Archangel Raphael – Heaven’s Celestial Doctor

According to ancient texts, “Raphael” is a combination of the Hebrew terms “Rophe” (healing) and “el” (God). 


Although the Bible does not directly name this archangel, it is believed that Archangel Raphael was the angel responsible for stirring the waters at the pool of Bethesda as mentioned in John 5. Whenever the people gathered at this pool during a certain time of the year, the angel would stir the waters. Anyone who jumped in the waters first would instantly be healed.


Other ancient texts, such as the Book of Enoch and the Book of Tobit, describe Archangel Raphael as both a healer and helper during one’s travels. From these sources, you will find that God is interested in bringing healing and wholeness to mankind, and ushering in the kind of peace that is evident in Heaven. He performs these miraculous feats through his ministering servants, the angels.


In the Book of Tobit, Archangel Raphael disguises himself as a man named Azarias. He appeared to a boy named Tobias, who was the son of a holy man, Tobit. After his father sent him on a journey, Tobias is met by Raphael/Azarias. During this travel, Tobias receives angelic intervention, which he eventually used to help heal his blind father. It is from this story that people have come to appreciate the Archangel Raphael as both a comforter for travelers and a divine transmitter of healing.


Archangel Raphael ministers effectively in health, wholeness, and healing. He is responsible for helping us discover our true, essential inner beings by teaching us what we can use in our natural sphere to bring about total healing. When we feel lost in terms of finding solutions for the ills of mankind, we can call upon God and Archangel Raphael to help in our time of need.


One attribute of Archangel Raphael that you must know is that he will not simply heal your physical body. He will minister to all your components, including your mind and soul. Again, his role is to show you, whether by divine wisdom or by a miraculous occurrence, that you can be healed in your total being. 


Archangel Raphael will be there when you need him, and he will answer your call as you seek God for guidance and assistance.


Archangel Raphael has come to be associated with other names, which signify his importance to you. He is known as the “Chief of Guardian Angels.” He is known as one who gives mankind knowledge related to science and medicine. He is the “Archangel Consecration and Dedication.” He is the Archangel who governs over the 4th Ray of the majestic rainbow. (For this reason, he has come to be associated with the emerald green color.)


How Can Archangel Raphael Help Us

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Raphael is a patron in the elemental realm of Earth. He especially governs the domain of Healing together with Archangel Mariel and Archangel Zerachiel.


Connecting with powerful archangels is also a powerful experience, and it is important to be open to every possibility in which you may receive an answer to your request.


When you ask, start by quieting your mind and be ready to receive Archangel Raphael’s message and guidance.


Whether you need healing, inner guidance, or protection while you travel, Archangel Raphael is always ready to answer your call.


He will always want to direct you in positive directions despite your situation. He is an angel who prefers laughter and lightheartedness as these are both healing and nourishing.


And you’ll instantly notice that you are in a lighter mood and thinking of happy thoughts as the first signs of being in his presence.


When you keep connecting with him, your overall outlook will get better which will eventually bring healing into your life.


Archangel Raphael is known for delivering divine visions and revelations as they pertain to health and wholeness. He provides guidance and support to those who work in the healing field. Whether a person is seeking help for himself, his pet, his friend, or even a loved one, he can call on Archangel Raphael to deliver the answer. 


He has been known to help people find even their lost pets. Other characteristics of Archangel Raphael include helping people to end harmful addictions. There is no ailment too difficult for him to cure.


Because he is an Archangel, Raphael oversees the lower-level healing angels, who perform similar tasks. For this reason, his healing power can manifest in traditional or unorthodox ways. He is not restricted to man’s idea of what healing ought to look at; rather, he can provide an answer and solution based on what you have and what you need.


It is not uncommon for health practitioners to call Archangel Raphael to assist them in their patient’s healing process. By invoking his powerful energy, these healers can bring forth wholeness to parts of the body that are diseased. 


Because Archangel Raphael is also associated with the sciences, it is not uncommon for people in these fields to ask him for help in discovering cures for diseases. As the giver of empowering wisdom and knowledge, Archangel Raphael knows what is needed to help relieve the pains of mankind. 


He can help you identify the source of your pain so that you completely receive the healing that you desire. But one must not limit Archangel Raphael’s healing abilities to just the body. He can also manifest wholeness in every ailment of society.


There are times when natural disasters happen, and there is nothing that mankind can do to stop it. However, once they occur, people can call upon Archangel Raphael to bring healing to the land. He will restore what needs to be restored, for this is a part of what healing entails. He can also bring about internal peace, which often triggers the healing energy to flow through a person, a family, and a community.


Archangel Raphael can also bring forth financial healing. There are times when our emotional well-being is affected by a financial crisis. Because of what happens externally, we can internalize the pain and anguish, thus leading to other physical maladies. 


Therefore, when necessary, it becomes advantageous to ask God to send Archangel Raphael and the healing angels to minister to the areas where we are hurt. By conveying his knowledge to mankind, can bring about a prosperous idea, that will eventually result in financial wholeness. 


If this is your situation, it’s important to note that because Archangel Raphael is compassionately concerned with your well-being, he will teach you how to remove the inner ailments (i.e. stress, frustrations, disappointments, anger) so that you can receive the other side of your healing (i.e. financial help).


Signs that Archangel Raphael is Nearby

Archangel Raphael is one of the several angels who loved to interact with humans.


We can say that he is outgoing and definitely not subtle when he wants you to know and feel his presence.


He uses a lot of ways and signs to announce his presence.


One of these is when he amazingly lets you see him in his physical form.


Like the other angels, Archangel Raphael will sometimes show himself through your mind’s eye or through your dreams.


