Why Do You Keep Seeing Angel Number 444?

You may have been slowly and steadily making it through life. You’re focused on doing one thing. Maybe once in a while you have been thinking if you are doing great and that you’re on the right path. Without assurance you feel a bit unsure. Nevertheless, you want to keep going.


But this does not go unheard because your angels are always there to guide you.


Have you felt your angel watching over you? Have you been asking for help?


Sometimes you may feel that your requests are unnoticed but if you try to listen and tune in to their frequency, you will be surprised to see the signs everywhere especially number signs.


Have you been seeing number signs lately? So consistent that it felt like a nudge by a subtle force to do something?


This can come as a familiar pattern of numbers. Often enough that it seems to be telling you a specific message. Have you ever wondered about what does it mean to you?


Sometime in our life, this happens once in a while. And you wonder if this brings a subtle message of good or bad luck.


You may have ignored it in the past, but it may have become so persistent that you came to check what it means.


In this blog, we will be talking specifically about the meaning of the number 444.


Angel Number 444


Have you come across seeing number 444 more often?


Like a call from someone at 4:44pm or a sudden glance at a video time stamp of 4:44?


Then later on you meet this number again at a page in a book you’re reading while riding the train next to someone who’s shirt was printed with 444…


And when you glanced out the window you saw a bus with plate number 444 and passed by an ad with a telephone number ending in 444. This isn’t a coincidence that you repeatedly see it. It is your angel sending you a message. And there’s definitely a reason why!


This could really feel odd and sometimes a bit scary. It’s normal to feel this way especially if you don’t know exactly what it means.


But the more you think of it, the more you’d like to find out what number 444 means.


How Do Angels Communicate?


There are so many ways that angels communicate to us. They use many signs and symbols for us to understand what they want to tell us. It could be through feathers, butterflies, dragonflies, flashing lights and other signs they normally use. Check this video to know more.


And one of the ways angels communicate to us is through numbers. They use numbers because it has meaning and would be easier for us to understand what they want to convey than with words.


That’s why it is important to know the meaning behind these signs and symbols so you will not miss out on what your angel wants to tell you.


The Message Behind Number 444


Inner voice and intuition. What your angel is telling you through number 444 is to pay attention to your inner voice and intuition. This number carries the message of honesty and inner wisdom. And this is what your angel wants you to recognize. Through listening to your intuition, you will heighten your ability to choose your path wisely and come up with your best decision. In this way you are also able to hear your guidance from the universe through your angels. This will make you feel confident of your actions because you are certain that you are being guided.


Right path. Number 444 also means that your angel wants to assure you that you are on the right path. The path that you’ve chosen to take is helping you to become the best version of yourself. And seeing this number will bring encouragement to you. Your angel encourages you to continue what you’ve started and pursue your dreams.


Spiritual awakening. Number 444 could also mean that you are on the road to spiritual awakening.  The spiritual practices that you are currently doing now is gradually yielding results. And your angel wants you to know that you are just in the right place and encourages you to continue seeking. Good things are happening and coming to you as you pursue this spiritual awakening. The more you practice it, the more you will get out of it.



What does number 4 mean?


Number 4 means stability and foundation like most tables are steady with 4 legs. It also means determination and endurance and the ability to achieve positive outcomes.


This number also symbolizes the 4 natural energy of the elements of fire, water, earth and air. The harmony of these energies help you achieve the goals you are aiming.  And the more you do passionately along this path, the more you will discover the real you.


Number 4 is a good number. It is sometimes perceive as bringing bad luck in Chinese because it sounds a lot like the word “death” when spoken in Chinese. But the meaning of number 4 is all good.


All is well… Be calm and confident with your situation and know that you are guided.


Or you can choose to ignore and decide to take another path. But the risk of having regrets will soon be hounding you. But don’t worry, angels won’t easily give up on you. Soon… your angels will still try to connect with you through number messages, but it will be all up to you to heed it.


But if you heed, listen and believe in your angels, you are opening yourself to a beautiful possibility.


Imagine a well guided life… Imagine having the assurance that you’re doing great and you’re doing enough for your growth. Imagine the spiritual growth you’ll be experiencing. Imagine becoming the best version of yourself. If this is what your heart wants, be open to the soft whispers of your angels and let them guide you.


It will all be worth it because you will find the way…