Archangel Ariel – The Caretaker of Life and The Physical World

Who is Archangel Ariel


Archangel Ariel is one of the many archangels from heaven whose task is to help all living beings on Earth achieve abundance in all their necessities in life. Archangels stand at a higher rank than most angels to exist, and most believe in their incomparable strength that only God can come above them in heaven. 


The sheer number of archangels known around the world is at most thirty-six. Many of them are well-known, and most can name at least seven of them in existence. Archangel Ariel is one of the more well-known angels to be recognized by patrons and is one of the most compassionate and caring ones within the archangel order.


Considered by many as the saint who protects both wildlife and the environment, Archangel Ariel is known by many cultures around the world under different names like Arael and Arieael. When translated, her name means “lion or lioness of God.” 


Her job is to safeguard the earth and all of its natural resources, ecosystems, and living forms, which is synonymous with her name and her meaning. Archangel Ariel is always willing to assist anyone who seeks her guidance for tasks that entail restoring, renewing, and/or conserving our environment because she is always the one to watch out for living beings, most specifically those that conjure life-like imagery here on Earth like animals, humans, and vegetations around us.


Ariel’s domain and main line of action are helping and preserving the beauty of life and nature and connecting the spirits of the universe in one unified life, including ours. And in many scriptures detailing the angel’s many feats and works throughout her existence.


Archangel Ariel assumes two positions with equal vigor in the Coptic, apocryphal, and spiritual literature of Judeo-Christianity: that of a nurturer who watches over nature.

and the existence of a strict enforcer who guards the underworld while condemning sinners or those who fall into the dark. 


There is a mention of a holy city named Ariel in the Bible chapter that discusses Isaiah. The reference to Jerusalem, where King David lived, is thought to be symbolic of that city, according to theologians.


Archangel Ariel is also known by many as the Angel of Manifestation and her strength appraises abundance toward all the gifts that the universe could offer Her main goal is to ensure that people who are less fortunate and in need—especially those who lack the resources to care for themselves—are safeguarded and provided for. When you require fundamental and Earthly requirements, Archangel Ariel is always a call away to help.


The halo of Archangel Ariel is a light pink color. You can literally see sparkles or bursts of light in front of you if you reach out to Ariel and remain open to receiving her energy.


Despite being genderless, she frequently gets mistaken for a woman. She may have a feminine energy, yet she is still a potent guardian of our souls. She bestows upon us virtue and the will to pursue our goals on a spiritual level.


How Can Archangel Ariel Help Us Awaken and Strengthen Our Manifestation Energy

Your angels are the agents of God. They took sacred oaths to help humanity prosper and grow. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Ariel governs the domain of Abundance in the elemental realm of Earth. Together with Archangels Sachiel and Gamaliel, Ariel will help you have a successful manifestation journey.


Of all archangels available to help you in manifesting abundance in life, Archangel Ariel is the most willing and capable of all to awaken your manifestation energy. 


With her help, she will help you get in touch with the source of all that we ask and need in life: the environment itself.


Her blessings and assistance will certainly help guide your intuition to lead you to the path of greater things to come in the future.


Here are 5 ways that indicate her eagerness to assist us on a path of enlightenment and greater pastures.



  • She Will Make you Feel Seen and Heard


Archangel Ariel is one of the strongest empaths known among the angelic order. 


The greatest thing that makes her work seem amazing and worth it all is her willingness to act upon her miracles anytime so long as you ask for it.


As her strength lies upon her ability to show compassion to us, her ‘children’, Ariel does everything in her power to keep you from being isolated and alone in this vast universe.


She encourages you to always believe in your capability to find happiness anywhere around you, whether it be from others like your friends and families, or through your spiritual guides like her and the other angels surrounding you.


She wants to make it clear to others that the happiness we experience from the outside is fleeting. However, if you grow it from the inside, it will never be lost and won’t be impacted by outside factors.


She wants you to realize that your manifestation energy does not just involve you alone, but everyone around you as well. The people and things you care about allow you to get what you desire in life and help you attain the things that you are manifesting in the near future.


  • She Shows You the Best Path Forward And Guides You There


Archangel Ariel loves to see you use your talents and your passions to good use and wants you to open yourself up to different new heights by bringing you opportunities that will help you toward the fulfillment of your goals and dreams in life.


