Archangel Adnachiel – The Angel Of Freedom And Independence

Who is Archangel Adnachiel


In the hierarchy of celestial beings in heaven, the archangels lead the order of angels and are only below God himself when it comes to governing both the angelic and earthly realms. Of all the archangels known by us mortals here on Earth, Adnachiel is one of the most well-known and prominent of them.


Known by many names, like Advachiel, Aduachiel, and Adernahael, Archangel Adnachiel is appointed by the heavens to rule the month of November. As a guardian angel here on Earth, Adnachiel was placed by the Supreme Being to inspire us to practice free will in our choices in life. 


As the guardian angel whose domain is inspiring independence within us, Adnachiel puts heavy emphasis on your capability to find your true essence and purpose in life. He brings the absolute truth to you. Therefore, during times when you see yourself being misled by tempting forces in life, he will be there to provide a clear direction for you to follow. He exposes your true allies as well as your enemies. Adnachiel also enlightens you as to what the true aim of your life is.


Archangel Adnachiel is also an angel that fills your essence with strength and wisdom. He gives you power as a result, along with the knowledge to wield it wisely. He imparts to you sacred knowledge, which leads to spiritual wisdom. You get a thirst for knowledge from him. Adnachiel motivates you to impart your knowledge to the people close to you at all times. Because many people will be inspired by your wisdom. But for those who can carry it, this captivating angel also brings strength.


He will not only call out your free spirit to fill you within, but he will also strengthen your individual soul at the same time. He also is capable of bringing out your truest and most honest self. This will allow you to confide to other people, especially to those who are closest to you. In turn, those people who you allow to see your real self will not only respect your truthfulness but will also be comfortable in opening up to you as well. 


You are motivated to take charge of your life by this lovely angel. He encourages you to take charge of your own destiny and life path.


Additionally, he owns the domain in November. Because of that, He protects and guides people who were born under the sign of Sagittarius. Therefore, if you ever would be put on a fortunate situation of having him as a spiritual guide, you must always show your most truthful and independent self to stand with him. Adnachiel appears to be interested in more than just those born in November because he also governs Sagittarius, a zodiac sign that occurs between the 22nd day November 22 and December 21. 


He is the angel who watches over the spirit of the Thanksgiving holidays. Every person born in the month of November is said to be under the protection of this angel. He takes care of them personally and with love.


Together with another angel by the name of Phaleg, Adnachiel is in charge of ruling over the Choir of Angels in heaven. Adnachiel is thought to have power over all four elements: earth, wind, fire, and air. Some claim that this angel bears a stomach-healing amulet.


Adnachiel is a strong angel that deeply collaborates with the archangels despite not being one himself. He is reputed to be a brilliant being who aids seekers in unlocking the door to their soul’s spiritual light. Those who pray and seek help from this angel will be guaranteed to receive heavenly assistance and guidance from him.


How Can Archangel Adnachiel Open Our Hearts and Bring Out Our Free Spirits

The angels are the agents of the Divine. They took sacred oaths to help humanity prosper and grow. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Adnachiel governs the domain of Clarity in the elemental realm of Air. Together with Archangels Jeremiel and Sidriel, Adnachiel will help you with clarity to be successful in your life journey.


Out of all members of the order of angels, Archangel Adnachiel is most in tune with your freedom and will do his best to bring out your most independent self while you live in this world.


With his guidance, you will soon be able to reach your fullest potential to become a stronger individual capable of opening up and strengthening your individualism. His assistance will also allow you to seek your inner truth and encourage others at the same time.


Here are a few ways for Adnachiel to open up our intuition to allow honesty and truthfulness to prevail within us:


  • He  Will Encourage You To Have Your Own Thoughts


Archangel Adnachiel’s beautiful soul helps you to have a well-informed decisions based on your deduction of what is right and just. Freedom is also all about having your own thoughts and not letting wrong things rule over your vindications at all times.


Moreover, he will urge you to think more intuitively and to give priority to the satisfaction you can bring to others, including your friends and family in addition to yourself. Confide with him to allow all celestial forces around you to strengthen your intuition to make the right choices in life.


  • He Will Protect You From Oppressive Forces


Adnachiel will be your guardian that will keep you safe from feeling the weight of any burdens life may throw your way because of his desire to keeping you free from its harmful energies. With his advice, you will be in peace as he will offer positive energy to all of your endeavors, whether they involve money, health, or other concerns involving violence and hostility.


