There will be times when life will throw several challenges your way to test the strength of your resolve towards continuing on and keeping on in life. Because of that, your mind, body, or both may not be able to keep up with everything that is happening in your life, leading you to be at a place of unease and in need of recovery from these pain and scars.


But whatever lies ahead in front of you, best believe that your God has put angels around you who will heal you of your injuries and get better as soon as possible. And of all the angels in heaven, you can trust that Archangel Raphael will be there to place his healing hands on you to comfort and alleviate your pain.


This card is your confirmation of the Divine’s dedication to strengthening your heart and has placed his trusted angels to accompany us throughout all challenges that life offers to us. Archangel Raphael is always looking out for your well-being and is there to oversee your actions to help prevent negativity from dwelling within your thoughts and keep you safe from harm at all times.


The Higher beings are aware of the dangers that have sprung out in this world that look to push you to your limits and break you in many ways. Trust in his angels and Raphael to bring their angelic protection during times of doubt and place it in your heart that no pain will come your way with their presence around.


Through Raphael, you will learn to take good care of yourself and make yourself free of doubts and worries as you go through your journey in life. He will be the angelic voice in your head that will fill you with the right advice and will inform you where you should head to live a bountiful and healthy life in the future.


Archangel Raphael’s Advice for you

Archangel Raphael places a query on your intuition during every action you take in life, which is: ‘are you comfortable?’ This is his way of keeping you safe from harm at all times. Every time you experience something new in your life, he hopes to see you answer this question during that situation to help ensure that your mind is at ease and ready to face what’s ahead.


As soon as he understands your level of preparedness for a certain situation, he will continue to observe what happens next. After your experience with what has transpired, he then whispers to you: ‘Are you okay?’ Sometimes, the answer to this question is simple and could easily be answered in a day. But there are situations where the answer is too complicated that confirming it would feel disingenuous to what you truly felt at that certain point in time.


You are regaining your strength and is the key to getting you out of these predicaments. As soon as you find what troubles you in the first place, you can then take the necessary steps into recovering who you are and renew yourself to be better and more emotionally well.


Raphael also understands that the process of achieving your hopes and dreams will start with your understanding of what you are capable of doing and what your limitations are. Self-care is an important aspect of self-actualization, and he yearns that you instill good care for your well-being at all times to keep you from losing an important piece of yourself while working on things that help with your success.


What Archangel Raphael Wants You To Act Upon

Channel Archangel Raphael’s healing vibrations from within and let him govern your thoughts and intuition with his divine protection.


Raphael is putting a lot of effort into giving you the strength to bear any impending challenges. You will easily forge strong, dependable, and lovely ties with the Universe and every single thing it consists of with his help. Trust that with his help, you will be able to easily pursue the course in life that the Divine has so far planned for you.


The fact that you are seeing this letter today is not a coincidence. This shows that your angels are always assisting you in accepting this blessing as a gift and starting to live the life you’ve always desired.


A Prayer from Archangel Raphael to Claim his Blessings,


Dearest Archangel Raphael,

I want to express my gratitude to you for your wisdom and unwavering affection.

I love how you constantly support me.

I appreciate all that you have done for me to maintain my spiritual connection to God.

So that I can always fulfill the Divine’s intention for me, kindly be at my beck and call.

Please assist me so that I can connect with the Universe and all of its splendors.

May you help mend my heart of the pains of the past to go forward for my future.

Thank you so much. Amen.