Archangel Michael – Surrender Your Fears

Archangel Michael wants you to know that he’s here for you.

He knows that you’re scared and unsure about what your life is going to look like in the future, and he wants to help. He wants you to know that it’s okay to be afraid, but it’s not okay to let fear hold you back from the life you deserve.

You have so much potential and so many gifts waiting for you if only you’ll take that leap of faith. You can’t let fear keep you from living up to your full potential because that would be a shame on all of us—and it would be a waste of all the amazing things God has in store for us!


Archangel’s  Michael Advice for you

Archangel Michael has a message for you: Surrender your fears.

Fear is a powerful emotion, but it can also be crippling. It keeps us from taking the risks we need to take in order to grow and move forward in our lives.

But when we let go of those fears and allow ourselves to feel safe and secure, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. We can find comfort in knowing that we are protected, no matter what happens. And that’s what Archangel Michael wants for us—to know that he’s there for us and will always protect us.


What Archangel Michael Wants You To Act Upon

When Archangel Michael comes through with a message for you, he wants you to act upon it. He knows that the only way for you to truly be free from fear is to face it head-on. So when he asks you to surrender your fears, he’s not just asking you to tell them goodbye—he’s asking you to take action and let go of them forever.

Surrendering your fears doesn’t mean giving up or admitting defeat: it means taking control of your life and deciding that this is how things are going to be from now on. If there are things in your life that scare you, face them! If people make you nervous or unsure, confront them! And most importantly, if there are things in your past that haunt you and keep those old emotions alive in your body, release them! Let go of everything holding onto the past and move forward into a brighter future with Archangel Michael by your side every step of the way.


A Prayer from Michael to Claim His Blessings

Dear Archangel Michael,

I humbly ask that you bless me with your presence. Please surround me with your love and protection.

As I surrender my fears to you, please help me see that whatever is happening in my life is for my highest good.

Help me to trust in your plan for me and to find peace in the present moment.

Help me to release all that no longer serves me and let go of any anger or bitterness I may be holding onto from past experiences.

Remind me that everything is working out for the best, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance!