Archangel Metatron – The Great Scribe and Angel of Wisdom

Archangel Metatron, the angel of wisdom and empowerment, is one of the wisest heavenly beings. He may not be as popular as other Archangels like Gabriel, Michael, or Raphael, but Archangel Metatron is one powerful angel.


He is one of the two archangels that were once human beings before ascending to heaven to become an archangel. The other archangel who was once a human being is Sandalphon.


Archangel Metatron began his life as a human being. He was known as prophet Enoch among the Jewish.


While on earth, he spent most of his life working as a scribe before he underwent a transformation to become Archangel Metatron after he ascended to heaven according to believers. For this reason, he is referred to as an unusual angel reason being others angels never underwent the process of transformation like Metatron. The word Metatron was given to him by God meaning the grand scribe.


According to believers, they say he is the one responsible for keeping all records of each human activity on a daily basis. It is believed he notes down everything on what is believed to be the heavens book of life. Some of the believers refer to the book as Akashic Records. The two names mean the extraterrestrial documentation of everyone’s happenings in the past, what they are doing in the present and what is going to take place in the future. All this is expected to take place on earth.


Andrei A. Orlov is a Jewish writer who wrote the famous book known as The Enoch – Metatron Tradition. The book gives a deeper insight into the life of Enoch as a writer before he was transformed into an angel. The book explains how in the later rabbinic traditions, the functions of Enoch became prominent ornamentation. It is due to the bold character of Enoch that God saw it fit to appoint him and let him sit beside him. It is only him that got awarded the privilege hence it indicates how awesome he is. The other thing that saw him gifted this opportunity is his good character as a scribe. This way, he is able to sit beside God and take note of everyday happenings, especially Israel’s intrinsic worth. 


The book goes ahead to state that Metatron’s early portrayal most important prospect as a scribe is to give a picture of working as a celestial and also as a terrestrial scribe. He was able to handle both in a spectacular way making him a darling for many especially God. He recorded messages from guides that were heavenly while composing petitions whenever requested by creatures from subordinate monarchies. These duties of Enoch that is The Celestial and Terrestrial scribing make known the amalgamated natural history of this significant responsibility.


Metatron’s Cube or The Merkaba Cube


Archangel Metatron uses sacred geometry through the Merkaba Cube, a powerful sacred geometric shape with two hexagrams created by a set of 13 spheres.


In sacred geometry, it symbolizes everything that exists in the universe and embodies the energy within the universe that links all things together.


The cube is believed to be a strong conductor of energy with a very high vibrational speed capable of inviting positive energies and clearing negative forces.


Archangel Metatron oversees the flow of energy in this mystical light cube which contains all the geometric shapes in God’s creation and is a representation of all the patterns of everything that God has made.


Its complex structure is derived from the ancient structure of the Flower of Life. In ancient times, it is believed that the entire universe was created by God following a specific geometric plan. This sacred geometry is at the heart of all life because all dimensions of the universe are perfectly aligned through this sacred order.


Because Archangel Metatron had once been a human being and understands what it means to be human, he has innate knowledge about how fundamental sacred geometry is from which he became known. And thus, the Merkaba shape has been renamed to Metatron’s cube in his honor.


The Merkaba has many functions and one of these is the ability to cleanse your aura of any negative energy to assist you on your path to ascension. It helps you to focus your intention as well as your energy to help you heal yourself and others.


It embodies pure divine energy. It spins very fast, and the spinning energy of the cube is how Archangel Metatron clears out energy.


And the best thing about it is that it can be used as a personal portal of energetic light to other dimensions when you use it in meditation.


This serves as a vehicle for the etheric body to transport into other dimensions, realms, or universes as you explore deeper into the vastness of life.


How to recognize Archangel Metatron’s Presence


Archangel Metatron may make his presence known in different ways as everyone receives angelic messages differently. 


If you are a more visual receiver, he may appear to you in a blinding diamond white light. 


If you are more tuned in to feelings and senses, you may feel his mighty energy which is highly motivating. It may come as a strong tingling in the extremities, a little disorientation or dizziness, or a desire to move further in following your intuitive cues. 


