Angel Signs – Coins

Your guardian angels will always be by your side at all times and will always have their own way of letting you know about their presence. Most times, they will convey their support for your actions through different symbolic gestures and signs instead of showing up in front of your naked eyes.


One of the signs that they use to convey their guiding message for us here on Earth are coins, and recognizing these signs in your life will help you find out if they are a sign that your angels approve of the life path that you are currently taking.


Finding a coin or a penny lying around you is a common sign for angels to place in front of you and is very noticeable at first glance. When you see a coin lying around on a busy street, your first thought is to pick it up as it is a useful form of currency. But picking it up actually entails a deeper meaning behind it which could show you more about your progress in life.


Coins – What does it mean?


Coins are one of your angels’ favorite items to use as signs of their presence because of what a positive idea they symbolize in your life. Every bill is worth a certain number of pennies. Therefore, losing a single penny means you no longer have the full amount, which you may need to pay a full bill on certain things.


What Coins Mean for your Finances

Picking up a coin means you find value in things that many may find least important for them. Those who are especially rich find coins to be a useless form of currency for how little value it holds. By this logic, angels place pennies around you to measure how grounded you are in this reality and see if you find worth in all things that come your way.


Financially speaking, these coins could also symbolize a better financial future for you. With every coin you find or get as change for your every purchase, you will need a bigger and much heavier coin purse and bank to fit them all in. This means that every step you take in life is a step forward to your abundant future.


These coins will be your foundation and will show you the trajectory of your financial life. Your angels call for you to have patience in your process of growth in the same way that you would be patient in saving every penny you have for a future expense. The more you cultivate thrift as a trait, the more you bring worth to yourself, and the more life will compensate you for your hard work in the long term.


What Coins Mean for your Relationships


Your appreciation of the coins around you does not just explain your financial viewpoints; it also indicates how strongly you value everything and everyone that you come across throughout your life. This could very well be related to your deep appreciation for your family and friends, their acts of kindness (no matter how small they may be), and how all these things cumulatively impact your life. 


These wonderful insights into life are what your angel wants to see in you. They want you to appreciate every small detail that life throws your way. Every small penny that you pay for the sake of your loved ones could also affect your relationship with them in small but meaningful ways. How you handle the use of your coins for them will determine how your connections with your loved ones will develop in the future.


Angel Numbers Related to Coins as Angel Signs

To fully understand your angels’ message for you regarding these coins, here are a few angel numbers that provide a better context for their thoughts and ideas for you:


  • Angel Number 1
    Many coins have the numerical figure 1 embedded in its face which indicates their financial value as a form of currency. But in terms of numerology, 1 is considered a symbol for new beginnings or changes in life leading to a forward momentum for you towards success.

    When you see 1 around you, especially on a coin, use it as a reminder for you to release the donuts you have of your future and move forward towards a better life ahead for you. Your angels are telling you that with this symbol in your life, you will find that those that you care about will root for your success and will see to it that you achieve greater things with their support and love.

  • Angel Number 10

Some pennies are worth 10% of your currency’s bill, and 10 is one of the angel numbers that hold a special meaning that directly coincides with coins as an angel sign. When you see this number around you, your angels are letting you know that you are being guided by your angels in their own way to help you succeed in life.


Your angels want you to place your trust in them as you navigate a life path toward better days. Soon, with their guidance, you will be able to bring optimism not only to your life but also to those around you. All you need to do is open up your heart and let your angels connect with your vibrations for them to strengthen your intuition and help you lead a life based on the path you choose.


In time, your angels will be by your side to finally welcome you onto the path of enlightenment. Until that day comes, make sure to collect as many coins as you can and save up to increase your chances of living a better life. 


Angel Sign Prayer

To further connect with your angels using the power of angel signs, use this prayer and seek their guidance for you to one day lead a better life:


Dear Angels of God,


Thank you for choosing to be with me today.

Thank you for the gift of guidance by way of these angelic signs.

Pray for me as I find my way toward success and a better life.

May you always find me in my times of need and show me the right choices to act upon.

Please be there for me always.