  • He Strengthens Our Vision For Right Decisions


To improve your ability to deduce correct decisions in life, use your intuition. In your personal search of happiness, make the most of understanding what feels right in your heart and be mindful of how others may be feeling, vibrations to all your undertakings, may it be on your finances, in your strife for health, or other issues involving malice and violence.


  • He Enhances Our Ability To Identify Deceit


When someone or something wants to deceive us and entices us to do things that are harmful for us, Adnaphiel will activate your senses to easily deduce the lie and make it easier for us to break away from their deception.


Not only will he guide you away from harm and lies attempted by those who wants to overhaul your sense of what is right, but he will also show you those people that you can actually rely on in your life. These people will encourage you to do what is right and allow you to find the truth within yourself. He may even guide you towards the revelation of your true purpose in life without governing your thoughts and hindering your autonomy.



  • He Will Envelop Your Thoughts With the Wisdom To Find True Freedom


Archangel Adnachiel’s sworn duty is to be the guiding presence for you to be enlightened on the true meaning of freedom. This means that everything that you need to know about your true purpose in life will be an easier journey for you to handle with him holding your hands along the way.


Adnachiel understands that life is all about figuring out the plans of the Divine for you. In doing so, you obtain the freedom to choose your path towards such discovery. Along the way, Adnachiel will pave the path for you to get towards the answers of which you have within you about the purpose of life. 


How to recognize Adnachiel’s presence


One of the simplest ways to know if Adnachiel is close is to watch how your mood and energy change after asking for help. There is a release of lower frequency, heavier energy as well as a sense of lightness, renewed hope, and joy. In his presence, you will grow to appreciate a life of freedom and independence. You could find yourself overwhelmed with the feeling of enthusiasm to learn the secrets of life.


Adnachiel’s presence may also become more visible over time as you learn new ways to engage with the world around you, particularly when you require aid attaining certain goals (like a new career) or helping to improve your psychic talents.


If you already have well-developed manifestation abilities, you may see Adnachiel as a radiant and positive being of immeasurable wisdom and optimism. When he is around, you will find yourself gazing at the world with a more vast and enthusiastic view of everything around you.


A feeling of comfort and peace should be your main indications that Adnachiel is nearby, however, other signs will help you to know.


Adnachiel may also reveal herself over time when you learn new ways to engage with the people around you, particularly when you require aid accomplishing certain goals (like a new career) or enhancing your psychic talents.


If you are someone who is born in the month of November, more specifically as a Sagittarius child, it is more likely that Adnachiel will reveal himself to you as one of his children. Your affinity with his energy will be easily felt as you are also a person with an open mind and strong sense of independence in your own actions and choices. As a Sagittarius child, he will strengthen your hunger for adventure and wisdom even further to make it easier for you to uncover the secrets and mysteries of this world and invite optimism into the lives of those that supports your endeavors at the same time.


Adnachiel’s energy can also be easily felt when you are within a bluish room, especially if it is illuminated with a white light source. You can even replicate this essence to call out his presence near you by lighting blue and white candles. This color combination invites his angelic soul to come by and will, in turn, fill the room that you are in with energies surrounding God’s heavenly essence and also your mind with his sacred wisdom.


How To Connect with The Presence Of Archangel Adnaphiel


Having the drive to know the true essence of life while also being honest with yourself is key to connecting with Archangel Adnachiel spiritually. The best way to do that is to concentrate in the beauty of this world and appreciating life in its whole essence.


Imagine Archangel Agnachiel in his usual clear white clothes and wings as it approaches you lovingly and with longing and compassion


He will fill your heart with his blue and white light and will help improve your resolve to be more knowledgeable about life and to gain freedom in finding more ideas that will clear up all suspicions you have about the world’s order.


Allow him to speak to you once you’re in his presence so he can comprehend her message. After that, you can state your goal with conviction and allow him to work his heavenly wonders for you.


Use this prayer to Archangel Adnachiel to get things going.


A Prayer for Archangel Adnachiel


Thank you, beloved Archangel Adnachiel, for always surrounding me with your unwavering love and wisdom.


May you be by my side at this time to sharpen my intuition and increase my awareness of the world around me.


Please grant me freedom from the looming presence of negativity and deceit that follow me.


Help me as I discover the uplifting energies that are all around me.


I appreciate you being there for me at all times. Amen.