Angel Signs – Candles

Have you ever heard of angel signs? Angel signs are signs from the angels that show their presence. Angels often show themselves in familiar and comforting ways, such as seeing a candle or smelling smoke from a fire pit. They do this because they know how to recognize these things and associate them with comfort and safety. But if you don’t know what angel signs are—or worse yet, if you think they don’t exist—then these small miracles will pass right by without meaning anything at all!


Many people immediately think of a lit candle’s sweet smell and warm glow. But did you know that candles can also be a sign from your angels?


If your angels use candles to get your attention, consider these 5 things below:


1. Seeing a lit candle unexpectedly.

Did you see a candle in the most unexpected place? 


When your angels want you to know that they are nearby, they will try to get your attention. The lit candle you thought was out of place at the moment is a great way to get your attention. 


When this happens, you can observe a few things. How does the candle smell? Where were you at the moment? What are you currently facing?


Angels often show their presence in familiar or comforting instances, like seeing a candle. Your guardian angels are beings of light and the light of the candles represent them so well. Seeing a candle whether they are lit or not is a sign that you are being visited by guardian angel.


2. You Smelled A Familiar Scent No One Else Could Smell.

The smell from the candle your angels are using to get your attention is important to decipher the meaning and message they want you to hear.


Candles have distinctive smells that easily get your attention from the wax melting. But when they are used by your guardian angel to talk to you, they can infuse it with their specific scent to make it easier for you to know who is watching over you at the moment. 


It is believed that angels have unique scents that will help us identify who’s wanting to communicate with us.


You can tell if it’s Archangel Gabriel when you smell floral and heady scents.


The scents of lavender and rose are associated with Archangel Michael.


Archangel Chamuel comes in a refreshing scent dominated by eucalyptus and lemon.


When you smell something spicy like ginger and cinnamon, it’s Archangel Uriel.


Archangel Jophiel comes in floral and citrusy scents such as rose, geranium, and grapefruit.


Scents with earthy and floral tones are linked to Archangel Ariel.


Archangel Raphael can be distinguished by his unique blend of herbal and sweet scents such as sandalwood and sage.


Archangel Zadkiel comes with a woodsy smell while Archangel Jeremiel is warm and woodsy.


You can tell it’s Archangel Haniel when your space is filled with a spicy oriental scent while Archangel Raguel is more like a floral fruity fragrance.


Archangel Raziel comes in a floral woodsy fragrance while Archangel Azrael in vanilla scents.


Archangel Metatron is associated with heavy and woody scents like absinthe and juniper while Archangel Sandalphon also comes in heavy and woody scents but more like a sweet whisky smell.


You might get confused with Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon as they both come in heavy and woody scents. This is not a surprise as they are twin brothers.


Learning about this allows you to have an idea of which of the archangels 


Do not be alarmed if you smell these special scents. Listen to how it speaks to your soul as it triggers some special memories or thought that will help you in your current situation.


3. Your Dreams Have Been Full Of Fire.


Fire is a powerful symbol of transformation, and if you dream that you’re lighting a candle it is surely a sign from an angel. It can be a metaphor for passion, the desire to change your life in some way or another. It could be that your angels want you to rekindle the passion you have set aside. Through this sign your angels are giving you the courage and support you need to chase after your dreams.


Fire is also associated with purification and cleansing, which suggests that you need to clear out some aspects of your life so you can move forward with your goals more easily. In many traditions, fire is associated with the sun—the source of life on Earth—and this may indicate that you’re ready for renewal in some way.


Most importantly: no matter how scary it might feel at first (and believe us when we say that this whole process can be EXTREMELY SCARY), remember that there’s nothing wrong with making changes! In fact, sometimes things work better once they’ve been changed around a bit!


4. You have the urge to light candles.

The presence of a candle in your life does not only mean that your angels are trying to get your attention. It could signify that they want you to light a candle and connect with them. 


Candles are a symbol of hope and faith, so by lighting one, you’re opening yourself up to a new beginning—and all the joy and happiness it can bring! 


A candle represents the light at the end of a dark tunnel, so if you’re feeling lost or alone right now, lighting one might help bring about some clarity for what lies ahead in your life journey.


5. You feel the urge to write or draw with fire.


This is a very clear sign that your angel is trying to communicate with you. Your angel wants you to express yourself creatively, which can be a very powerful way of connecting with them and receiving their guidance!


It could be the nudge you have been waiting for to make a decision you have been trying to delay. Your angels are urging you to take the risk. Whatever you decide, know that they are always with you and will never leave your side.