He will sometimes show himself clearly wearing a majestic robe of green with gold adornment.


It is so blessed for someone to see Raphael in either their dreams or through their inner eye. It means that he personally wants to heal you and comfort you from the pain you are feeling. 


There is no confusing him for someone else when he shows himself to you as he emits powerful healing energy and is always surrounded by green light.


There will also be times when he makes his presence known in your dreams though he may not appear in his physical form.


It is easy to know when Archangel Raphael visits you in your dreams to bring important messages of comfort, support, and healing.


He makes sure that your dream will be vivid and strong. You will feel his energy flowing through you in your sleep. Sometimes after you wake up, you will still remember every feeling, detail, and color from that dream.


Noticing Archangel Raphael’s name frequently will also indicate that he is with you in these hard times. You might just be scrolling through your social media feeds and his name came up.


You could be driving around and see signage and establishments with Raphael’s name. This is clearly a sign from Archangel Raphael that you are being protected and guided by him and the angels.


Another sign from Archangel Raphael is the flashing or sparkling green lights.


Emerald green is the color of Archangel Raphael.


When you are sick and pray to the Divine to connect you to Raphael, you will notice the green lights flashing around you or sparkling in your mind’s eye.


Raphael sends his light to you for comfort. He wants to assure you of his presence and that he is dealing with your pain and will heal you completely.


Healing warmth and tingling sensations are also signs that Archangel Raphael is beside you at the moment.


When he heals you, you will feel his heat and warmth. There is a tingling sensation as Archangel Raphael heals an injured part of your body. This tingling sensation and heat is the powerful healing energy of Archangel Raphael passing flowing to you.


Do not be alarmed if you will also feel vibrations with these sensations.


It is the vibration of Raphael pulsating inside you to rid you of all the negativities and toxins harming your being.


It is also a joy for believers to know that Archangel Raphael has humor and is a playful Archangel.


He loves to leave books of healing for people to find when they need answers to their questions about health.


Sometimes, he’d knock off a book from the shelf. Or put a book in your cart when you know you haven’t touched it.


You might discover that you have healing books inside your home if you are certain you haven’t bought it in the past.


Archangel Raphael will also whisper things to you.


When he answers your prayers he will give you thoughts and suggestions for actions you need to take. He would send you visions and dreams to the best alternative you could choose.


When you feel a nudge behind you, it is Archangel Raphael telling you to take positive action. It could also be that he’d wake you up early in the morning and urge you to run and exercise.


Or when you feel peculiar about a certain food as he warns you of it.


The stronger your intuition the more you will hear Archangel Raphael beside you.


Archangel Raphael will never fail to answer your prayers or make his presence known.


So be aware of his signs around you.


When to Make a Connection to Archangel Raphael

There are moments when you wonder if someone is out there to help you or to even understand your pains and suffering. 


Were you supposed to deal with the pain alone? Were you supposed to fight your battles all on your own?


The saddest part about suffering from your illness is the thought you are alone and helpless.


Archangel Raphael wants you to know that you are not alone in anything.


Although our dear Archangel Raphael is always willing to extend help, making connections with him should still not be taken lightly.


The help Archangel Raphael gives is not just healing. He helps us become stronger so we will have the courage to face things on our own.


But when you feel like you can’t handle things anymore, when you feel helpless and overwhelmed with illness, you can come to Archangel Raphael for help and he will help you with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress. He will give you the healing you need as well as the guidance that will lead you to find true and lasting healing.


Having Archangel Raphael when you travel is also a good time to communicate with him, and it will help you find peace as you journey. Long trips may likely bring out events that are not in your control, and Raphael can help you out of these.


And saying a prayer to Archangel Raphael will help you be at peace and assured that things will go smoothly.


So next time you’re going on a trip before you board the bus, train, or plane, take a moment to quiet your mind and ask Archangel Raphael to surround you and the vessel that you’re on with his healing emerald light.


Archangel Raphael’s prayer for Healing


 Archangel Raphael is dedicated to his mission of healing and comforting those who are suffering on earth.


If you’re suffering from anything, grieving in pain of loss, sickness, or failure, we offer to you this prayer to Archangel Raphael that you can use to help you heal.


Oh, holy Archangel Raphael,

Powerful angel of Healing and Recovery

You have always blessed our world with your wisdom and grace

You showered humanity with healing energy and comfort.

You have always been there to guide us in our journey.

Our refuge, our shelter, our great healer.


These days, my soul has grown tired,

My body is lethargic, 

My mind is in chaos and utter confusion.

I wake up in the morning wondering how the day will go,

I feel sick day by day, I feel like I am drowning,

I think about my needs and wish for rest and comfort as I go through my journey in life.


But I feel your presence, sometimes it is strong and clear

Other times I have to strain to hear your guidance especially when the suffering and pain grow stronger. 


Now, I pray that you envelop me in your presence.

I ask that you help me in my needs, to console the grievances of my heart.

I pray to you to humbly ask that you heal my soul, my body, and my heart.


I pray for your favor and your comfort.

Help me make a recovery from my sickness.

Help my family and keep them well at all times.

Help the world heal from the pains of the past and the present.

May every soul that calls to you be healed and comforted.

May our bodies be protected from illness


I pray to you, oh, medicine of God, prince of healing,

That you may shine your light around me and in me

So that I may never lose sight of the future

So that I may have the courage to face the world,

So that I may also become an instrument to heal others

So that I may prevent myself from adding to the pain of the world.


I know that you will never forsake me

And I am eternally grateful for your faithfulness

In turn, I give to you my infinite gratitude and my unswerving faithfulness


Hear my prayers, Archangel Raphael, and heal my spirit.


Thank you.