Archangel Gabriel – The Chief Messenger and Conveyor of Divine Will

Archangel Gabriel is known as the proclaimer of visions and messenger of God. He is one of the angels of higher rank. 


His name comes from Hebrew which means “God is my strength” or “God is my hero”


His role includes making God’s message understandable to people and assisting them to receive and understand it with a pure heart. 


He is often portrayed with a spear in his right hand and holding a mirror of jasper with an X in his left hand. The letter X is the first letter of the word Christ in Greek while the mirror implies the hidden mystery of the wisdom of God.


In the sacred scriptures, Archangel Gabriel is written as God’s messenger who appeared to people in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament in different occurrences. 


His name may sometimes be mentioned in some instances while sometimes, he is also thought of as someone who was the unnamed angel who appeared and revealed to Moses, to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus, to Jesus himself at the Garden of Gethsemane to strengthen him and some other instances.


It was even said that he was the one who taught Moses in the wilderness to write the Book of Genesis. And the one who appeared and revealed to Prophet Daniel the coming of the savior.


He was also believed to be the one who appeared to St. Joaquim and Anne revealing the conception of the Virgin Mary.


He also appeared to Zechariah to announce the birth of St. John the Baptist.


These are testaments that he has played a key role in many significant events of God’s plans, and he was revered by many Christians.


In the catholic faith, a feast is celebrated in honor of the Archangel Gabriel together with Archangels Michael and Raphael every September 29 which is called the Archangel’s Day.


Common misunderstandings about angels

Angels are sometimes misunderstood.


But the Bible makes it clear that they are heavenly messengers who are supernatural beings and not human beings who became angels in the next life by being good in this lifetime. 


Also, many of us are fond of the chubby little angel babies as we know them as cherubs in the present day. 


However, real angels are far from these images, and we will definitely be in awe when we are in their presence. And that people in the Bible even fall to the ground in great fear and awe.


What does Archangel Gabriel look like?


Have you ever wondered what archangels look like and yes, particularly Archangel Gabriel?


In Chapter 8 of Daniel’s book, it is said that the angel Gabriel looks “like a man”. 


While in Christian art, he is sometimes portrayed with male characteristics and features, at other times more like a female. There are also times when he is depicted as a hybrid. After all, there are no genders when it comes to angels and archangels as they appear in whatever form that will serve us best.


But overall, his role as a messenger angel is the most distinctive of his many representations. 


This role is characterized by the white lily with which he was illustrated when the birth of Jesus was announced to Mary, the mother of Jesus. 


While the color white is a symbol of spirituality and purity.


What did the angel Gabriel do?


All believers are familiar with the story of Christmas, the most popular event where Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced the conception of Jesus. 


He also spoke about the good news to the shepherds of Bethlehem on the holy night of Jesus’ birth.


This explains why this archangel of glory and announcement is the most popular among families of believers as he is attached to the nativity. The main reason for the celebration of Christmas.


There was also another event in the Bible that Archangel Gabriel brought good news to Zechariah in the Temple of Jerusalem as he announced the birth of a son who will be John the Baptist.


Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth had been childless until the angel came.


Another event where Gabriel appeared was when he came to visit and woke Joseph from his sleep. He asked him to escape from Egypt with the child Jesus and his wife Mary, which brought the Holy Family home in Nazareth.



What are Archangel Gabriel’s Roles in Your Life?

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Gabriel is a patron in the elemental realm of Fire. He especially governs the domain of Expression together with Archangel Selaphiel and Archangel Sandalphon.


Archangel Gabriel is also considered a saint and thus he is a patron saint. 


With the role he played in the annunciation of Jesus’ birth to Mary, he became the Holy Patron Saint of all those working in the field of communication and telecommunications. 


He can be relied upon for support and protection and many professionals ask for his assistance including postal employees, delivery men, garbage collectors, radio presenters, journalists, writers, diplomats, etc.


As a patron saint, he reminds us that we are being watched over because angels are always with us.


This helps us remember that God’s messengers guide us in our journey to eternal life with our creator.


And learning more about Archangel Gabriel helps us become aware of his presence in our life.


This helps us ask Archangel Gabriel to help us say “yes” to our creator and trust that we will be guided all through our life.


That’s why archangels are honored and loved by many.


Whatever way we recognize and remember our angels, they will always be there for us whenever we need them.


They are also there to remind us that our Creator is always with us and that He loves so much that He sends us our angels, our special helpers to light and guide us through our path.


Archangel Gabriel Will Motivate You to Be a Better Version of Yourself


Archangel Gabriel encourages you to work in your chosen careers. At times of self-doubt and question, he will help you find your passion while showing you ways to overcome any hurdles that might be stopping you from realizing your dreams.