Ariel’s energy assures you that every step of your life is headed toward your success, and she will help you keep your goals in mind at all times and set yourself straight toward getting there. Always bear in mind to call out to her and she will be there to help you work things out in order to get to where you need to be in life.


  • She Helps Revitalize Your Soul and Body


Archangel Ariel is often known by patrons of archangels as the ‘Angel of Healers’ because of her vigorous work in keeping us strong and healthy in the mortal realm. Her love and care for her children in this world are unrivaled and she will do her utmost best to help us be as lively as can be with our consent in mind.


Not only will she revitalize your strength and get you back in tip-top shape with her work, but she will also work her wonders into reinvigorating your mind and soul to be at their fullest with her healing touch and capabilities.


  • She Refreshes Our Minds from the Pains of the Past


In order to manifest your goals into reality, you always need to retain a sound and healthy mind to get through all the challenges that may come between you and your aspirations in life. And sometimes, the biggest hurdles that you will be traversing in life may come from your personal struggles.


Archangel Ariel’s loving and caring hands ease you from all the traumas and negativities life may offer you along the way. It will keep you from being led astray by thoughts of negativity and pain. And most importantly, Ariel will be able to guide you along with these issues that you have and keep you from being overwhelmed by these in your pursuit toward success and achievement of your goals.


  • She Will Make You Realize Your Calling in this Universe


Archangel Ariel has the ability to pave the path toward our true purpose on Earth and is always ready to show to you the right path for you if you ever do so permit.


She will help you realize that manifesting success does not necessarily mean directing yourself on a straight path toward your aspirations in life. Being successful means being prepared to take on unexpected changes in your life. The key is always to be open to every possibility in this world. 



How to recognize Ariel’s presence


The best way to tap into Ariel’s energy and to entice her to come your way is by enveloping yourself with high levels of gratitude toward life and all its glory. 


In tapping into her vibrations, you may suddenly see yourself being more active and helpful toward those around you. Loving and appreciating your close friends and loved ones is the feeling that flows out of you as you bathe under her blessings.


But the most special thing that you may feel when you are experiencing her glory and love is the healing and the alleviation of your past traumas and doubts. These healing gifts that she bestows upon us are often represented by her magnifying pale pink light.


Pale-pink light conveys feelings of love and tranquility, both of which are present.

are linked to nature, as is Ambassador Angel. This color is one of the

Angel treatment colors are related to metaphysical hues. According to this hypothesis, the seven different light beams, namely blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple, as well as their many shades and hues, represent the unique colors of angels.


The pale-pink-tinted light is in charge of Ariel, the Archangel of nature and all natural resources. She manifests herself through the light and heals anyone who seeks her magical touch.


Ariel is also often related and has strong connections to the zodiac sign Aries, as both of them symbolize strong, overwhelming energy that often is imbued with a strong, encouraging presence capable of helping you see the right path forward at all times.


There are a couple of other ways Ariel can show her presence to you. But whatever form or shape she may end up in, it is always a warm, inviting, and nurturing feeling that pulls and draws you on her way and it makes it easily discernable that her presence is around to guide you then.


How To Connect with The Presence Of Archangel Ariel


Being able to connect with nature and all things that are alive and present is key to connecting with Archangel Ariel spiritually. The best way to do that is to concentrate on the beauty of this world and appreciate life in its whole essence.


Imagine Archangel Ariel in her usual clear white clothes and wings as it approaches you love and with longing and compassion


Filling every corner of the room or the surroundings that you are in is the harmony and voices of angels that are imbued with her radiant pale-pink energy.


As you now are next to her warmth and love, use this prayer to amplify her energy through you and imbue you with the strength of manifestation and abundance of future life.



A Prayer Archangel Ariel



Beloved Archangel Ariel, thank you for providing me with love and support, and for accompanying me all the time.


Thank you for showering your blessings on me and for pulling me into your warmth and light.


Help me in my quest to find abundance and success throughout my journey in life


Share your light with me so I can help warm others of my presence and always be there to help and serve their needs.


Guide me in finding what aligns my future success and goals with my actions and happiness.


Fill me with your unwavering guidance and knowledge for me to make informed decisions to achieve success in life.


Thank you for being at my beck and call. Amen