Today you drew The Dreamer and the 6 of Air cards

“A new phase accompanied by a needed transition; angelic wisdom could ease the journey toward better circumstances.”

Today’s Angel Tarot cards are The Dreamer and the 6 of Air.

The Dreamer signifies new beginnings, adventure, and opportunities. It invites you to take that leap of faith into a new phase of your life, be it a new career, relationship, or personal endeavor.

The 6 of Air adds another layer to your reading. This card typically represents transition, often after a difficult period, moving toward better circumstances. It suggests that any difficulties you may have been experiencing are now giving way to a more peaceful or beneficial state.

The combinations behind the 2 cards

The Dreamer is all about embracing new opportunities and boldly stepping into unknown territories. This card serves as a sign that now may be an excellent time to make a change, guided by optimism and excitement.

The 6 of Air provides a context for that change, indicating that this new beginning is likely a move towards greater peace, healing, or even literal travel. It’s a card that emphasizes the concept of journey—whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

When paired, these two cards amplify each other’s energies. They suggest that not only is it a time for a new beginning but that this beginning will likely lead to a more peaceful, beneficial state. This combination invites you to be optimistic about the changes and transitions that are taking place, while also paying attention to the angelic guidance that can ease this journey.

The angel that is guiding you

Archangel Michael, the angel of strength, courage, and protection, is your guiding light through this transformative journey.

Michael’s energy offers you the courage to take the first step and the wisdom to navigate your course. He can help to smooth out the bumps in the road and provide a sense of direction and purpose, ensuring you move from turbulence to tranquility, as suggested by the 6 of Air.

 What Michael wants you to act now

The urgency here is two-fold. First, new beginnings are rare and precious, and second, transitions are periods when guidance is most beneficial. Now is the time to seize this moment and the favorable winds it brings.

Archangel Michael is extending his divine wisdom and miraculous intervention to make this journey as smooth as possible. He offers you his courage, strength, and wisdom, encouraging you to act promptly but wisely, as the energies are perfectly aligned for a positive transition. With Michael’s guidance, you can both initiate this exciting new phase and successfully navigate it towards peace and fulfillment.

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