Angel Signs: The Beautiful Secrets of the Butterflies

Here’s the second installment of our angel signs meaning series. And this time we will be looking at the other known sign – BUTTERFLIES!


In the first series, we looked at feathers and we’ve learned about its meaning. Now, we will talk about the beautiful secrets of the butterflies.


Angels, in their desire to assist us through our life journey, find ways to deliver to us the messages of the Universe so they can lead us to the right path and to ultimately discover our purpose in life. And one of these signs is the butterfly. They use this living being as to reach out to us and reveal to us what they want to tell us.


As we move along this series, we will learn the meaning of our butterfly experiences.


What does it mean when you see butterflies everywhere you go or more often than usual?


Are they really sent by your angels?


What message do they bring in their beautiful wings?



We Are Like Butterflies


Unlike feathers, butterflies are living organisms with a very short life span we can easily relate with our own. If we look at it closely, in the perspective of the vastness of the universe, our time on Earth is just so short.


In some ways, we are like butterflies. We started with nothing like butterfly eggs on a leaf, waiting for a chance to explore the world. And much like a caterpillar, we try to get as much knowledge of life as we can, devouring life experiences and lessons, going through all kinds of learning as we tread the path we were meant to take.


We also go through phases when we become conscious of ourselves, looking inwards like a pupa cocooning. We stopped listening to the outside world and start to look deep inside ourselves, assess our consciousness and ask ourselves what we really want and need, what we dream to become and how we can achieve it.


As we come to realize who we truly are, we become more conscious of our place in the order of the Universe, we become more aware of the power of the Divine and of the guidance of the angels. That’s when we can finally spread our wings, made strong by our deep spiritual connections to the celestial beings. And in the process, we also become majestic as we truly are.


And finally, we are like butterflies who have specific purpose and do service to the natural world as we are instruments to touch the lives of others, a catalyst for change and inspiration.



Butterflies and the Spirit of the Deceased


To some cultures, a butterfly is a sign from the deceased. And it is true. When you have recently lost someone you loved and cared for, your angels might send you a butterfly to comfort you and to tell you that the soul of your beloved is with them, still living on.


Or it could be that your loved one left an essence of themselves in a butterfly to enable them to communicate and keep in touch with you.


Why a butterfly, though?


Well, butterflies are known as messenger creatures as they hold so much meaning in their lives. Angels loved to use nature to carry their messages for them to be delivered to us. One of their favorite is the butterfly.


Mainly, angels use butterflies to tell you that they are near you and they are always at your side.


When you are feeling down and feeling like you don’t know what to do with your life anymore, the angels will cheer you up by sending butterflies in your way.


You are being guided. The butterflies will transmit courage to your heart from your angels. You are being reminded that though life may be short, there is beauty in it and that you are as beautiful as any creature on earth.



Transformation and Rebirth


Another message from the angels that the presence of the butterfly brings is the sign of transformation and rebirth.

Are you going through a major life change, in your career, in your lifestyle, in your spiritual endeavors, in your relationships?


The butterflies you see as you go through any one of these things will accompany you in your endeavors. They will be with you, encouraging you along the way, and assuring you that everything will be alright and that you can do it.


Also, when you see a butterfly, you are being reminded that now is the time to work on your transformation to become your highest spiritual self. You can become someone majestic as you start to become more aware of your angels and establish a deep connection with them.


Another message from the angels through the beautiful butterflies is to make time to look more within you. Focus on yourself, assess your perspective. Become more aware of how you see things, your principles and beliefs and how all of these affect the way you are living your life.



Butterfly Dreams


It is not only in waking times of seeing a butterfly that a message is being delivered to you.


Do you dream about butterflies? Are you wondering what they mean?


To know what message you are getting from your angels through your butterfly dreams, you must first know at what state of a butterfly you have been dreaming.


Are you dreaming about a caterpillar, cocoon or a full-fledged butterfly?



Caterpillar Dream. Dreaming about a caterpillar will tell you to continue forward. It could be that you are facing much struggles in your journey and you are starting to wonder if you can make it through. You are being encouraged to not give up and to continue holding on.



Dreaming of a Cocoon. When a butterfly appeared in your dream in a cocoon state, it might be a sign that you are slowly isolating yourself, being reclusive and detached from the world. Although you are in the quest to finding yourself and looking within, you must not severe yourself from the people who cared for you. Strengthen your bond with them, because they are the ones who will support you in your endeavors.



Full-fledged Butterfly Dream. A gorgeous butterfly in your dreams is a sign that you are about to reach your desires, that you are about to be free from your worries and fears. You can become someone more, when you put your heart and soul in it. Like a butterfly, you are meant to touch lives, to inspire change and freedom.



Another interpretation, is to be confident in your own beauty. You might be someone who is lacking self-esteem and confidence in yourself and in your natural attractiveness. A butterfly in your dreams will remind you that you are beautiful in every unique way that you are!




Butterflies and Angels


Ultimately, the most important message that butterflies hold is that your angels are always with you.


When you see a butterfly, close your eyes, quiet your mind and feel the love and guidance from your angels, the comfort of their love, and the joy it brings in your life.


Yes, they are there with you, right now, in this instant.


Have you seen any butterflies the past week?


Share with us your butterfly sightings be it in your garden, on your morning walk or even in your dreams.


Lastly, do not be discouraged if you are not seeing butterflies. This does not mean that the angels are abandoning you.


Rather, you may want to communicate with your angels and you can even attract them with butterfly decors or putting on butterfly accessories.


Continue to ask your angels for guidance and they will always come to you.