Angel Sign: The Spiritual Meaning of Dragonfly

One of the most common insects that we see around is the dragonfly. They’re easily ignored as we go on with our daily life. But did you know that they have some spiritual meaning?


You’d probably think that such small insects couldn’t possibly hold so much meaning and symbolism about them. But you will be surprised to know it can help you see insights in your life if you know its spiritual meaning.


They’re not just there being part of nature, dragonflies bring more meaning to our life than we can ever imagine.



What’s fascinating about dragonflies?


When you watch and observe the gracefulness of the dragonflies darting, floating, and dancing through the air, past tall grasses, you’ll see how they bring light to the world and it reflects in their wings, their purpose, and their grace.


Most of us is not aware that dragonflies possess interesting meaning and history connected to the various cultures and traditions of the human race as evident in the folklores and stories.


They are considered ancient creatures since they were some of the first winged insects that evolved 300 million years ago. They were given the name Odanates by the Greeks which literally means “toothed one” due to the belief that they crush their prey with their teeth.


But the most noticeable thing about the dragonflies is the fact that they are expert fliers, they can easily fly straight up and down, and maneuver smoothly in the air. They would even meet in the air.


These are some of dragonfly abilities that has fascinated humans ever since.



Dragonflies and Celestial Beings


Dragonflies have amazing qualities and characteristics that’s why they are used as instruments by celestial beings to catch the attention of humans so they may notice the messages that the guardians are telling them.


They are somehow our spiritual guides. Their great abilities to maneuver in the air and in all conditions teach us to have confidence to easily navigate through life and all its challenges.



What Do Dragonflies Symbolized?


Dragonflies symbolize CHANGE. They embody most especially the change in one’s perspective of things and in how one should focus on self-realization.


Dragonflies also hold the importance of MATURITY, of accepting the needed change and seeing beyond the material world. Maturity is crucial to one’s ability to change one’s life as well as his perspective of things.


The physical attributes of the dragonflies symbolize the GRACE and CONFIDENCE with which one should strive to have as we live life trying to fulfill our purpose.


More than all these symbolisms, dragonflies should be seen as one of the greatest spiritual guides of humans.


When you look back through it, dragonflies bring us lightness and joy every time we see them. When we were younger, seeing dragonflies made us want to run and chase them, to have fun just following them, watching them as they flew overhead and the joy it brings is etched in our memories.


That is why, these days, dragonflies appear before you when your angels notice that your joy and light is decreasing, when you forget to enjoy yourself because you are too serious and too focused on various things. Seeing a dragonfly is a message from your angels to lighten your mind and change your restricting habits and not to be too tensed with life.


It could also be that you are trying hard to adapt to a new environment, like a new workplace, a new relationship. The dragonflies will guide you, just let its energy from the divine envelop you with flexibility so you can easily accustom yourself to your new surroundings.


Undeniably, there will be times when we find it hard to acknowledge our emotions let alone accept it. Our problems are mostly born from these or at least our ability to solve the problems before us get hindered by our inability to accept our emotions. When we feel that we are being hindered, when our self-growth get prevented because of this, the angels help us by sending dragonflies and their glorious energy of embracing and understanding the emotional aspect of our being.


Dragonflies symbolize transformation and adaptability and looking at dragonflies in the spiritual perspective will inspire us to be the same, to fully embrace our own transformation and become more aware of our self as part of the divine realms.



What it means when dragonflies cross your path?


When you start to notice dragonflies around you more often, it is a sign from the angels telling you that now is the right time to embrace your transformation and growth.


The angels are letting you work with the energy of the dragonflies by acknowledging the symbolisms and inspiration they bring to your life.


When you let yourself connect to the dragonflies, you will find it easier to see life maturely, to assess your emotions correctly and accept them instead of letting them affect you and overcome your life and your choices.


The angels are gifting you with the dragonflies so you can have the clarity to work with and through your emotions.


When you start your transformation, guided by the angels through the dragonflies, you can begin by meditating so you can delve into your self-awareness, immersing in the energy of the natural elements and ultimately understanding each and every emotion deep inside you.


Let the image of the dragonfly burn in your mind, visualize it and feel its symbols make a mark inside you. You can feel its transformative and strong energy and you can start raising your vibration to align with this energy.


Moreover, you can always ask the dragonflies to help you navigate through difficult situations and circumstances.


Their energy will help you adapt smoothly. They will open your mind and your eyes so you can find different perspectives about things you are feeling stuck with. Developing a new perspective about things will show you more facets about it, you will see all the possible alternatives, you will have better choices, and you will understand it better unhindered by one point of view.


Through the dragonflies, your angels are giving you confidence to go through life so you will not be held back by any negative energies or negative thoughts.


Aside from all of these, from all the symbols that the dragonflies bring, the most important aspect of these insects as spiritual guides for humans lies in the fact that they live a short life span.


Accordingly, dragonflies only live for seven months. In this relatively short amount of time, the dragonflies have already completed its natural life and have done what it’s meant to do.


Because of this, we are being taught a very important lesson – a lesson that most people neglect because of the false sense of a longer lifespan, the idea that there is still time left and that is to live life fully present.


The dragonfly is a reminder that we must be conscious of the present as much as we think about the future, maybe more. The present is where we find the gifts and blessings from the divine.


To be aware of the present means you will find the beauty of life more clearly, you can see the future with lightness and joy. You will become more thankful for every breath of fresh air, for every raindrop, for every step you can still take.


And with this amazing gratitude for life, you will receive more, you will become more.


So, have you crossed path with dragonflies recently?


How often do you see a dragonfly in a day?


Have you noticed a dragonfly following you wherever you go?


It must be telling you something…