Archangel Machidiel – The Grace Bringer

Who is Archangel Machidiel


The name Machidiel means “The Fullness of God”. He is the divine angel of grace. He is sometimes called Malchidieal, Malahidiel, Meljekal, or Machedael. 


Machidiel is known as the ruler of the month of March. He governs the astrological sign, Aries.


In Kabbalistic texts, Machidiel was said to be one of the personifications of the holy sefira, Malkut. Malkut has 3 angelic personifications: Emmanuel, Messiah, Sandalphon, and Machidiel.


Machidiel also appeared in the sacred texts Enoch I. However, here he is known by the name Melkejal. Enoch has described Machidiel as the angel who governs over the beginning of the year. Machidiel is said to exercise dominion for 91 days, from Spring to Summer.


Machidiel also has associations in the magical world. In Grimoire conjurations, a textbook of magic, he was called Prince Machidiel. He was responsible for facing invocant with his own desire.


Machidiel is also known as the lightning of God. He is a powerful angel of guidance, fortune, and courage. People pray to him for strength whenever they face challenging situations in life.


He is known to possess the energy of thousands of angels and will protect you from negativity.


How Can Archangel Machidiel Help Us 

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Machidiel is a patron in the elemental realm of Fire. He especially governs the domain of Intuition together with Archangel Haniel and Archangel Raziel.


As the divine angel of grace, Archangel Machidiel delivers God’s grace to our lives. He helps people to be gracious in living the gift of life from the Divine. 


He will shine God’s healing light on you so your heart can heal from its pain and grief. 


Pain and grief are necessary experiences in life that will give you lessons. But more than that these experiences are meant to prepare your heart for God and his blessings.


Machidiel is also an advocate of truth. You can call to him when you feel heavy of heart and he can fill it with the truth. He wants humanity to live with honesty, trust, and truth.


When you feel lost, Archangel Machidiel will be there to show you the right way to reconnect with the Divine and your heavenly guides. 


As the angel of guidance, Machidiel can lead you through any challenges and simultaneously show to you how worthy and capable you are.


He will also make sure that you never miss any of the opportunities God is opening for you to lead you to the fulfillment of your true purpose. Archangel Machidiel will always be with you as long as you open yourself to his guidance.


With Archangel Machidiel’s guidance, you will find the path God has planned for you and with the help of your intuition angels, every step of your journey will be guided by the Divine Light.


How to connect with Archangel Machidiel

Like all your angels, Archangel Machidiel is also waiting for you to connect with him and tell him the troubles of your heart.


Archangel Machidiel has been associated with crystals especially carnelian, coral, malachite, and rose quartz. So you can use these crystals to welcome his presence into your life.


You can also infuse your home with essential oils like rose, ylang-ylang, vanilla, and tea tree to invite him into your home.


Do not forget to invoke his light and presence into your life with prayer and meditation so you can clearly receive his guidance and blessings.


Archangel Machidiel’s Prayer for Meditation


Beloved, Archangel Machidiel,


First of all, thank you for watching over me all these years.


I pray to you today to ask for your presence and light to fill the dark corners of my life.


Please bless me with your guidance so I may find courage and strength in facing adversities in life.


Please be with me as I strengthen my intuition and guide me with the choices I make.


Let my connection with you open my doors to my intuitive abilities. Let this gift from God be my light as I journey in life.