Angel Signs that Your Healing is About to Come

Have you ever been in deep pain or a crushing trauma and wonder if you’ll ever get past it,  move on, and find healing? You may be at a stage where you are looking to make some major changes in the way you want to live your life but you are not sure where to start, or what to do.


Your angels are always available to guide you through the healing journey because finding true healing is a delicate process that requires guidance from the divine. When we seek true healing, many things might come up and you have to be prepared to let them go – it is more than just temporary comfort and ease from pain. 


We want to be able to move forward in life without the pain and hurt that unnecessarily limits us. We want to be able to look at the past and be grateful for all the lessons it brings us and how it made us stronger and better people. And this journey is one that we do not have to go through alone because our guardian angels are always ready to give us their love, support, and guidance whenever we ask them for healing.


Connecting and praying to the angels for guidance in your healing journey will help them send you the signs that you need in order to start your healing process successfully. The angels will want you to find the best healing modality for you, one that would work uniquely for you because they understand that each one of us has different inclinations and preferences. At this time when you have just decided to find true healing, your angels want to assure you of the path you are about to take.


Now that you’ve watched it, here are the 10 angelic signs to show you that your healing signs are happening:


  • You keep seeing rainbows


Rainbows are a way for your angels to tell you that you are loved and supported especially when you start to feel like you have no one to turn to. Angels also send you rainbows to tell you that you need to pay attention to what you need most at the moment and to give you encouragement for whatever you would choose to do.


Rainbows also symbolize hope and angels use this to send you the message that you are not hopeless in your search for healing and growth. Your angels want to assure you that your pain is not forever and with the right guidance and support you can find true and transformative healing.


  • Angel Numbers come to you


Angel Numbers are powerful signs from the angels. When it comes to your healing process, the angels will send different angel numbers depending on what you need at the moment. You might start seeing angel number 444 as a sign that your angels are supporting you in your healing process. 


This angel number is their way of comforting you in times when you feel low and unmotivated. Another angel number that signifies that your healing is about to come is the angel number 666 which is meant to make you focus on your lifestyle. Through this number, the angels want to pay attention to how it contributes to your wellness. They are encouraging you to find a balanced lifestyle so you can live vigorously.


  • The Deer Spirit Animal comes to you


The Deer is the Spirit Animal of Healing and when your angels want you to know that they are helping you through your healing journey they will send you this beautiful spirit animal. Through the deer, your angels are telling you that you have the grace to face the challenges you are going through and you do not have to doubt your strength.


The angels want to tell you to keep your gentle nature now that you have to face your past traumas and pain. Your gentleness and compassion will help you in your healing journey.


  • You keep seeing a butterfly with orange and black wings


This angel sign is telling you that transformation and changes are necessary for your healing.  Butterflies are symbols of transformation and the guardian angels use them to tell us that this is the best time to embrace the changes we are going through because they will help us become better and stronger.


Healing is on the way as you feel your perspective and dispositions changing.


  • You see green feathers everywhere


Green feathers represent nature, health, and healing. Your guardian angels will send green feathers to you when they want you to know that now is the time to move on and find your true healing. 


You might start seeing green feathers in commercials, pictures on social media, or even a stray feather on the street.


  • You stumble upon more angel healing topics


Another angel sign that healing is coming your way is when your curiosity is stirred when it comes to angel healing. This is a sign from your angels to try finding healing through their help. They want you to learn about energy healing and will let you explore it as a part of your healing journey.


This is their way of helping you find the best alternatives that will bring you the best result and lasting healing.


  • You feel a warm energy envelope you


Another sign that you are on your way to starting your healing journey is when you feel the warmth of the angels envelope your whole being. It is not just a physical feeling of warmth that the angels will give you. They will also provide you with the warm energy that you can feel inside you to comfort you at this confusing time.


  • You are more drawn to nature recently


You may have been looking at a picture of a beautiful beach or a lush mountain and you have this sudden thought of going on a vacation. This feeling of being drawn to nature is a sign from your guardian angels that you are starting your healing journey and they will be with you throughout.


The energy of nature of healing and this sign is your angels’ way of telling you to find your healing surrounded by the abundant energy of mother nature. They hope for you to replenish your energy with nature so you can face your healing process refreshed and determined.


  • You wonder about the path you should take and your life purpose


You might have sudden thoughts about the reason why you exist in this lifetime and wonder if your current path is the one that will lead you to the fulfillment of this purpose.


