Archangel Ariel – Abundance Is Constantly Flowing Into Your Life

Archangel Ariel is the Archangel of Abundance.

Every day, you are receiving an unlimited supply of abundance in your life. You are receiving this abundance because you are a divine being who deserves to be seen and heard, honored and loved. You deserve to have all that you need to live a rich and fulfilling life.

When you open up to the idea that there is an endless supply of prosperity flowing into your life every moment, it can feel overwhelming at first. This is because our society has taught us to believe that we have to work hard in order to get what we want. But this is simply not true! You already have everything you need right now—you just have to trust in it!

With Archangel Ariel’s help, we will begin to recognize this truth about ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. We will learn how to receive all that we desire from life without having anything taken away from others—and we will learn how not only to accept but also create more abundance than ever before!


Archangel’s Ariel Advice for you

Archangel Ariel’s message for you today is that abundance is constantly flowing into your life.

Often, we get caught in the trap of thinking that we have to do something to make money or attract abundance, or that there is a certain quality about us—e.g., being positive or smart—that will bring it to us. But this isn’t true! You can actually just relax, and let the abundance flow into your life.

We often keep ourselves from receiving abundance by believing that we don’t deserve it, or that it’s not possible for us to achieve. But if you can just relax, allow yourself to receive, and trust that it will come in the form you need it most, then you’ll discover that there’s no limit to how much abundance can be flowing into your life right now!


What Archangel Ariel Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Ariel wants you to act upon abundance.

Every day, you can make choices that will allow more abundance into your life. You can choose to spend your time with people who are supportive and positive, rather than those who are negative and critical. You can choose to spend your time doing things that make you happy, rather than wasting time on things that don’t.

You can also choose to be a better person by giving back to others and helping them succeed in their own lives. When we help others prosper, it means our own prosperity is also increased!


A Prayer from Ariel to Claim His Blessings

Dear Archangel Ariel,

I acknowledge that I am a child of God and as such I have the right to live in abundance, joy and peace. 

I am grateful for all that you are doing to make this happen!

Please help me accept the blessings of abundance into my life. 

I ask that you guide me in my choices so that they are aligned with your will. 

Please send me opportunities and people who can assist me in manifesting these blessings. 

Thank you for all that you have done for me!