Gabriel will provide you with strength every time you feel vulnerable and weak. He will help get away from any negativity that might surround you. 


Sometimes, how you say things is as important, if not more, than what you say. The clarity of thought doesn’t always translate to good communication. Projecting one’s voice to attract energies that command respect and an ear is equally important. This becomes absolutely imperative if you are working in a corporate where thousands are waiting to rile and triumph over you at the slightest opportunity. This might not necessarily be because they have something against you or want to harm you. 


Unfortunately, we live in a very competitive world where success is the only measure that commands respect and recognition. Sometimes, given the mere numbers and competition around, people are driven by their own insecurities and end up doing whatever it takes to get to the top.


Archangel Gabriel can provide support to those who’ve lost their way and are struggling to overcome their self-doubt.


Archangel Gabriel Will Guide You to Become a Better Communicator


Angel Gabriel is known for his mastery over communication. It is no wonder that he is entrusted with the responsibility of communicating important annunciations by Jesus himself. You can ask Gabriel for help as you communicate with others especially if you are having difficulties and need to make the communication count.


Communication is essential in our life. And it requires more than knowing the right words to say. With Archangel Gabriel’s guidance, you can express yourself more clearly and without the danger of people misunderstanding you. 


Archangel Gabriel Will Help you Understand God’s Divine Will


Deep inside you, you know that you are here in this particular lifetime for a reason. Like everyone else, you seek for this purpose, this reason for being.


You want your days and choices to lead you to where you can fulfill and move toward the success of that purpose.


But there are times when you feel like you are drifting and floating as you get swept by the current of the world. There are times when you wanted to be reassured that you are traveling the right path, traversing the right journey.


When you are connected with Archangel Gabriel, you will have the opportunity to receive and understand the will of God. You will be guided in your journey so you will always be assured that everything you face along the way were necessary for your growth and ascension.


How to Recognize Archangel Gabriel

In addition to the many names that Archangel Gabriel goes by, he is also known as the Angel of Revelation. After all, it was Gabriel who God chose to deliver important messages to people on earth. If you’ve been calling upon this glorious angel, then rest assured, you’ll be shown several signs to let you know that he’s there with you, guiding and working alongside you. 


On the other hand, if you haven’t sought his guidance yet, but have been receiving the below signs, then you can be sure that God has a significant message for you. Here are some signs that are indicative of the beloved angel’s presence:


  • You experience sudden insights flowing through your mind 


As the angel of water and communication, Gabriel excels in sending clear messages. He, therefore, uses his mastery over words to send you clear insights about how to pursue your purpose. Additionally, you can also ask Gabriel to clarify or solve any problems you might have, and rest assured, you’ll have the solution in no time.


  • You have vivid dreams that talk about a specific message


Several people (including me) have shared experiences where they believe Gabriel visited them in their dreams. The manner and explanation of these dreams appear to have a consistent pattern, although they are all derived from different individuals, each unknown to the other, and located in different geographical locations. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that Archangel Gabriel often visits people in their dreams, giving them advice in the

form of visions.


  • Feathers


Discovering feathers on your path is one of the most frequently recognized signs of Archangel Gabriel. In specific, feathers that have a copper or white hue to it are a beautiful reminder that your beloved angel is around.


  • Clouds


Spotting the image of an angel-like figure looking down at you from the sky is another clear indication that he is around. You might also see visions of lilies, trumpets, or hearts. They are all indicative of him watching over you.


  • You are attracted to white or copper-colored light and metal 


If you’ve developed a sudden attraction to white or copper-colored light and metal or have been seeing them around a lot lately, then there is a high chance that Archangel Gabriel has heard your calling and is working with you.


  • You are attracted to white lilies


Similar to being attracted to specific colors and metals, a sudden attraction to lilies is a clear indication of him working with you.


Invoking Archangel Gabriel to Receive Your Divine Message


When you invoke Archangel Gabriel’s presence, he often comes with a message that will guide you in the most critical moments of your life.


Here is an invocation that will help you to find your message:


“Dearest Archangel Gabriel, I invoke you this moment and ask for clarity and understanding. Please impart to me the divine messages that will guide me in life. I know that divine ways are higher than my ways, so I surrender to the divine, knowing that you know infinitely better than I can ever figure out on my own. Speak to me and reveal to me what these divine ways are, and guide me on my path as you did yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you Archangel Gabriel for your guidance and messages.”


You don’t have to be alone in your journey, let the angels be with you every step of the way.