Archangel Ambriel – You Will Soon Find Healing

Archangel Ambriel is the angel of healing who will help you find healing and love in your life. He is the one you can call when you need to heal from the pain in your heart.


This angel card from Archangel Ambriel is a sign that you will soon find healing in your life. Although the year is closing, it does not mean that God is not working on your healing. Do not close yourself yet to the healing hands of God and his angels. They are coming to bring the healing you are looking for.


Archangel Ambriel’s Advice to You

You are constantly on the path of healing. The true healing you are looking for is an everyday journey. 


Do not think that your angels are done helping you find the healing that you need and deserve. As you are on a constant journey, they are also constantly watching over you and assisting you.


Right now, as the year ends, this is the perfect time for you to let go of the things that are keeping you from walking the journey to true healing. There are many things in your life you have accumulated this past year that have brought you happiness and sadness. There are things in your life you have to let go of because they are not serving you anymore and all they bring is pain and grief in your heart.


Let Archangel Ambriel come to you and show you the way to letting go. Ambriel will help you create space in your life that you can fill with love and beauty.


What Archangel Ambriel Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Ambriel wants you to open yourself to the guidance of the Divine and the angels so true healing comes to you.


True healing is hard to find. True healing is not temporary. True healing will help you again and again as you live your life and get hurt again and again. No healing comes all at once. It is a journey, a process.


Archangel Ambriel wants you to remember this. He wants you to keep this in mind so you will not get distracted by chasing after temporary healing.


Ambriel wants you to open yourself to his guidance and love. He will work with you to bring lasting and true healing in your life.


A Prayer from Ambriel to Claim Her Blessings,

Dearest Archangel Ambriel,


Please come to me today and hear my prayers. 


Please fill my life with your presence and healing.


Archangel Ambriel, I come to you today to receive your blessings of true healing.


Please lead me on this difficult journey. Please protect me and my energy.


Please help me let go of the things blocking me from receiving divine healing.