Archangel Michael – The Wings Of Protection Will Keep You Safe

Protection is something that we need each day, and for us to manifest total protection, we need some protection from above. Having angels to guide us will be our divine providence toward being holy…


When we say wings of protection, there he comes the great leader of all angels–Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is known for his sword and shield, armor, or banners signifying war and strength. The sword symbolizes that he can cut any negativities in our lives. The shield means that he always protects us from all omens in life. Thus, Archangel Michael can help in healing and repairing our energies where trauma, grief, past lives, or karmic debts are holding us back from our true potential in this life.


If you’re praying for total protection in your life, call Archangel Michael and he will be the one to save you. Whatever challenges you are facing today, any difficulties you are fighting, and all dilemmas that come along your way today, they will vanish.


Archangel’s Michael Advice for you

When you are on the brink of failing in something or getting drowned by problems, Archangel Michael will be your shield and protection.


Archangel Michael’s Advice for you: ask for protection all the time and he will guide you to the right path and save you away from all evils in life. There are moments in your lives when you may get lost in taking the right path and you are vulnerable to it. But remember, Michael will be the one to give you the wings to fight all these demons in your life. You’ll know for sure that once you embrace his guidance to you, he will light and protect you no matter what it cost. 


To remove all those barriers in your life, meditate and Archangel’s presence and you’ll be delighted by his magnificent power.


What Archangel Michael Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Michael is a bearer of light and protection to humankind. 


Archangel Michael wants you to know that you are protected. If you feel like there’s something wrong in your life, or if something is getting to you and making you feel unsafe, Archangel Michael’s got your back.


He wants you to know that he will never leave your side, no matter what happens in life. He’ll be there through thick and thin—and he’ll never let anything happen to you because of it.


Archangel Michael knows that sometimes things can get rough in this world, but he wants us all to remember that we’re never alone when we have him by our side.


A Prayer from Michael to Claim His Blessings


Dear Archangel Michael,


Please bless me with the wings of protection to keep me safe and secure. 


I ask that you guide me in all my endeavors and let me be aware of your presence at all times. 


Please help me see clearly what is happening around me so that I may make informed decisions. 


Protect my loved ones and friends from harm, illness, or danger. Let us all be filled with your love and compassion for one another. 


Thank you for being there for us always!