This is a great sign that your healing is about to come and your soul is evolving, growing each step you take towards healing. With the desire to heal your pains and hurts, your entire being is also aiming for awakening and growth, to be led to its soul purpose and fulfill it.


  • You have the sudden desire to connect with your inner self


The most important sign that your healing is about to come is when you focus on yourself and finding self-love. You start to let go of the outside drama that does not concern you and start tuning in to what your inner self is calling for.


When you start connecting with your inner self, you will face regrets, guilt, self-criticism, and self-doubt which are emotions that block your true healing. Your angels stir this emotion inside you as a way of reminding you that your healing will start from deep within yourself. This is the time to face your inner self and start your healing process.


  • You find alternative ways for healing


Finding healing is not only through conventional medicine. You can find healing as well in other types of healing modalities like energy healing. When you seek healing and do some energy work, there is a possibility that you will experience a healing crisis. This is a normal part of full healing as your energy shifts to health and vitality.


As part of the healing journey, it is worth learning about the healing crisis so you will be able to understand your own healing journey. Have you been in a healing session that instead of feeling better after, you feel even worse? This usually happens in a healing crisis – a time when your body rebalances its energy.


Our body is powerful and very intelligent that it knows what it should do to heal. When you come for healing you are helping your body to heal itself and it will kickstart the release of old energy as well as the flow of fresh energy.


Many people have reported that after a healing session they felt awful – the exact opposite of what they’re expecting to happen. They typically get different kinds of symptoms depending on their illness and the state of their body and mind while undergoing the healing session. They may feel exceptionally drained, heavy, and sleepy. Some even go to the bathroom many times during the day to release the body’s toxins.


The Healing Crisis


Just as any form of cleansing requires us to let go of the toxins we’ve grown accustomed to living with, any kind of healing, cleansing, body, or energy work will all result in a release and flow of energy. This affects the whole body system that can happen simultaneously on several levels.  In a healing crisis, you are releasing old and sick energy and replace it with fresh and new high energy. 


Because of this change, your body systems adjust and calibrate it back into a state of balance. While your body is trying to find a new balance, this is when you experience the healing crisis when you feel the uncomfortable symptoms. It can happen in the days or weeks after a healing session.


The healing crisis will rock the foundation of your state being, peel off all pretenses, bare your heart and soul, and afflict your body. It is because the body toxins and negative energy are released. Both your body and your mind have to undergo a strong and abrupt shift in balance. 


Once you receive cleansing, energizing, and healing in any of your body systems – physical, energetic, and spiritual, it will follow that the others will also be affected as they are all connected. The physical body that you see is just the physical vehicle or vessel that the divine being within us is using.


And since our body is intelligent and good at calibrating our system into a state of balance, the healing crisis symptoms are usually mild and will be there for a few days. Although each of us may experience differently depending on our overall state. Since healing crisis may sometimes feel scary for those who are not familiar with it. This can be confusing and disappointing if you don’t see and understand that this is exactly what you want! 


It may become unpleasant and you might not be able to identify it as a result of your healing session. But you don’t have to worry as it is all part of the process and is essential to true and complete healing.  For this, your angels want to reassure you that this is part of the healing process and that this is really what you wanted to achieve.


These 6 Archangels are here to serve you during the healing process:


Archangel Raphael


Archangel Raphael wants to assure you that he will be with you through the healing process. He wants you to understand that all your body system is doing is moving out all the gunk. This includes your anger, hurt, trauma, betrayal, broken heart, unspoken and ill feelings, rejection, and loss. And that, it is not possible to get all these moving without feeling something.

Please know that your body is in an unhealthy stasis point which is based on these negative energies being stuck in your physical and energetic bodies.

You can ask Archangel Raphael to reset your stasis point with that of high vibrational and angelic energy and help you adjust to this change smoothly.


Archangel Jeremiel


Archangel Jeremiel wants to assure you that you are on your way to healing and clarity. When you undergo healing work, you are releasing the patterns of stuckness that no longer serve you. Feeling stuck in your life is something that signals imbalance and stuck negative energy, which has led you to seek healing in the first place.  

It could also be difficult to look ahead and make concrete plans. You can call on him to help you navigate through this, release all blockages that cause you to feel stagnant, and help you find purpose and meaning in your life. 