Angel Sign Meaning of the Colors of Candles


To know more about candles as your angel sign, here are the different colors and their meanings:


White Candles


White candles are a symbol of purity, peace, and protection.


White candles can be used to cleanse the home of negative energy, bringing in positive energy.


White candles are also used to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity into your life.


Purple Candles


Purple Angel candles are a symbol of love, passion and deep feelings. It’s a good choice for those who want to show their feelings to someone they love or just to express themselves.


Purple Angel candles will help you find the right words when you need them, it helps you feel more confident in social situations, as well as helping you be more successful in love and relationships.


Lavender Candles


Lavender candles are the color of the angels’ protection and healing.


If you see this candle, it means that your prayers are being answered and your angels are looking out for you.


It’s a sign that you’re in good hands—and that everything is going to be okay.


Blue  and Deep Blue Candles

Blue is a color that represents loyalty, wisdom, and perseverance.


Blue is also the color of the sky and water, which are both powerful symbols of spiritual healing. The word “blue” in Latin means “loyalty” and “faithfulness”.


The deep blue candle can symbolize a strong sense of faith in yourself and your abilities. It may also represent your desire to be more spiritual or connected with others.


Green Candles


Green is a color of growth, abundance, and fertility. It is also the color of nature, and so it represents renewal, rebirth, and balance. The green candle may be used to help you achieve your dreams and goals, as well as to ensure that you are living in harmony with nature around you.


Rose and Pink Candles


The color rose and pink are associated with angels. Rose and pink candles are a common gift for angel birthdays. A rose and pink candle can be used as a symbol of love, and also of beauty, happiness and peace. They are often given to loved ones who have lost someone close to them or who are going through a difficult time in their lives.


Yellow Candles


Yellow candles are a symbol of love, happiness, and friendship. They also symbolize the sun. Yellow candles can be used to promote positive energy in your home and help you to feel more joyful. Yellow is also the color of new beginnings, so yellow candles are great for starting over or moving on from a difficult situation. If you’ve been feeling sad or depressed lately, try lighting a yellow candle to help brighten up your mood!

Orange Candles


Orange is a color of joy, creativity and passion. It’s also the color of the sun—which means it’s associated with physical strength and vitality. Orange candles are associated with healing, creativity and manifestation. If you’ve been feeling stuck in life or are having trouble manifesting your creative dreams, an orange candle may be just what you need.


Red and Deep Red Candles

Red and deep red candles are used to represent the color of blood, which is a symbol of life. This means that when you burn a red or deep red candle, you are asking for protection from evil spirits and negative influences.


When you burn a red candle at night, it can also be used as a tool to attract love into your life. The color red is often associated with passion, so if this is what you desire in your love life, then burning this type of candle should help bring your dreams into reality.


Black Candles 


Black is the color of protection, and it’s often associated with a sense of power. It’s a color that can be worn by anyone and can be used in any space without clashing with other colors.


In the context of Angel Signs, black candles are often used to represent death and transformation. They’re also thought to be good luck when they’re burned in pairs (one black and one white).


Silver Candles


Silver is the color of the angelic realm. It’s a sign that you are being guided by your angels, and that they’re right there with you, ready to help.


If you see a silver candle, it means that an angel has been sent to help guide you through any situation.


It’s a sign of hope and faith—a reminder that there’s always someone looking out for you.


Gold Candles


Gold is the color of the sun, which represents life and energy. Gold candles are often used to promote wealth and success, as well as to bring prosperity.


Gold candles can also be used to invite angels into your life, which will help you achieve a better future. If you want to attract new opportunities or find true love, then a gold candle is an excellent choice.


Gold represents abundance, prosperity and success. If you want to see your dreams come true, then burn some gold candles for good luck!


Angel Sign Prayer


To further connect with your angels using the power of angel signs, use this prayer and seek their guidance for you to one day lead a better life:


Oh, heavenly angels of the universe, 


We come before you in this moment to ask for your guidance and protection as we endeavor to accomplish our goals and fulfill our dreams.


We ask that you bless us with the wisdom to know what is best for us and our loved ones.


Help us understand our purpose here on earth, so that we may carry out our duty with grace and humility.


Let us be open to the signs that are sent to us by your divine hand, so that we may be guided back onto the path of righteousness when we stray from it.


Let us not forget that you are always watching over us, and let us never forget how much you love each one of us.




If you’ve had any of these experiences, it could be a sign that angels are trying to reach out to you. They might want to help guide you through a tough time or give you some advice about something that’s troubling you. They may even be trying to tell you something about the future! Whatever the reason, it’s definitely worth paying attention to whatever signs come your way—these messages from above are meant for us all.