Angel Signs- Angel Shapes

Do wonder how angels will communicate with you and make you feel their presence? How can we know that they are guiding us and leading us to the light and love of the Divine?


Because angels are spiritual beings filled with the energy of love and light, it can be difficult to see them unless you set your vibration in alignment with their high vibration. Setting your vibration frequency is a long process and a journey that you need to decide on your own.


On the other hand, while you could not yet see or feel the presence of the angels easily, their faithfulness will show in signs and synchronicities that are happening around you and for you.


What you may have thought as mere coincidences can be a message from the angels that they are with you, they are protecting you and they will lead you to where you most desire.


Flashes of lights, angel numbers, cloud shapes, flowers, and angel feathers are some of the signs that angels put in our path as a way to make us feel their love and presence.


Every communication, every sign from the angels is a reminder for us to open our consciousness, to become more aware of their presence, and in a way make it easier for them to envelop us with the vibration of the divine, the light of the source and transcend us to the higher level of spiritual consciousness.


When we become aware of the angelic signs around us, we become more aware of how our life is being led by the angels to assure us that we are treading the right path and that we are on the right track toward our dreams. 


Angel Shapes

Angel shapes are patterns that have been considered a sign of good luck and protection by many cultures. They’re believed to be created when angels are watching over us, doing their best to keep us safe and protected. There are many different types of angel shapes, each one with its own unique meaning.



  • A circle is a symbol of unity and wholeness.
  • A circle is a symbol of infinity, as it has no beginning or end.
  • The circle is an ancient symbol that represents the sun, life, and God. It also represents protection from evil spirits or bad luck because it cannot be broken or divided into pieces.

Crescent Moon


The crescent moon is a symbol of the goddess. It represents the waxing and waning of the moon, and can also represent the female aspect of divinity. The crescent moon is often used to represent Diana, an ancient Roman goddess associated with hunting and childbirth. In some cultures, a single crescent moon represents the sun god while two overlapping moons are said to signify Venus as she shines twice in one night (once as both a morning star and an evening star).


If you see your dream guide flying above you with his arms outstretched like wings or if he holds up a transparent sphere filled with stars, then this may be an indicator that your guide has been trying to reach out to you but hasn’t been able to get through yet because there’s something blocking him (or her) from doing so.



Crosses are used as a symbol of the Christian religion. It represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross is also used to represent faith, hope, and love.




Feathers are an important symbol of freedom and the divine. They represent the soul, the holy spirit, and even the divine mother. Feathers signify spiritual power, protection from harm, and a connection to our ancestors. To see feathers in your dream means you’re ready to take flight into a new phase of your life. This may be in regards to physical mobility or learning something new about yourself and your beliefs/values as well as having more confidence as an individual.


You may also want to look at other bird symbolism such as eagles or crows if you associate with those birds often in real life because they could also be involved in this dream scenario!




Spirals are a symbol of growth, representing the cycle of life. They represent movement and energy.


In your day-to-day life, you may encounter spirals in nature or in the home. For example, this shape is often found on seashells or in snail shells.



Stars are a symbol of hope and guidance. Stars can be seen in the sky at night and also on flags, jewelry, and other objects. As a result, stars are often used as a symbol for achievement, such as winning an award or getting good grades.


Stars are also part of many different religions: Christianity uses stars to represent the twelve apostles; Judaism uses them as symbols of wisdom; Islam has seven known heavenly bodies named after stars in its tradition; Buddhism teaches that all living beings have souls like those of humans (hinted at by their presence in children’s stories).




Swirls are a sign of the divine and creativity. They can also represent cycles, such as life and death or time. Swirls can symbolize the cycle of the seasons, as well as other cyclical events like day and night.


Angel Sign Prayer

To manifest this angel signs for you, here’s the prayer you can follow:


Dear angels, please send me a sign that you are nearby, and that you love me.


I pray for strength to carry on through the hard times as well as the good.


I thank you for being with me always.






In conclusion, angel shapes are among the most common signs of angels. They can be seen in many different places and forms. One of the most popular locations for finding them is on your ceiling or near your bed at night when you’re about to go to sleep! You may have often wondered what these mysterious shapes mean but now you know all about them!