Archangel Raguel – The Angel of Harmony and Love


Archangel Raguel is the angel of harmony. He is the go-to angel for discovering several layers of peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.


His name, Raguel, is of Hebrew origin which means ‘Friend of God”.


His role is to create peace and to bring balance and strength to Earth and people both within oneself and in their relationships with one another. 


Believers associate him with shades of blue and sky blue or with a turquoise aura that radiates positive energy. 


Some associate him with symbols of snow and ice representing his presence as a cooling effect for overcoming difficult situations.  


You can call upon him to guide you in the right direction for healing from your past trauma or for attracting more loving relationships into your life.  


All relationships, may they be romantic, friendly, professional or among families, can all benefit from the presence of Archangel Raguel.  


He can heal relationships immediately, and he can be a source of insightful advice. His advice manifests as dreams, emotions, recurring gut feelings, or signs and signals that will guide you to take steps toward a healthy relationship.


Archangel Raguel is typically shown holding the scales of balance. The scales of balance are a symbol of justice, harmony, fairness, and balance that originated in ancient Egypt.


Archangel Raguel is not only associated with harmony in Earthly relationships, he is also responsible for overseeing the work of the other archangels and angels. It is his job to make sure the angels are working in accordance with divine will and laws. 


Archangel Raguel is also responsible for helping humans discover their inner truth, integrity, and honor so that they can maintain positive relationships. He functions in many ways, as a Warrior of Peace. Archangel Raguel wants us to find ways to balance our truth without giving our power away to others due to imbalanced relationships.


This archangel is particularly friendly and warm. He is a natural ally and is filled with motivating and inspiring thoughts. Archangel Raguel is everyone’s best mate. 


He is not mentioned in the Bible but is noted in the apocryphal book of Enoch as one of the seven archangels. He is viewed as an archangel who brings justice to those who break divine will. He is very serious about upholding what is true and honest. 


We cannot have healthy relationships, goals, or endeavors if our life foundations are based on dishonesty or lies. We cannot be in sync with the universe, God’s plan, and our purpose if our will is not aligned with divine will. This is why Raguel is so passionate about upholding these values of truth, justice, harmony, and balance.


How Archangel Raguel Helps you in Life

The angels are the agents of the Divine. They took sacred oaths to help humanity prosper and grow. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Raguel governs the domain of Love in the elemental realm of Fire. Together with Archangels Chamuel and Daniel, Raguel will help you find harmony in your life and prepare you to meet your Twin Flame.


Here are some of the ways Archangel Raguel helps us in our life journey:


He Brings Integrity and Justice To Any Form Of Relationships


Archangel Raguel is more about living with integrity and high moral standards.


Whenever you feel mistreated or unheard, he’ll support you by sending you strength to help you feel empowered and respected.


Most of the time dishonesty or gossip brings strain into relationships, Archangel Raguel will guide you to lead an honest path so you will cultivate better relationships and bring justice to unjust situations.


He Helps You Guide And Care For Others


If you are involved in community services like fighting poverty, hunger, crime, all kinds of injustices, and more, Archangel Raguel will be a great guide. He will help you find love, compassion, and empathy for others and yourself as well.


Also, if you are involved in leadership roles in whatever form, may it be as a parent or holding a managerial role at work, or running your own business, Archangel Raguel will be of great help as he can guide you to organize and lead with confidence.


 He Radiates Peaceful Energy, Cooling Down Heated Arguments And Situations


As the angel of harmony, Raguel exudes safe and peaceful energy. His soft blue aura brings a calm feeling while in his presence. You can call upon him to face difficult situations like when having arguments or fights. He can clear this heavy energy and help you resolve these complex situations and help you be at peace.


He Can Help You Attract Good Friendships


There may be times when you had trouble finding the right people to have in your life. Many of your friends may have bad influences and attract bad things and situations, bringing you to live in evil ways. Archangel Raguel can help you find good friends of integrity based on mutual support and benefit, trust, respect, and understanding.


He Acts As A Mediator


As the angel of harmony, he acts as a mediator whenever you ask for his assistance to help you in the middle of disputes in your relationships. He immediately brings harmony and cooperation and brings solutions to the situation by sending his pure energy of calm, peace, and forgiveness.


He Can Help You Connect Easily With Other Archangels


Archangel Raguel is also a natural leader in heaven. One of his roles is to ensure that celestial beings like angels and archangels are in divine synchrony and working according to the divine will. And thus, he eases your connection to other angels and archangels.


He Helps You Bring Order Into Your Life


As he helps you in your relationships, he also works in your inner world to help you bring order into your life. If you need to reorganize aspects of your life such as your health, productivity, or career, call upon him to help you find the order that you’re looking for in your life.


He Helps You Attract Justice


Part of our human experience in this world is relationships. To keep and make relationships grow, requires love and nurturing between the people involved.


However, it can’t be avoided that life’s intricacies will bring misunderstandings and arguments which can lead to us losing someone dear to our hearts.


Archangel Raguel will bring healing and harmony to these situations helping you bring your current relationships to a new level.


Raguel will bring justice to everyone involved so that people get the respect, love, and understanding they deserve. He makes sure that justice is served to all people.


How To Connect With Archangel Raguel


There’s no specific way to connect with Archangel Raguel.


You may start by clearing your heart and mind and focus on your intent to invite his presence. You may even play angelic music in the background and offer a pale blue candle in his honor.


But ultimately, connecting with him can be achieved through prayer and meditation.


And to help you get started, you may use this short but powerful prayer to help you invoke Archangel Raguel’s presence.


Archangel Raguel Prayer


“Beloved Archangel Raguel, I call upon your presence now.


Allow me to feel your radiance and your energy of peace and harmony.


Adjust my inner light and vibration and lead me to be aligned with the highest and healthiest relationships in my life.


Help me to willingly release the heavy energy of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.


And encourage me to open my heart to new positive experiences


I humbly ask you to guide my choices.


Help me to find clarity and see my life’s direction clearly.


Please comfort and support me as I acknowledge and release my fears.


Help me to know and feel that I deserve all the best out of life and love.


I am now ready to feel safe, happy, and secure in my life.


And so it is … Amen.


Keep dreaming and find your highest path. May you feel Archangel Raguel’s presence in your life and be aware of the guidance and blessings he placed in your path.