Archangel Raziel – Angel of Mysteries and Keeper of Secrets


Archangel Raziel is widely regarded as the ‘Angel of Mysteries’ and ‘Keeper of

Secrets.’ The name Raziel itself means ‘Secrets of God.’


The Archangel is found within the teachings of Kabbalah, also known as Jewish mysticism. He is commonly associated with Chokmah, the second Sephirah of the Tree of Life in Jewish mysticism. Those who practice Kabbalah believe that Archangel Raziel has the special duty of revealing holy secrets once God allows him to do so. By doing this, the Archangel communicates the divine wisdom contained in the Torah. 


Archangel Raziel stands close to the divine throne of God, making him earn the title of head of the Thrones. This also makes it possible for him to hear and write down whatever is being said and discussed. The archangel’s name is also spelled as Razeel, Razeil, Reziel, Reziah, Ratziel, and Galizur.


It is believed that Archangel Raziel has a close working relationship with the creator of the universe as well as a deep understanding of how the universe operates. The archangel wrote down these secrets in what came to be known as “The Book of the Angel Raziel”. The book, also known as the book of 1500 secrets, was written in an obscure language that even some angels could not understand the meaning of the contents. This is because it contained eternal knowledge of heaven and earth. 


There were several instances when the archangel gave this book to human beings to help them understand God’s grace. Raziel gave the book to Adam when he and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. The book was later given to prophet Enoch before his ascension and transformation into the angel Metatron. 



Another copy of the book was given to Noah, who used the information contained in the book to build his ark as well as for guidance on how to help the inhabitants in the period after the floods. Some sources indicate that the last human to have the book in their hands was Solomon. However, the book of “magic” has since disappeared.


Today, when people want to gain spiritual insights, understand esoteric information, sacred geometry, manifestation principles, and quantum physics or pursue divine magic and alchemy, they can call on the Archangel to reveal God’s guidance. Religious teachings describe the character of Archangel Raziel to be similar to that of a wise, old wizard. Some sacred texts have described Raziel as the ruler of the second level in heaven.


With the position that the archangel holds in heaven and the role he plays in the lives of mortals, it is clear that humans need Raziel in their day-to-day lives. Anyone that the archangel helps to reach a higher level of awareness and understanding or to have strengthened faith will experience God’s guidance in their lives. Indeed, Archangel Raziel can help one to condense their past experiences and channel the new energy into making their present life better.


How Archangel Raziel Helps you in Life

The angels are the agents of the Divine. They took sacred oaths to help humanity prosper and grow. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Raziel governs the domain of Intuition in the elemental realm of Fire. Together with Archangels Haniel and Machidiel, Raziel will help you strengthen your intuition so you can receive the secrets of the Universe and be guided in your life journey.


Here are some of the ways Angel Raziel helps you:


Helps to interpret dreams and past life memories


Archangel Raziel can help you interpret your dreams so you can understand their meanings and application of the dreams in your everyday life. Helping to interpret dreams is a channel for communicating God’s divine message to humans or making revelations that can help to provide divine guidance.


Raziel can also help you make sense of your past life memories and use the knowledge to lead your present life in a more meaningful way. Such experiences include those that were hurtful and experiences that resulted in trauma.



When you call on Archangel Raziel to help you interpret your dreams and past experiences, he effectively helps you to achieve forgiveness much more easily. You will also get a great opportunity to heal from hurtful experiences and recover from the trauma. When you understand your past experiences, you are in a better position to cast aside any negative thoughts and attitudes you may have harbored as well as to let go of the unhealthy habits they could have developed.


Raziel Helps you Release Spiritual and Physical Blocks


There are times when mortals make binding vows in the course of their lives. Some of these vows can be troublesome, affecting the life of the mortal in serious ways. The effects of vows such as those of chastity, poverty, and self-sacrifice can be far-reaching, going beyond the past to affect the individual’s present life in ways they may not have imagined when they made the vows. Any person who faces blocks in their spiritual or physical life can call upon the archangel for divine help and guidance.


Archangel Raziel is a kind and loving Archangel with the ability to dissolve any troublesome vows that could affect your life. When he dissolves these vows and removes the obstacles in a person’s life, the individual will be set free and will focus their renewed energy towards achieving their planned purpose in life. 


