Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Beauty and Wisdom

Who is Archangel Jophiel? 

The name Jophiel is of Hebrew origin which means “God’s beauty”.


Like many other Angels and Archangels, Archangel Jophiel too is referred to and fondly called upon by different names. Depending on the demographic influence, the glorious angel is also known by the names: Iofiel, Iophiel, Zaphiel, and/ or Zophiel. 


There is a reference to Archangel Jophiel in the Zohar, the sacred text of the spiritual branch of Judaism called Kabbalah, in which she is referred to as the chief who directs 53 legions of angels in heaven. The book also details her to be one of the two archangels (the other is Zadkiel), who plays a significant role in assisting Archangel Michael to overcome evil in the spiritual realm.


Jewish texts believe it was Archangel Jophiel who was given the task to guard the tree of knowledge and cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden after they sinned. They also believe that the Archangel oversees the Torah’s readings on Sabbath days and continues to perform her duties of guarding the Tree of Life with a flaming sword.


Although there is no direct mention of Archangel Jophiel to be one of the chief group of Archangels in the Book of Enoch, she finds a special mention in the Pseudo-Dionysius’s De Coelestia Hierarchia, a book from the 5th century that influenced several other spiritual books about angels.


In addition to this, Jophiel appears in several other esoteric texts, including the “Veritable Clavicles of Solomon and the “Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perpetuum,” 17th-century works that detail the world of magic and mystic from the beginning of time.


Jophiel is also mentioned in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, ANother mystical work from the 18th century that is believed to be a part of the lost books of the Bible.


Other Religious Roles of Archangel Jophiel

As the patron angel of artists and intellects, Archangel Jophiel works at bringing

beautiful thoughts to people. She is also considered to be the patron angel for people seeking inner awakening and their divine purpose.


Archangel Jophiel is also often associated with the likes of Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system that works at harmonizing everything with the surroundings. Calling upon Jophiel can help you balance the right energies so as to create a beautiful home environment while clearing out any unnecessary clutter. 


Like all other Archangels, Archangel Jophiel is mostly genderless or androgynous. Yet, to many believers, the angel radiates specific gender-based energy.


While some people would like to see Archangel Jophiel as a light being of masculine energy, a large group of angel believers perceives the angel’s energy to be distinctively feminine. Now because a majority of people like to associate the divine angel with feminine energy, I too shall refer to the glorious angel with feminine pronouns.


The Beautiful Guidance Of Archangel Jophiel

Angels are the agents of the Divine. They took sacred oaths to help humanity prosper and grow. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Jophiel governs the domain of Beauty under the elemental realm of Water. Other angels are helping her spread beauty around the world and in the life of every individual who calls to her. She and the other angels will make sure that you see every beautiful aspect of your life and being.


Here are the things that Angel Jophiel can help you with: 


She Can Help You See Things As They Were Made In the Eyes of God


As the messenger of beauty, Jophiel is a wonderful ally to call upon when you’ve lost focus and cannot appreciate the beauty that is amidst you. You see, God made everything equal and equally beautiful. Yet, through years of greed, disparity, and dominance, most of mankind has drifted away and believes they are God’s most beautiful and important creations.


Needless to say, this isn’t true as we were all made equal in the eyes of God. Reaching out to Jophiel can help unveil the mask of false pride that we all wear. Jophiel can help you to shift your perspective from concentrating on what is erroneous and bad to see the splendor and magic that is all around you.


She can help you see everything around and within you, as it is- beautiful and equal, with no difference or disparity. She can help you feel connected with the universe such that you feel one amongst everything, including God.


Archangel Jophiel can help Heighten Your Sense of Perception and Intellect


If you can remove the cloud of false pride and ego around you, you’ll be able to see everything with clarity. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see the inner beauty that resides within and outside of you. Archangel Jophiel can help unveil this mask so as make you aware of the divine gifts, skills, and services you have to offer. With this new-found awareness, you’ll be able to awaken your consciousness to the next level. 


Jophiel can help you Commune with the Mind of God and Experience Self-Knowledge


A single mind, transformed by the mind of the Lord himself, can then become a catalyst for something incredibly profound and positive. In essence, it can change the course of mankind so as to direct the population of an entire planet toward spiritual ascension and enlightenment. Archangel Jophiel can show you the way toward enlightenment and self-knowledge. 


