Archangel Haniel – The Joy Of God


Who is Archangel Haniel


Archangel Haniel is one of several archangels who help to build bridges between humans and divine light beings. As leaders of the angelic entities, they are the most powerful of all the angels. The exact number of archangels is sometimes disputed, but many list seven as the main number. Archangel Haniel’s personal number is seven and is one of the most joyous and love-infused archangels.


Haniel’s name means “Joy of God” or “Grace of God” and she has the ability to help you connect to your inner sense of joy, purpose, grace, and love across several levels.


Other names and spellings associated with Haniel are – Hanael, Haneal, Hamael, Aniel, Anafiel, Anaphiel, Omoel, Onoel, and Simiel.


In the Kabbalah (The Tree of Life) Haniel corresponds with Netzach, the Seventh – which relates to patience, forbearance, and the ability to identify and follow through with our passions. Victory is also represented. Netzach speaks to the development of intuition, imagination, and our emotions and Haniel can help you to connect more deeply with these and learn how to master these powerful tools to gain greater clarity and purpose in your life.


Spiritual endurance and tenacity are represented by Haniel as well as the ability to be victorious within your spiritual development.


In the Bible, archangels aren’t mentioned very often. They have become more widely known as our ability to expand our awareness of the concept of God and the nature of Source over the last few decades.


Haniel is mentioned in the Book of Enoch as having been the angel that transported Enoch to heaven. In his function as a bridge between humans and the divine, Haniel was seen as a mediator and a being who facilitates access to higher planes of existence.


Archangel Haniel is also known as the Angel of Intuition. As the angel of intuition, she acts as a direct channel between lower human frequencies to higher frequencies of the celestial realm.


Her energy vibration can help awaken your intuition and assist you to attain clairvoyance. She is associated with psychic gifts and magic.


She often appears wearing a turquoise robe with large imposing silver wings.


While she is genderless, she is often perceived as a female. Although she appears in feminine energy, she is nevertheless a strong protector of our souls. She gives us virtue and the spiritual determination to find our purpose and fulfill it.


How Can Archangel Haniel Help Us Awaken and Strengthen Our Intuition


Our dear Archangel Haniel is willing to assist us to develop our intuition and turn it into a powerful tool we can use in our daily lives.


She wants us to achieve our highest potential and so she leads us to our core to unleash our inner knowing.


Her blessings and guidance will speak to our souls and allow us to know with certainty that we are making the right choices in our life.


Here are 5 ways she can come to our aid.


  • She Brings You A Fresh Sense of Joy Within


Archangel Haniel used the feelings of joy to lead you to your true path.


Whenever she sends you a message, you will know it’s your intuition telling you because you will feel happy and certain that you’re making the right choice.


Doubt has no place in your heart because joy and peace are your assurance of the right choice.


This is because Archangel Haniel is known to communicate with people in a way that gives them a new sense of joy within their souls. She can easily change your mood from hopelessness into great joy. It’s her signature way of communication.


She balances your energy and brings harmony within, whenever you are in her presence.


She wants you to experience genuine joy and reminds you to always find fulfillment and happiness within you rather than from outside yourself.


She wants to emphasize to humans that any joy coming externally is just temporary. But if you cultivate it from within, it will never be lost, and external factors won’t affect your joy within.


She wants you to understand that if something feels right, then your intuition is telling you that you’re on the right path and you’re doing the right thing.


  • She Leads You To Discover Something You Especially Enjoy Doing


Archangel Haniel wants you to experience joy from doing something you love. And so, she sharpens your intuition and leads you to things and situations that bring out your hidden talents so it will help you find your passions and discover your soul’s true path.


  • She Clears Your Intuition Line


Archangel Haniel’s presence is calming and peaceful. Her serene energy clears your emotional and mental state from negative energies which block your line of intuition.


When she clears your energy, you become more open to the messages of your inner knowing that lead you to your passion and purpose.


