Archangel Gamaliel – The Divine Angel of Blessings

Who is Archangel Gamaliel


The name Gamaliel means “Recompense of God”. He is known as the most gracious gift-giver and the divine angel of blessings.


He is also known as a powerful angel who showers people with unexpected gifts. When you connect with him, he will fill your life with abundance, miracles, and joy.


In the Holy Kabbalah and gnostic texts, Archangel Gamaliel is described as a great luminary or eon. He is known as a generous angel. In these texts, it is written how Gamaliel belongs in a so-called trinity or eons together with Abraxas and Sablo or Samlo.


As one of the great eons, Gamaliel is known to have a strong connection with Archangel Raziel.


In the Revelations of Adam to His Son, a Coptic apocalyptic text, he is described as one of the holiest and high angels. Here, they talk about Gamaliel’s mission of guiding souls the of the elect to ascend into the heavens.


Archangel Gamaliel is also known as a provider of gifts and miracles. He will help people create heaven on earth with blessings of abundance and wealth. 


He is also a guardian of secrets and hidden knowledge. He is said to appear as an angel of wrath in Judgment. 


The angelic presence of Gamaliel corresponds to the karmic law of cause and effect. 


With his connection with Archangel Raziel, he aids in the pursuit of wisdom treasures, and in mysteries. He opens people’s minds to new teachings and awareness to bring more blessings into their life.


Gamaliel is described to appear in the likeness of humans with a flaming fire inside. His aura is said to be all-consuming like wildfire. But when he interacts with the righteous souls in the name of God, he is seen as a glorious and extremely beautiful being. His body is adorned with jewels. He emits a subtle and translucent light but intensely bright. He is said to have wings of the countless hosts.


How Can Archangel Gamaliel Help Us 

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Gamaliel is a patron in the elemental realm of Earth. He especially governs the domain of Abundance together with Archangel Ariel  and Archangel Sachiel.


Here is how Archangel Gamaliel can help you receive blessings and protection:


He brings blessings from God. As his name suggests, he brings God’s rewards and recompense to humanity. 


With his devotion to karmic laws, Gamaliel is known to give people their merit.


Archangel Gamaliel will also help you make your life better. As the most generous angel, he gives divine gifts to people who connect with him. He will surely bring you abundance both material and spiritual.


He will fill your life with joy and happiness. He will guide you as you make sure that your energy is filled with positivity so you can receive positive blessings and miracles from the Divine.


As the angel of Divine Grace, he is a keeper of divine knowledge about the forgiveness of sins.


When you connect with Archangel Gamaliel, you can expect to receive unexpected miracles and gifts. He will shower you with blessings to help you create more wealth, joy, and abundance in your life.


A Prayer Archangel Gamaliel



Beloved Archangel Gamaliel, most gracious angel of God, thank you for watching over me all this time.


I pray to you today to ask for your presence and light.


Please guide me in fulfilling the desires of my heart.


Please fill my life with miracles and blessings from the Divine.


Let me receive God’s messages to guide me in manifesting the abundance I need.


Thank you for your light and love. Amen