships are meant to dissolve the ego which means it will be hurt and it will want to run away. 


When you realize that the reason for your separation from your twin flame is because you are still ruled by your egos, you will see that the time apart will help you grow your psychological and spiritual maturity.


The angels want you to realize that both of you need to work on yourselves in a way that you can rule over your ego so both of you will be ready for a lasting union together.

2. Your angels want you to love yourself more.

An angel message for you on your twin flame separation is to nurture your self-love and self-respect.


Your angels want you to know that this is the most important ingredient for a successful twin flame relationship.


It could be that the separation you are facing right now is because your angels saw how you are on the verge of making your relationship revolve around insecurity, doubt, and self-hatred. 


Your angels want you to know that you have to learn to love yourself so you can give and share a genuine love to your twin flame. Without true self-love, you will taint your relationship. You will start to depend and rely on your twin flame for self-worth.


Take the time apart from your twin flame to establish your self-worth and love for yourself.


3. You need to find healing first


Maybe you have met your twin flame at a time when you are still hurting from your past traumas and pain.


You might be in the process of healing when they came into your life and you had to let them go because it wouldn’t be fair to them to accept a broken version of yourself.


Your separation is a way for angels to remind you of the healing you are looking for. This is a way for your angels to help you become the best version of yourself that you will be proud to share with your twin flame. 


Your angels want you to know that your healing is a priority in order to establish a lasting relationship and union with your twin flame.


4. You are on the way to become stronger

This may seem like a mockery of your pain but separating from your twin flame is your angels’ way of showing you that you are stronger than you think you are.


How can you become stronger when all you can feel from the separation is the pain, sadness, and helplessness?


With the help from your angels and guides, you will see that you are being replenished with strength as you work on yourself while you are both separated.


Once you get past the pain and hurt, you will see that your separation is necessary for you to become ready for your union. This is a time for you to take a step back and look at the world and relationships from a new perspective.


This is the time when you learn more about life, about your twin flame, about yourself, and your skills. You are building yourself to be ready for a wonderful life with your twin flame.


5. You make yourself whole, not your twin flame


The most important message from your angels regarding your twin flame separation is that your twin flame is not responsible for your sense of fulfillment and happiness.


It is a very common misconception for people to believe that we need our twin flame to be complete and whole. This is something your angels want you to clarify for yourself.


Your angels want you to understand that the only one responsible for your happiness is yourself and no one else. Your twin flame is not an instrument for you to find fulfillment.


A separation from your twin flame will make you see how working on yourself and your growth is the way for you to find purpose and fulfillment.

A twin flame separation is never easy but we hope for you to find solace in the fact that your angels are with you in this important phase of your life.


When you think that you cannot get through the pain and grief, turn to your angel and they will help you find comfort.


Your angels will guide you to healing and growth. When the time is right and you are truly ready, your angels will guide you to reunite with your twin flame.


Despite the intensity of both positive and negative emotions that your twin flame can bring into your life, it is worth meeting your twin flame. Although you may have discovered what you need to undergo in meeting your twin flame, there is no other experience as wonderful and as intense as meeting your soulmate in the flesh and experience life with them even it is for a very short time.


So, don’t be afraid and have faith that you will have a happy ending with your twin flame. And trust that your angels will always be with you in your journey.


May you find the mirror of your soul and be greatly blessed!