Archangel Muriel – The Angel Of Emotions


Who is Archangel Muriel


Archangel Muriel is one of the most symbolic angels known to her patrons as her task to help humanity here on Earth is rooted in her devotion towards keeping their emotions in place and making sure we feel better at all times in our actions in life.


As an archangel, Muriel is known by many as the angel who is in tune with both his emotions and intuition. She is known by many as a pacifist, and her venerable acts of serenity and peace is incomparable amongst most angels above the heavens.


Despite her gentleness and comforting nature, Archangel Muriel is one of the most powerful angels above the heavens and is always willing to provide you with the utmost care and love in times of your helplessness and emotional loss.


Archangel Muriel is a strong yet compassionate Archangel of tranquility and peace who is in charge of emotions and intuition with boundless love and compassion.

Muriel has long been renowned as the “Perfume of God,” her name derived from the Greek word for the scent myrrh, which is one of the gifts that the three magis brought to Jesus’s manger in the Bible.


Archangel Muriel assists those who want her assistance, but she is especially attuned to individuals who are currently struggling with their overwhelming emotions at certain points in time. Muriel also works with those who are ready to take their intuitive abilities to greater heights.


If you get these ‘smell-related’ sensations on a regular basis, you are exceptional for learning to tap into Muriel’s presence when she is at your side.


Angels do not specifically have defined genders like us humans, but many often see Muriel as a woman who wears a flower crown at the top of her head. Her aroma is often captivating and soothing to smell, and she exudes positive vibrations while filling the room with her scent.


Muriel will assist you in awakening your heavenly light and clairsentience, often known as clear, intuitive feelings. She will also teach you to trust your heart’s knowledge and your soul’s intuitive direction. This increases your enthusiasm and certainty to act and progress in the direction of your ambitions and real purpose


Don’t be shocked if your kind heart and positive energy starts to surge and overflow when dealing with or calling on Archangel Muriel. You may acquire knowledge on how to cheerfully serve and aid yourself as well as others. Or, if you’re trying to figure out your next actions and direction, Muriel may be a tremendous help. She’ll assist you grasp your options.


How Can Archangel Muriel Help Us Keep Our Emotions and Energies in Control

Angels are endued with great powers to help us here on earth. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Muriel is a patron in the elemental realm of Water. He especially governs the domain of Peace together with Archangel Azrael and Archangel Asmodel.


When it comes to knowing what it takes to being in control of your own emotions, Archangel Muriel is the most passionate in her willingness to help explore that kinder and stronger side within you.


With her help, you will grow to learn more things that will help alleviate you from the roughest of patches within your life and work to make you a better person for everyone to love and appreciate.


  • She Will Remove the Uneasiness of Your Mind and Heart


Archangel Muriel’s peaceful presence may aid in the processing of any anxiety-related sentiments, including those relating to financial, social, emotional, and other forms of distress brought on by our challenges in life. As a result, any worries related to underlying anxieties are alleviated.


Muriel does all in her power to protect you from feeling inadequate and lost in this wide cosmos, since her strength is based on her ability to hold your emotions under control.


She urges you to always trust in your capacity to find happiness everywhere, whether it is from others, such as your friends and family, or from your spiritual guides, such as her and the other celestial angels that surround you.


  • She Will Be Your Protector


In her devotion towards keeping you away from the negative energies of life, Muriel will serve to protect you from feeling the weight of the burdens that life may throw your way. Ease your mind with her guidance as she will bring good vibrations to all your undertakings,may it be on your finances, in your strife for health, or other issues involving malice and violence.


  • She Reinforces Our Intuition


Being a sensitive and empathic person is not actually a weakness so long as you know where your heart is placed at all times. Muriel understands this idea and hopes to impart her knowledge to make sure your sensitivity does not obstruct your judgment.


Use your intuition to make better decisions in life. Make the most of knowing what feels right within your heart and be aware of what others feel in your own pursuit of happiness. Without being a burden for other people’s dreams, Muriel will guide you towards the path of enlightenment and reassures you that your heart will always be in the right place with her around.


  • She Enhances Our Sense of Right


When we sense something wrong around us,  we usually think that “something smells fishy.” Other than being just a figure of speech, this feeling actually makes a ton of sense with the context of having Archangel Muriel, “the perfume of God”, being around us and heiightening our senses during times of troubles coming afoot.


Fragrances, scents, and aromas are linked to subtle emotional responses that can only be detected indirectly.


This is how we know our intuition is waking up. Archangel Muriel is an expert in awakening our sensitivity in this manner.


If you get these ‘smell-related’ sensations on a regular basis, you are not abnormal. It indicates you’re getting knowledge from the angelic world through intuitive direction.


  • She Will Make You Feel More Connected With The People You Care About


The beauty of Muriel’s presence in your life lies in her ability to strengthen your connection to the people that you care for the most in your life. Your twin flame, friends, and families are also under her protection for as long as they need to be, and you will be able to find more solid common ground between them to establish a deeper connection with them in her guidance.


How to recognize Ariel’s presence


Observing how your attitude and energy shift after asking Muriel for assistance is one of the easiest ways to tell whether she is nearby. There is a release of heavier and lower frequency energy, a sensation of lightness, and a feeling of renewed optimism and joy.

regular occurrences


You can discover that you are taking pleasure in the fresh air that surrounds the space or location that you are in. You could find yourself hugging close ones on the spur of the moment and remembering how much joy your relationship with them genuinely offers you.


In other cases, especially where you need help with achieving certain goals (such as a new job) or assistance with developing your psychic abilities, Muriel may make herself known over time, as you discover new ways of interacting with the world around you.


If you already have well-developed clairvoyant abilities you may see Muriel as an incandescent being with large wings and a gentle smile. Or you may smell around you a scent of freshly picked flowers at a flower shop as it wafts and overwhelms your senses with jubilant energies.


A feeling of comfort and peace should be your main indications that Muriel is nearby, however, other signs will help you to know.


Muriel may also reveal herself over time when you learn new ways to engage with the people around you, particularly when you require aid accomplishing certain goals (like a new career) or enhancing your psychic talents.


If you already have strong clairvoyant powers, Muriel could appear to you as a glowing figure with broad wings and a kind grin. Or perhaps you’re surrounded by the aroma of just gathered flowers from a flower store, which wafts and fills your senses with joy.


Her energy is closely associated with the rose color because of her elegance and reverence. When you enter a room filled with rose colored items, expect a surge of great joy to come within your intuition as she makes her presence known in that certain place.


You can even amplify her energies through the use of rose quartz, which absorbs her angelic intuition and transfer it to you. This will make you more aware of your own emotional capacity and find what can make you the most energetic and lively.


How To Connect with The Presence Of Archangel Muriel


Being able to connect with nature and all things that are alive and present is key to connecting with Archangel Ariel spiritually. The best way to do that is to concentrate in the beauty of this world and appreciating life in its whole essence.


Imagine Archangel Ariel in her usual clear white clothes and wings as it approaches you lovingly and with longing and compassion


Filling the cou can play angelic music in the background and offer a green or turquoise candle in her honor.


Once in her presence, allow her to speak to you and understand her message. And then you can say your intention.


To help you get started, you can use this Archangel Haniel prayer.


A Prayer for Archangel Muriel


Beloved Archangel Muriel, thank you for showering me with your undying love and guidance at all times 


May you be at my side at this time to alleviate my emotions to keep it light and in tune


Help me to wash away the sorrow and fears that I had within me. 


Guide me as I unravel the positive vibrations roaming around me.


Thank you for always being at my beck and call. Amen.