Archangel Barachiel – Angel of Blessings

The name Barachiel or Barakiel means “God’s Blessings” and so Archangel was popularly known as the Angel of Blessings and the chief of all the guardian angels. 


Although there are many variances in his names such as Barchiel, Baraqiel, Barkiel, Barbiel, Barakel, Baraqel, Pachriel, and Varachiel, he is often referred to as Barachiel.


In the Book of Enoch 3 of the ancient Jewish text, Barachiel is described as one of the honored angel princes serving in heaven. It is said that Angel Barachiel led 496, 000 other angels. They closely work with him.


Angel Barachiel belongs in the seraphim rank of angels. The seraphim guard God’s throne and are revered as the leader of the guardian angels who watch over humanity.


In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Archangel Barachiel is an official saint. Some members of The Roman Catholic Church also acknowledged him as a saint. 


For the Catholics, Saint Barachiel is the patron saint of marriage and family life. He is often depicted as a beautiful man carrying a Bible and a Papal encyclical to show the faithful how to conduct their marital and family life. Aside from this, Barachiel is also believed to have an influence over lightning and storms, and he also oversees the welfare of the converts.


Barachiel is seen in astrology as the ruler of the planet Jupiter. He is also associated with the astrological signs Pisces and Scorpio because of how he inspires humor in people.


In the Almadel of Solomon, Barachiel is one of the angels mentioned as one of the chief angels of the first and fourth heaven. This book dates as far as the Middle Ages and it details how to contact angels using wax tablets.


In art, Archangel Barachiel is often depicted holding a white rose to his chest. White roses symbolize blessings. Some pictures show Barachiel scattering rose petals to show how God showers people with great and beautiful blessings. There are also images of Angel Barachiel holding a basket overflowing with bread or a staff. This represents the gift of children to parents blessed by God.


Like all the other angels, Barachiel can manifest as either male or female depending on the given situation. But he is often depicted as female in paintings that show his nurturing nature of spreading God’s blessings.


How Can Archangel Barachiel Help Us

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Barachiel is a patron in the elemental realm of Water. He especially governs the domain of Beauty together with Archangel Jophiel  and Archangel Zuriel. These angels make sure that you see every beautiful aspect of your life and your being.


Angel Barachiel helps people ask God for blessings in different areas of their lives. He can help you deliver your prayers to God. You can ask for guidance in your relationships with your family, friends, or colleagues.


As the chief of all guardian angels, Angel Barachiel will also help you ask your personal guardian angels for blessings and guidance.


Archangel Barachiel helps you live an abundant life. You deserve an abundant life and Barachiel will work with you to achieve it. He will help you get the proper mindset so you can manifest whatever you desire. 


When you are connected with him, he will help you successfully manifest and attract blessings, wealth, and prosperity in your life.


His connection with the planet Jupiter makes him a great angel to call for help when it comes to financial matters. You can align your vibration with his abundance energy and attract financial breakthroughs.


Archangel Barachiel will bless your life with joy and beauty. As an angel in the domain of Beauty, Barachiel will make sure that you live a wonderful life in this lifetime. 


He knows that this life is filled with challenges and oftentimes, your energy is dampened by external factors and you lose hope. But as a joyous angel, Archangel Barachiel will be there to fill your life with hope and joy.


Although the world can be bleak at times, you can ask Barachiel to help you let go of the feeling of hopelessness. You can ask him to fortify your perspective of a beautiful and blessed life.


Archangel Barachiel wants you to spread joy and beauty as he blesses your life with it and create a ripple effect that will change the world.


Signs that Archangel Barachiel is Nearby

Archangel Barachiel often send signs to you when he is nearby so you’ll know that he is with you as you go through your daily task.


Here are some of the signs he will send to you:


  • Rose 


Archangel Barachiel is fond of using rose petals as it symbolizes God’s blessings showering down from heaven.


In various religions, roses represent God’s love to His people, and among any flowers, roses have the highest level of energy vibration. Barachiel often sends rose petals to people he wants to communicate with as this is the best way to get their attention and let them know that he is beside them.


There are also instances when Archangel Barachiel will fill the surroundings with the fragrance of roses as a sign of his loving presence. Most times, he makes sure people smell the scent of roses whenever they ask for courage and support. He wants to let them know that the choices that come from their heart will produce beautiful results.


  • He inspires people to laugh


The presence of Angel Barachiel is filled with joy and beauty and he often inspire people to laugh and rejoice for the gift of life from the Divine.


People who have connected with Barachiel said he is a humorous angel and humor is a blessing from God to help reduce the everyday stress we constantly face.


Humor makes you see life from a different perspective, one that is beautiful and positive. It gives you the reprieve and the strength to face the challenges that come your way. 


When Archangel Barachiel blesses you with his joyous presence and makes you want to laugh, know that it is his way of reminding you that you can do anything when you are guided and protected by God and his angels.


  • A sudden shift to positivity


Another way to know that Angel Barachiel is watching over you is when your attitude suddenly shifts from negative to positive. 


Archangel Barachiel is opening your heart so you can fill it with positive energy and abundance. He wants to remind you that the worst situation may still turn out to be the best for your life.


This is the time when Barachiel wants you to cultivate a wider perspective in life. He wants you to see beauty in every creation and in every situation. 


Archangel Barachiel’s prayer 


Blessed Archangel Barachiel,

I want to thank you for your guidance and love.

Thank you for your intercession with my guardian angels.

Thank you for listening to me and delivering my prayers to the Divine.

I pray to you today to ask for your presence and light.

Please grant me the beauty of your energy.

Show me the beauty of the world when I start to doubt my role in the universe.

Please help me see things in a positive light.

Please guide me as I make my choices.

Please watch over me as I share the beauty of your love with the world.

Thank you so much. Amen.