Many people find too much of things overwhelming, even the good things in life. For some, having a limited number of things is more than a luxury for them. But knowing what we have in this world, we have to be appreciative of the abundance that the world offers us.


And out of all the angels that call out for your attention on the world that you are living in, Archangel Ariel is the most outspoken of all. Ariel speaks to you with grace and concern to open your intuition to the beauty of this world. In doing so, she hopes to see you make your mark on this world by helping the world grow and showing new possibilities with your positive actions.


This card serves as your confirmation that your angels and spiritual guardians are there to help open up your mind and intuition to fill your heart with contentment over the many wonders that life offers your way. Ariel will be by your side at all times, enveloping you with her love that she provides equally to living and non-living works of God.


The universe yearns for you to maintain a strong, lasting connection between you and your surroundings. As you continue to walk along with many living things and benefit from the abundance of fresh and breathable air, vast and rich seas, and potable and drinkable water from nature, you will come to realize the world’s need for protection from threats of disasters and pollution.


In this world, you have to work with the Divine to unlock the unlimited potential that the world can offer. Because of that, He entrusts you with the warm and passionate hands of Archangel Ariel. You will be protected from people who will take advantage of you if you allow your senses to awaken to the satisfaction of your heavenly guardians and their direction, but you will also ensure that your soul is directed toward the accomplishment of your highest purpose.


Archangel Ariel’s Advice for you

Ariel calls on your ability to help the universe heal and be ever so full of all that we need to live and survive. She not only prays for all the achievements you work hard for come into your life, but Archangel Ariel strives diligently to ensure your happiness while you strive for success. She has complete faith in your instinct to keep going after what your soul wants, no matter how difficult any obstacles may be.


In turn, Ariel strengthens your resolve to always be able to do positive actions and affect every single thing around you with your presence. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the Universe’s ever-expanding greatness. Fill yourself with positive vibrations to achieve great things in life.


And as you continue to expand your strength and slowly become better than you were a day before, it would be great to impart your gifts to nature. Ariel encourages you to tap into your environment and be one with the world. In doing so, you recuperate all the energies that you have used up in working towards your goals, which you can now use to actively help everything around you improve and grow.


And above all, Ariel implores you to accept earth and all of its elements rather than to fear or reject them. he assures you that she will guard you as she guards everyone who is alive in the realm of nature. She encourages you to see the one essential fact—that with the limitless divine universal source, we are all ONE. Most importantly, she wants

you to live in harmony and peace with nature and all living things, in accordance with

God’s plan.


What Archangel Ariel Wants You To Act Upon

Start your soul’s journey while Archangel Ariel keeps watching over you.


You can benefit from Archangel Ariel’s assistance by receiving his compassion and understanding, which will increase your awareness of your spiritual self.


Once you establish a connection with Archangel Ariel, he will see to it that you get all of God’s imperative messages so you can unleash the messages of your soul and open your energies.


The fact that you are seeing this letter today is not a coincidence. This exemplifies how your angels are guiding you to embrace this gift of blessing and start living the guided and protected life you’ve always wanted.


Remember that your angels are always keeping an eye on you. They ensure that you will experience divine favors and wonders that will benefit your soul. God has this in store for you. Count on your guardians to work tirelessly to get this to you.


A Prayer from Archangel Ariel to Claim his Blessings,


Dearest Archangel Ariel,

I want to convey my sincerest thankfulness for accepting your love and light.

I value your continuing love and concern for me.

I appreciate everything you’re doing to deliver God’s will into existence.

I’m writing to request your assistance and encouragement so that I can start living the life God has prepared for me.

I give myself up to your compassion and zeal. May it give me the strength to connect deeper to everything around me.

May I be able to place myself in a position of great importance to everyone around me

And may all of my perseverance come to fruition for me to 

Thank you so much. Amen.