Angel Message Of The Day: Archangel Haniel- Follow The Whispers Of Your Soul

Angels are often elusive when it comes to showing themselves to you. It is often easier to feel their presence than it is to actually see them with your naked eyes. But in necessary moments, angels will do more than just make their presence felt. Archangel Haniel is there to connect you to your own soul and make sure that you listen to it. By doing so, you will come to find the beauty of happiness that you may not have realized is within you this whole time.


This card will be your confirmation that your angels and guides are there to help open up your intuition and that will help you give yourself that zeal and positive vibrations in life. With Haniel’s assistance, you will be able to align your energy with the Universe and come to find that life is not at all painful to live in, and your happiness starts from within you.


The universe understands that it is at times hard to tune out negativity around you, especially the most persistent sounds of pessimism out there. It’s tough to fathom going through a day without experiencing something that makes you feel bad about yourself. Too many people talk too much. You wonder who is telling the truth and who’s out there to watch you fail.


The Divine is always with you. The Universe is informing you right now through Archangel Haniel. Enabling your senses to awaken to the comfort of your heavenly guardians and their guidance will not only protect you from people who will take advantage of you but will also make sure that your soul is guided toward the fulfillment of your highest purpose. 


Archangel Haniel’s Advice for you

As the angel whose domain is to bring joy to those around him, Haniel calls on your ability to open yourself up to experience the aspirations of your soul. Not only does he pray for your success in life, but Archangel Haniel works tirelessly to help you be happy while doing everything in your power to succeed. As tough as any challenges may be, he fully trusts in your intuition to keep following what your soul wants.


In turn, Haniel continues to fortify your hopes by making your path toward success even more achievable with each passing day. All he asks of you is to open yourself to the guidance of the Divine. Open yourself to the inner voice inside you and hear how it wants to rekindle the fire of passion and dreams you suppressed for so long.


Your soul holds the deepest desires of your entire being. It speaks of the lessons you once learned in past lifetimes. Deep down it holds the very blueprint of your life purpose. And it is waiting for you to open your awareness, listen to your soul, and start aligning yourself to this soul mission.


Haniel wants you to open yourself to his guidance and the help of other angels. Let him help you open your intuition — the language of your soul and the angels. When you have stronger intuition, you will easily receive guidance from the Divine.


What Archangel Haniel Wants You To Act Upon

Begin your soul journey under the watchful presence of Archangel Haniel. 


Archangel Haniel can aid you by bestowing his care and understanding on you, which will help you become more aware of your intuitive self.


Once you connect with Archangel Haniel, he will make certain that you receive all of God’s critical messages so you can open your energy and unleash the messages of your soul.


It is not by chance that you are receiving this message today. This demonstrates how your angels are leading you to accept this gift of blessing and begin leading the life you’ve always wanted – guided and protected.


Keep in mind that your angels will always be there to watch over you. They make sure that you will receive blessings and miracles from the Divine to prosper your soul. This is what God has planned for you. Have faith that your guardians will work relentlessly to bring you this.


A Prayer from Archangel Haniel to Claim his Blessings,


Dearest Archangel Haniel,

I’d want to express my gratitude for your unending love and light.

I value your continuing love and concern for me.

I appreciate everything you’re doing to deliver God’s will into existence.

I’m writing to request your assistance and encouragement so that I can start living the life God has prepared for me.

I give myself up to your compassion and zeal. May it give me the courage to listen to my intuition and prepare me for a life of joy and happiness

Thank you so much. Amen.