Signs that Archangel Jophiel is Nearby


Archangel Jophiel, like all other Archangels, wants you to know of her presence. She waits for you to call her and is eager to help you fulfill God’s will for you on Earth. If you notice the beauty around you and are deeply drawn to creative ideas, then you can be certain that Archangel Jophiel is close by. Additionally, Jophiel might also choose to communicate with you in several other ways, some obvious, some more subtle, as she loves to engage the mind of all those who seek her divine presence. 


Here are the signs that she is with you:


  • You Receive a Sudden Rush of Fresh Creative Ideas


There is a good reason she is called the angel of illumination and creativity for Archangel Jophiel loves to delight her believers with fresh creative ideas. In fact, if she wishes to communicate with you creatively, then you might notice ideas pouring out of your mind. You might also be able to see things from a new viewpoint, something that perhaps missed your attention over the years.


Jophiel works her divinity by showing you how to seek answers from within. She lights the ray of wisdom and realization deep inside your consciousness so as to help you truly experience the light from within.


Not only will you be manifesting divine new ideas, but you’ll also feel as if the entire universe is working to bring your ideas to life. Well, what do you know, they actually are! Archangel Jophiel works with an efficient team of angels and celestial beings who then create the energies to transform your ideas into reality. 


  • You feel her Presence through a Flash of Inspiration


Sometimes, creative ideas alone aren’t enough to manifest dreams. In order to bring life to your vision, you’ll need inspiration and the drive to see the idea through its end result. Well, trust Archangel Jophiel to assist you with that. Jophiel loves to help those to want to bring beauty and creativity into the world.


She therefore will go out of her way to transform your creative ideas and visions into reality. In fact, many people credit Jophiel to be the one who oversaw their entire creative work. She is known to help people throughout the entire process, from conception to executing the final creative product. With her by your side, you are sure to make a mark in the creative world.


  • You see Flashes of Golden-Yellow or Deep-Pink Color Light


A more obvious sign and the one that most Angels use to communicate with their seekers, Archangels often show themselves through their halo lights. Since Jophiel monitors angels who work within the yellow and deep pink rays, you’re more likely to see shades of the two colors dancing in front of you. Additionally, you might also feel deeply attracted to the halo colors of the master angel. 


  • You experience Positive and Loving Thoughts that in turn Overpower any Negative Feelings you might be suffering 


Jophiel’s energy often replaces negative thoughts with positive ones so as to help her seekers turn away from any undesirable feelings. She brings vitality, stimulation, and the power to free oneself from the clutches of negativity, laziness, remorse, and/or anger. She can help you recover from deep-rooted baggage of fear, low self-esteem, shock, anger, hatred, jealousy, and malice. 


Jophiel showers you with her positive and loving energy to help you from within. So if you experience a sudden rush of love, especially when you’re feeling particularly lonely and down, then you can be certain that Jophiel is nearby. What’s more, she might also send someone who can help deliver her loving energy to you. 


  • You’re able to think more coherently and Crack Problems that you otherwise had Trouble solving 


As the messenger of wisdom, Jophiel helps people solve complex problems. She also helps you understand life as well as situations more clearly. What’s more, Jophiel can be a wonderful angel to reach out to for students as her presence gifts you with the ability to absorb and retain information, crucial qualities that can help you ace an examination. 


Prayer to Invoke the Blessings and Grace of Archangel Jophiel 


“Dear Archangel Jophiel, please help me see the beauty that exists within and outside of me, just as God made it.

Help me respect the beauty that you’ve just shown me.

Help me recognize the beauty of my own heart as well as all those who I have come in contact with.

Help me treat everyone with love and compassion.

Help me contribute to God’s beauty.

Show me the way to make this place a better place to live in.

Help me fulfill God’s will for me.

Show me a way to envision my spiritual purpose so as to bring it to life.

Help me think and speak with clarity.

Help me create a beautiful place for each one of us to reside.

Please continue to bless and deliver God’s blessings to me.

I seek your guidance and presence, O divine angel, as I want to fulfill God’s purpose for me.

Thank you, dear Archangel Jophiel, I shall always be indebted to your guidance and blessings. “