Angel Signs – Songs About Angels

Your angels have different ways of letting you know that they are always by your side to support you without having to show up physically themselves. Many may find their gestures of choice to be inactive in our times of need. However, contrary to what most may think, angels actually bring these signs our way as our guide toward the development of our intuition and autonomy. With a strong intuition, your angels expect you to discern the right path to take in life on your own.


But although most of the signs that our angels use to convey their heavenly message are in the form of symbolic items or insignias, there are some angel signs that are also clear and verbose enough for any of us to outright understand. One example of these signs comes in the form of angel songs, and listening to one either at opportune times or frequently will surely fill you up with guidance and love from your guardian angels.


As soon as your ears catch these songs on the radio, TV, or from your own church, you have to open up your heart to the heavenly messages that they frequently entail. 


Angel Songs: What do they mean?

Angel songs are one of the most expressive ways that your angels may use to make you aware of their presence in your life. Music is such an expressive and universal language that it transcends languages. Anyone can still feel the emotion of a musician based on how the song is played, even if they do not understand the language used in the lyrics or if the song does not have any lyrics at all.


As such, your angels use music as their tool to connect with your intuition much deeper. Music can be meditative, uplifting, comforting, or mellow. These emotions are key for your angels to understand what you feel at this point in your life. Your angels will use their songs to carry their message for them so you can listen and understand their advice not only within your mind but also within your heart and emotions.


Listening to music could be a strong motivational factor for you as you navigate your life and forge a path on your own. A good, uplifting song is something that could inspire you to work better towards your life goals. These types of compositions will make you believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and your angels will agree and vouch that there is always merit to that statement.


Music may also help you be calmer and more relaxed when making decisions that could hugely affect your future. Stress is often a problem that most people have while working toward career development. Angel songs have the innate ability to clear your mind of doubts and give you this unexpected heavenly feeling that will alleviate the stress that you have endured in your life and make your thoughts much clearer and easier to understand.


When Can You Hear The Songs About Angels?

Angel songs, like any other angel signs, will come your way during times when you need comfort, encouragement, and words of affirmation in your life. Your angels want to bring positive vibes your way, and one of the most apparent ways that they will be able to communicate that to you is through music.


Here are a few instances in your life when angel songs could play around you and help you get over issues that bother you or inspire you to do better than where you currently are in life:


  • While grieving over someone’s loss, an angel song will ply that will help you reminisce on the good days that you have with a loved one and will make you appreciate the lives of the ones who are currently with you in this world.
  • When undergoing changes in life, angels will play this song for you to reassure your heart that your path towards success will still be there despite detours along your way.


What to Do While Listening to Songs About Angels

When you unprecedentedly hear songs that have angelic vibrations in them, it would be hard not to feel overwhelmed with delight that you may have yet to feel within your heart when listening to other music. But even though this sensation you feel while listening to these songs feels unfamiliar to you, you should welcome it with an open heart. 


This experience is not just a coincidence; it is a sign from your angels that you need to be able to relax and unwind for a moment from whatever stressful work you’re currently doing right now. Just take a deep breath and think of happy thoughts while listening to the song as it plays on a television, a radio, someone’s MP3 player, or anywhere else where you can hear the sound.


Your angel guides understand the lingering pressures that you are feeling at the moment. They will do their very best to transfer their energies your way. In such a way, their energies will help enlighten you on the actions you should take to fulfill the life path that He has laid out for you.


Angel Sign Prayer


To get in touch with your angels’ energies using the songs of angels, put yourself in a meditative state and use this prayer to call out for your angels while music invoking their message plays around you:


Dear Angels of God,


Thank you for allowing me to recognize your presence today.

Thank you for blessing me with your support through songs of your guidance.

Pray with me for a better life as I work through all challenges that I currently face.

May you always be at my side through my ups and downs… 

Please continue to be my guide through thick and thin.