Archangel Haniel


Archangel Haniel wants you to know that if it is not an obvious illness, it will manifest as a feeling that something is off in your life or something is not feeling right.  If this is your reason to begin healing work, always remember that Haniel can help you clear the blockages in your energetic body so you will have better reception of divine guidance. Ask him to help you feel better.


Archangel Azrael


Archangel Azrael wants to assure you that you will get through negative emotions and find peace and happiness as healing is finally complete.


As the healing crisis evolves, it may sometimes be focused on one aspect of the crisis whether it focuses on physical symptoms or emotional symptoms such as emotional pain, grief, or anger.


When it comes to emotional symptoms, you call upon the help of Archangel Azrael to help you overcome these negative emotions.


Archangel Jophiel


Archangel Jophiel also wants to assure you that order will come out after you undergo a healing crisis. She will help you perceive how things are unfolding in your situation. She wants to support you during one of these experiences. She aims to empower you to see the whole experience of the crisis as what it is so you can look forward to the results after getting past it.


Archangel Metatron


Archangel Metatron wants to give you the wisdom to sail through the crisis smoothly. As you move through the experience, the degree of its impact will be seen in the various roles you take as you go through the process. 


Spiritual healing will somehow lend you lenses of being the observer, the participant, the dot connector, the “deep processing” participant, the energy and pattern shifter, or the healer itself to return to balance and equilibrium and into the light.


This confusing process will be easier with the help of Archangel Metatron.


Your Angels Want You To Release What Is No Longer Needed


There is always a reason why energy gets stuck.  This often stems from not wanting to or not being able to face something difficult. It can get stuck from life crises, trauma, or denial as your ego, your body, or your spirit try to protect you.


This happens because instead of experiencing everything at the moment and letting it pass through, these negative thoughts and emotions are stuffed deep in your energetic nooks. That when it accumulates, it manifests as pain and illness.


Your angels want to tell you that this is okay in the short run and it’s not causing any problem. But when this numbing and stuffing becomes regular and your default coping method, your body system will soon get into trouble.


In the long run, these stuck energies will manifest as physical illness.


Here are a few things you can do to accelerate healing.


  1. You should aim to drink extra water for the next few days. This will help you flush out all the toxins that have built up in your physical body and keep your body fluids circulating.
  2. You also need to meditate any time of the day to help your spiritual body as it quiets the mind.
  3. Aim to get extra rest by sleeping earlier or extending the time of your sleep a little later. It will help both your physical and energetic body to relax and regenerate.
  4. You can also spend time writing a journal. It will help you slow down and pay attention to what is going on. Writing is better than thinking in sorting out things as it digs deeper into the layers of your desires and needs.
  5. Make sure to eat healthy foods and refrain from unhealthy indulgences.


And finally, pay attention to what your body is telling you. If your healing crisis is a bit strong for you to handle, you can take a break and allow yourself to get ready for the next healing session. Listen to your feelings if you’re feeling uncertain or anxious about undergoing a healing session again. It’s all up to you to know what’s your best approach if you want to continue or not.


Always remember to not push yourself too much. Go easy on yourself. It’s okay to go slow and enjoy the process. After all, it is your journey to healing and renewal.


Here is a beautiful prayer you can use to ask Archangel Raphael for healing today: 




Oh, holy Archangel Raphael,

You have always blessed our world with your wisdom and grace

You have always been there to guide us in our journey.

Our refuge, our shelter, our healer.

These days, my soul has grown tired,

My body is lethargic, 

My mind is in chaos and in utter confusion.

I wake up in the morning wondering how I will be,

I feel sick day by day, I feel like I am drowning,


Crumbling as much as the world crumbles.

But, I feel your presence, sometimes it is strong and clear.

Other times I have to strain to hear your guidance.

Now, I pray that you envelop me in your presence.

I ask that you help me in my needs, to console the grievances of my heart,

I humbly ask that you heal my soul, my body, and my heart.

I pray to you, oh, medicine of God, prince of healing,

That you may shine your light around me and in me

So that I may never lose sight of the future

So that I may have the courage to face the world,

So that I may also become an instrument to heal others

So that I may prevent myself from adding to the pain of the world.

I know that you will never forsake me

And I am eternally grateful for your faithfulness

And in turn, I give to you my infinite gratitude and my unswerving faithfulness

Hear my prayers, Archangel Raphael, and heal my spirit.

Thank you.