On the other hand, if you are more auditory, he may come to you with a high-frequency buzzing sound in your ear. Or may come in faint words when he’s with you.


Or he can communicate through your dreams where he can show you different possibilities and scenarios.


What does Archangel Metatron Look Like?


Archangel Metatron is said to appear to you as a mighty divine being surrounded by a bright light in several sets of beautiful golden wings.


He is dressed in a bright blue robe layered on top with a faded magenta. Other accounts were of Metatron wearing dark green and bright pink.


His face is wonderful to behold. He radiates the fullness of life, happiness, and youthfulness. He is ready to give guidance and his goal is to help you translate your negative thoughts into positive ones.


He is often seen with something in his hand when he shows himself. It could be that he’s holding a large scroll or the book of wisdom.


You may also see him holding a cube rotating swiftly in his hands. This is a symbol of his love for us and providing us support for our spiritual journey and protection.


How Archangel Metatron Can Help Us?


The angels are the agents of the Divine. They took sacred oaths to help humanity prosper and grow. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Metatron governs the domain of Wisdom in the elemental realm of Air. Together with Archangels Seraphiel and Zaphkiel, Metatron will help you find the wisdom to help you with every decision you make in life.


The power of Metatron is limitless so is his energy due to the fact that he is able to be present in many places once called by people all over the globe, therefore, there is no need of getting worried that you may actually be pulling away his energy. If you have something urgent and pressing, never hesitate to contact him.


His main obligation is to help every single human being and the planet entirely to go up in the process of bringing in a superior vibration state of religion. He brings in enormous quantities of heavenly love and operates as the bridge where he aids people to get rid of their past doings to new ways of doing things that please the creator. He enables every individual to be able to carry more light.


Before asking Metatron into your life, you have to look at yourself first including your dark side and this is the moment he will show up. It is not healing for any person out there requiring a quick fix, or another individual carrying out the task on your behalf. 


Metatron will help you to sincerely examine yourself and the life you are living. He then will watch over your transformation development by guiding you through little by little and be taught to liberate some things.


Archangel Metatron is the angel to turn to when you need help with spiritual development and learning, energy cleansing, personal confidence, and anything that explores awakening and ascension.


People seek assistance from him as they journey to discover their own spiritual and personal power and to ask for wisdom when they are about to make important decisions.


He guides them and allows them to discover how their power can contribute to the greater good of Earth.


Archangel Metatron is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra and he helps to strengthen your sense of self, personal power, mastery, and co-creative pursuits.


He connects with us through our auric field. This serves as our own personal Merkaba energy field through which we can easily connect with his energy.


The guidance Archangel Metatron gives will help us make the best decisions that will move towards the fulfillment of our life purpose. And even when we stumble on the way, Archangel Metatron will be there to show us the lessons we can learn from every process of our journey.


Archangel Metatron advocates the need to transform your thinking

Believers believe that whenever one senses the need to reinstate a thought that is negative with one which is positive, the urge you get could be a sign of Metatron’s presence. 


The reason Metatron is always concerned about one’s thinking is that he is the one that records the thoughts of everybody in the book of life and he does not want you to have thoughts that will lead to you making choices that are unhealthy. He will give you the chance to have your thoughts positive as this will automatically lead you to make decisions that are healthy, therefore, following the wants of the creator.


How to call on Metatron for Help


Like any other angel, you just have to call upon Archangel Metatron for help. You need to clear your mind first from any negativity and focus your intention to invoke his presence. You may play some angelic music in the background and light a Metatron candle. Say your prayer and meditate.


Archangel Metatron Prayer


Archangel Metatron, great Angel of wisdom and empowerment,

I always thank God for having you around to watch over us.

Thank you for being faithful to us all the time.

Thank you for recording everything in the Book of Life.

Please be there with me always as I make my choices.

Help me to know the best choices for the highest good so I may find fulfillment and happiness in my life.

Protect me always and help me escape from unnecessary grief.

Above all, help me to discover my power and develop a powerful legacy.

Thank you always. Amen.

You don’t have to be alone in your journey, let the angels be with you every step of the way.