Today you drew The Dreamer and the 5 of Fire cards

“New beginnings meet with conflicts or competition; angelic counsel may help navigate through the challenges.”

Your Angel Tarot cards for today are The Dreamer and the 5 of Fire.

The Dreamer card opens doors to new beginnings, encouraging you to take that leap of faith into an unknown but potentially fulfilling adventure. It resonates with the thrill of new experiences, the joy of embarking on new endeavors, and the excitement of starting afresh.

The 5 of Fire introduces an element of caution to this optimistic outlook. This card signifies conflict, competition, or internal strife, signaling that your new journey may not be without its challenges. It’s a call to be prepared for some level of resistance or difficulty.

The combinations behind the 2 cards

The Dreamer is the epitome of new beginnings. It’s a card that urges you to be adventurous and optimistic as you embark on a new chapter in your life. It asks you to trust the journey and enjoy the ride, even if the destination is not entirely clear.

On the other hand, the 5 of Fire serves as a cautionary note. It suggests that this new chapter will be accompanied by challenges, perhaps in the form of external competition, conflicts with others, or internal struggles within yourself.

When these cards come together, they paint a picture of a new journey that is both exciting and fraught with challenges. While The Dreamer encourages you to leap into the new, the 5 of Fire advises you to be prepared for turbulence. They imply that your new beginnings are likely to test your resolve, and angelic guidance may be needed to navigate through these potential conflicts successfully.

 The angel that is guiding you

Archangel Michael, the angel of protection and courage, is guiding you through this phase of new beginnings and potential conflicts.

Michael’s strength and wisdom can give you the courage to initiate this new journey, and the resilience to handle the challenges indicated by the 5 of Fire. With his sword of truth, he can help you discern the best path through conflict and competition, ensuring you stand your ground while maintaining your integrity.

What Michael wants you to act now

There is a sense of urgency due to the opposing energies of these cards. While new opportunities don’t wait, neither do conflicts. The time to act is now, to seize the new opportunities while effectively dealing with any conflicts that arise.

Archangel Michael is ready to provide his divine counsel and miraculous interventions to help you navigate this complex landscape. With his guidance, you can face the challenges without fear, armed with divine wisdom and courage. The Angelic realm is geared to help you make the most of this duality, ensuring that you come out of it not just unscathed but stronger and wiser.

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