Archangel Jophiel – God Will Bless You With All The Beautiful Things In Life

As God’s Angel of Beauty, Archangel Jophiel is tasked to help humans find and spread beauty in their lives and all around them. She is the angel that will give you hope and bliss through all the challenges life will throw at you.


Through this card, Archangel Jophiel is telling you that God has prepared all the beautiful blessings for you. Beauty is yours in this life and God will make sure you receive it from Him.


God knows you often wonder what is in store for you and your future. Your angels hear your prayers and wish for miracles and blessings. Let this be an assurance and affirmation that God is preparing a wonderful future for you.


Archangel Jophiel’s Advice For You

Always remember that the world is a beautiful place. Although there are times when the world makes you think otherwise, have faith in the knowledge that God has designed the Universe.


God has planned your life to be filled with nothing but beauty. He wants you to live life with joy and inspiration.


Beauty comes from deep inside you and when you start to doubt this, always remember that God has made you beautiful and He has gifted you with all the beautiful gifts to help you with your life journey.


What Archangel Jophiel Wants You to Act Upon

Let this card from Archangel Jophiel be a sign for you to finally open yourself to the endless gift of beauty from God.


It is time for you to open yourself to all the blessings from God and let him fill your life with beauty and wonder.


Opening yourself to your spiritual connection with the Divine and the angels is the first step in opening the spaces of your life to be filled with endless beauty and countless blessings.


Know that God has designed your life to be as beautiful as it can be and you can claim it as soon as you want to.


A Prayer from Jophiel to Claim Her Blessings,

Dearest Archangel Jophiel,

I pray to you today with a humble and hopeful heart.

I come to you to claim your blessings and guidance.

I pray for God’s beauty to come to me and fill every crevice of my life.

Please fill me with your energy and presence.

Please help me let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that keep beauty from coming into my life.

Let your light guide me as I open myself to the gifts and blessings from God.

Thank you so much. Amen.