Angel Signs – Light Flashes

Most often, archangels will appear visibly in the form of light. Angels are beings of light and contain energy that works within the light rays. 


Most of the time, the presence of angels near you at the moment affects the electricity around you. This is why there are power fluctuations and light flashes from light bulbs around you.


Light is another form of your angels you can witness when they want you to see them. Some people claimed to have seen extremely bright flashes of light and swore it was an angel who came to save them. As beings of light and higher vibration, it is hard to see angels in their human form and more often we see them in vague shapes and flashes of bright lights or colored orbs.


The flashes of light you see are signs of an angel’s presence near you. They use all means that can help them get your attention. 


What do the flashes of lights mean?

Aside from the powerful presence of your angels beside you at the moment, the flashes of light you see also carry meanings and messages that will help you in your life.


It is a sign that positive changes are coming into your life. Your angels want you to be ready and open to changes that will come within yourself and even around you.


Flashes of lights also indicate that your clairvoyant abilities from the divine are developing and can be the instrument for you to clearly communicate with the Divine and the angels. Through stronger clairvoyance, your angels can easily send you the messages and blessings you need to help you move forward in life.


What to do when you see flashes of light from your angels?

Seeing flashes of lights is a powerful sign that your angels are with you. Remember that they are watching over you.


At this moment, do not hesitate to ask your angels for help and guidance. Take this opportunity to communicate with them and tell them the deepest desires of your heart. 


This is the perfect opportunity to connect with them. As they are beside you at the moment, they will hear your message and will instantly deliver it to the Divine.


This sign is also a reminder to be conscious and aware of the help that will come to you from your angels. The answers will often come to you in the most unexpected way so be conscious of what’s happening around you and in your life.


Seeing flashes of light from your angels is definitely a blessing. The more you are aware of their presence, the more you can be guided and helped by them.


Seeing Different colors of light flashes and colored orbs

Your angels’ energy is dominated by one color depending on their characteristics and personality.


Angels often appear in bright and cool-toned colors. They may come as bold sometimes but are often in pastel color infused with white light from the background. It usually looks immense and widely dispersed.


While they show themselves as bright lights or send flashes of lights as signs, angel lights may also appear as colored orbs. Sometimes when we see strange circles of bright lights around our home, we often think of them as just a reflection of the morning or afternoon sun. You may even think of it as just a sign of fatigue when you see it behind your closed eyes.


Different colors of light indicates a different archangel visiting you.


The archangels have dominant colors as expressed by their energy. 


Archangel Michael, the angel of protection, is known to appear with the color royal blue dominating his light.


Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love, comes in a rose pink shade of light and orbs.


Archangel Raphael is green for his healing and comforting energy.


Archangel Uriel, the angel of creation and illumination, comes with dominant shades of purple and red.


The Wisdom Angel, Archangel Metatron will show himself in lights with purple and gold colors.


Jeremiel, the Archangel of Clarity, is purple.


Archangel Gabriel, God’s Chief Messenger, is white.


Zadkiel is violet, Jophiel is yellow, Raguel is pale blue, Azrael is creamy white, a light shade of vanilla, Haniel is turquoise and magenta, Sandalphon is turquoise and red, Ariel is pink and indigo, while Raziel is associated with the rainbow colors. 


Learning which archangel is visiting you through colors will help you decipher the divine’s message for your life as each angel has its own expertise.


In this way, they are able to express something about an aspect of your life that you need to pay attention to so you can address it.


Through these bright lights, your angels are blessing your life with protection and peace. 


Angel Sign Prayer

To help you connect with your angels and receive more signs from them, use this short prayer to ask them to fill your life with their presence and guidance.


Dear Angels of God, 


Thank you for coming to me today.

Thank you for the gift of guidance by way of these angelic signs.

Pray for me as I find my way toward success and a better life.

May you always find me in my times of need and show me the right choices to act upon.

I open myself to your divine signs. 

Please let your light guide me in the path the Divine has prepared for me.

Please be there for me always.