She wants you to never hold back from showing the world who you truly are. She lets you know that when your intuition line is open you are always protected as your soul will be prompted of any danger or prompt you to make better choices to avoid regrets.


  • She Leads You To Find Joy in Relationships


Intuition can also help us find the love of our dreams as it leads us to people, events, and things that will allow us to meet the one or to find a new sense of happiness in our current relationships.


Archangel Haniel can help in this area by breathing a fresh sense of joy into your relationships. May it be with God, or with people.


She infuses us with the desire to praise and glorify God and reignite our relationship with the divine.


She also lets us experience romantic and other kinds of love in balance and sanity. She encourages us to combine personal love and unconditional love with the appropriate amount of responsibility to ourselves by sharpening our intuition to calibrate this.


  • She Removes Creative Blocks


Archangel Haniel can help remove our fears of failure and help us shift our focus on finding joy in the creative process whatever the outcome.


She guides us through intuition to ignite the sparks of inspiration so creativity will flow. When your intuition is sharp, your creative energy will also heighten as your creativity will be guided and driven by your intuition.


How to recognize when Haniel is near


One of the clearest ways to recognize that Haniel is near is to see how your mood and energy change after requesting her help. A feeling of lightness and a release of heavier and lower vibration energy, as well as a feeling of renewed hope and joy, are

common experiences.


You might find yourself suddenly laughing more or remembering a sense of playfulness. You might find yourself spontaneously hugging loved ones and recalling how much joy the connection you have with them truly brings you.


In other cases, especially where you need help with achieving certain goals (such as a new job) or assistance with developing your psychic abilities, Haniel may make herself known over time, as you discover new ways of interacting with the world around you.


If you already have well-developed clairvoyant abilities you may see Haniel as an incandescent being with large wings and a gentle smile. Or you may see flashes of green and white light.


Archangel Haniel usually appears in green or turquoise light. She works around the green and the white rays. Green is associated with healing and prosperity while white is for holiness.


On the other hand, the turquoise light implies clear perception. This means that she can clear all your intuitive blockages and help you connect to infinite intelligence so you can communicate with the divine through clear perception.


A feeling of lightness and joy should be your main indications that Haniel is nearby, however, other signs will help you to know.


Haniel has strong associations with the number 7 – which is a deeply spiritual number for many people. If you begin to see the number 7 around you and especially if these are in meaningful combinations then it can be a great indication that Haniel is showing you her presence.


Other signs will often occur when you start to tune into synchronicity. This is when events and circumstances align so that you know Haniel’s hand has been in them. For example, you might ask Haniel for help with something to do with changing your job and then find that coincidentally you sit next to someone on a train who shares your passion. Essentially, synchronicity is coincidences that have a spiritual meaning for you.


You may for example be meditating on Haniel at the exact same time when someone walks past you with a huge bunch of roses. Or you might ask Haniel for help and then a friend gives you a book out of the blue on the area you wanted help in.


How To Tune In To The Presence Of Archangel Haniel


You can connect with Archangel Haniel through your intuition. You can start by clearing your mind and heart from any negativity.


Access that part within you where peace is. Visualize Archangel Haniel in a turquoise robe and silver wings coming to you and blessing you with love, peace, and clear perception.


You can play angelic music in the background and offer a green or turquoise candle in her honor.


Once in her presence, allow her to speak to you and understand her message. And then you can say your intention.


To help you get started, you can use this Archangel Haniel prayer.


Archangel Haniel Prayer


Beloved Archangel Haniel, thank you for loving me and for being with me always.


Thank you for your presence and for wrapping me in your brilliant light and joy now.


Help me to release heavy emotions, and negative energies so I can tap into the power of my spiritual gifts and awaken my intuition.


Shine your light upon me so I can also shine my light on others and be of service to them.


Help me to find my soul’s alignment so I can find true joy and fulfillment.


Open me up to the messages of heaven and help me to access infinite intelligence so I will be fully guided.


Thank you for hearing my call. Amen