Archangel Muriel – Your Inner Peace Will Protect You In Your Journey

Archangel Muriel is the angel of peace and harmony. She helps people achieve and protect their inner peace so they can go through their life journey smoothly.


This angel card from Archangel Muriel is a reminder that your inner peace will protect you in your journey. She wants you to know that she is watching over you and your inner peace so you can go through any challenges triumphantly.


Even when the world is in chaos or even when people around you are disrupting your harmony, a strong connection with Archangel Muriel will help you protect and strengthen your inner peace.


Archangel Muriel’s Advice to You

Your inner peace and harmony are essential to your journey. Without inner peace, you will find yourself unable to fend off the distractions around you. There is a chance that you will go astray from your destined path.


Archangel Muriel wants you to realize that having inner peace will help you tread the path God has designed for you to fulfill your divine purpose.


Your Archangel Muriel knows that the world has many distractions that will disrupt your inner peace. Sometimes, it will make you feel like you are alone in this world and in your battles. 


When your inner peace is disrupted, you will feel confused and uncertain. You will always worry about your choices and decisions. You keep second-guessing yourself. Fear will take the reins in your life making you lose control of your journey.


Archangel Muriel wants you to know that you can prevent all of these from happening with her by your side. Open yourself to her connection and let her guide you to finding your inner peace. Let her light protect you and your inner peace.


What Archangel Muriel Wants You To Act Upon

Archangel Muriel wants you to practice meditation regularly so you can cultivate inner peace in your life.


Finding your inner peace is really hard. Even when you want to, there are times when the world would overwhelm you without warning.


Archangel Muriel wants you to try angelic meditations where your angels can guide you in activating your angelic connection and raising your vibration. With a higher energy vibration, you can find your inner peace and protect it from all the distractions in the world.


A Prayer from Muriel to Claim Her Blessings,

Dearest Archangel Muriel,


Please come to me today and hear my prayers. 


I pray to you to ask for your light and love.


Please come to me and fill me with your peaceful and loving energy.


Let me be under your guidance as I go through my journey with a calm and peaceful heart.


I fully open myself to your guidance and support. I claim all your love and harmony today and always.


I open my life to your light and guidance. Amen.