Angel Signs- Dreams Of Angels

Dreams of Angels are real. You might have had a dream about your Guardian Angel, or a visitation from them while you were awake. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t matter if you believe in Angels or not; they will still appear to you!


Have you ever wondered if Angels are real?


Angels are everywhere and have been part of our lives since the beginning of time. We may not always notice their presence, but they’re always there to help us in our daily lives and guide us toward our highest good. Angels don’t need wings! They can appear as human beings or animals because they know what makes us feel safe and secure.


We often receive messages from Angels through dreams, signs, and symbols that come into our life unexpectedly at just the right moment when we need them most! Dreams about Angel signs show up during difficult situations in order to remind us that everything will be okay when we look beyond what’s happening right now into the future – a future where everything works out perfectly fine according to God’s plan for each one of us individually.”


Have you recently had a visitation? Did your Angel appear to you while you were awake?

Yes, Angels often visit us in our dreams. A dream may be the only way for an Angel to make contact with us because we are so caught up in our daily lives that we don’t notice them. The good news is that many times when Angels appear in your dream, they also give you signs and symbols so that you can recognize their presence and know they are there for you.


Sometimes the message may not be clear at first but if you look back over the past few days or weeks and reflect on what has been happening then it will become obvious why an Angel would come to visit at this time. Maybe there is something going on in your life that needs some help from above!


Did an Angel give you a sign in the past that has prompted your dreams?


Have you ever had a dream about angels? Do you have a recurring dream about angels or a specific angel that is trying to communicate with you?


If so, it may be time for us to take another look at your dreams and see if they are more than just random images while sleeping. Many people have found that their dreams can actually be very helpful when trying to figure out what the future has in store for them. The following questions will help determine whether or not an angel was involved in your dream:


  • Is there something significant that happens during this particular dream?
  • What does this mean to me?
  • How can I use my gift of prophecy in my everyday life

Angels often use dreams to reassure and comfort us

Angels often use dreams to reassure and comfort us. It is common for angels to visit us in our dreams, give us signs or even appear if we meditate on them. One of the most powerful ways angels can visit you in your dream is through a message that they give you. Sometimes the message is obvious and other times it is more subtle, but with practice, you will learn how your angel communicates with you on an unconscious level through your dreams.


There are many different ways that angels can communicate with us through our dreams:


  • They may send a sign or symbol which represents something about yourself or someone else’s personality/characteristics
  • They may show themselves as an image such as an animal (which can be helpful if you’re not familiar enough yet with what each type of animal means), person(s) from real life (this could be past family members, friends etc…) or even fictional characters (like Santa Claus!)

Your dream of Angels is not a mistake.


If you have seen an angel, it is not a mistake. Angels are real and they are always there for us, even if we do not always see them. Sometimes angels are visible and sometimes they are not, but they are always around us and working hard to help us.


Angels can appear in dreams or in waking life as well as any other time that we need them most. We should never be afraid of seeing an angel because they only mean good things when they come into our lives!


Angel Sign Prayer

Dear angels,


Thank you for the signs you send me.


I have been blessed with many signs over the years and they have helped me in times of need. 


Thank you for all that you do for me and all those around me.






If you have had a dream about angels, then rest assured that it is not a mistake. Your Angel may have woken you up and sent you a message. You may also have had an experience where your Angel appeared to you while awake or gave you a sign in the past that has prompted your dreams. If so, it’s important for us all to learn how to interpret these dreams so that we can be better prepared when they occur again in the future.