Angel Raziel Helps to strengthen faith and achieve deeper spiritual understanding 


The position and role of Archangel Raziel in the universe as well as in the lives of humankind mean that he knows and guards the secrets of God. The archangel can preside over the process of turning divine and mysterious knowledge into practical wisdom that is easily discernible to mortals. Humans can then use the knowledge in such a way that it is spiritualized and becomes second nature in their lives. This means that such people will avoid the distractions and temptations of earthly life and strive to lead their lives according to God’s plan.



When one benefits from the divine knowledge and practical wisdom of Raziel, one will have a deeper understanding of issues in the spiritual realm. Things that normal humans do not understand will be clearer to those who experience the presence of Archangel Raziel. The import will be strengthened spiritual faith in the creator of the universe as well as in the workings of the universe.


Archangel Raziel Helps You with Your Spiritual and Psychic Work


As the guardian of the secrets and mysteries of the creator of the universe, Archangel Raziel has a close working relationship with psychics and spiritual teachers. This makes it possible for the archangel to help mortals with spiritual and psychic work. 


He can help you to open that spiritual eye that allows you to see things in the divine realm and view such issues from a wider perspective. This helps mortals to make sense of the issues through the practical knowledge that the archangels give to humans. The ability to have a higher sense of awareness and understanding becomes stronger as those who turn to Raziel continue on the journey with the Archangel.


Signs that will Help You Notice Raziel’s Presence

Angels constantly guide and speak to us through personalized messages, dreams, and visions and directly receive insight from certain situations or circumstances.


Our intuition as humans helps us to identify the signs from the angels when they are sent our way as these signs are all around us and they can come in a variety of forms.


Archangel Raziel is known as the angel of mysteries. He is the patron of secret wisdom and divine knowledge, as well as the guardian of originality and pure thought. It is believed that deep secrets are revealed to him and if you are visited by him, it means that some new spiritual insights are to be delivered to you.


Here are some signs of Raziel’s presence when he is nearby:


  • Rainbow Light


It is said that when Raziel visits you, a rainbow light appears nearby. This is because his electromagnetic energy corresponds to the rainbow frequency on angel light rays. Due to the fact that Archangel Raziel’s aura color is rainbow-colored, his whole presence is a colorful one.


  • Surge of Creativity


A certain sign some people say they experience is the sudden surge of creativity within them when Archangel Raziel is around. He delights in sending fresh, innovative ideas that shows a new understanding of things that may have been shrouded in mystery for you. As it is known that Raziel provides answers to mind boggling questions, he also helps creative people create and curate great and original ideas if they ask for his help in this regard.


  • Heightened Sense of Faith


Another sign of Archangel Raziel being around one is an experience that involves a heightened sense of one’s faith. He is often sent to reveal something about himself that significantly strengthens our faith by removing all our fears and doubt over anything we may be concerned about. As he takes care of our deepest thoughts and concerns, the blindness and ambiguity clouding our judgment is removed and clarity sets in thereby increasing our faith that we can do beyond our perceived abilities.


  • Extra Sensory Perception(ESP)


One of the key signs that shows that Archangel Raziel is around you, is your increased ability to perceive information not normally within your reasoning.



Archangel Raziel is known as the master revealer of mysteries to people, it is believed that the human body’s extrasensory perception (ESP) grows stronger when he visits. Memories are reawakened, dreams have insightful meanings and for some reason, you can tell that some events will occur without having explanations as to how you came about that information. 


The messages he sends through ESP may come in a variety of ways via images through the type of ESP called clairvoyance, which involves seeing visions in your mind or clairaudience where the messages are received audibly.


It could also be clairalience, where you receive spiritual information through smell or clairgustance via taste and clairsentience through the sense of touch or emotion.

Archangel Raziel Prayer


Beloved Archangel Raziel,


I want to thank you for the love and guidance you have given me all this time.


Thank you for always blessing me with your presence and protection.


Angels, I pray to you today, to ask for your divine help.


Please help me let go of the heavy emotions inside my heart.


Please help me release all unnecessary thoughts clouding my mind.


Please protect me from the negative energies keeping me on low vibration.


Please help me awaken my intuition. 


I humbly ask for your help so I can tap into my spiritual gifts.


Shine your lights on my path. Show me where I should go.


Guide me as I make decisions in my daily life. 


I open myself to the messages of the heavens. I open myself to your guidance and support.


Thank you for hearing my call. Amen.


Keep dreaming and find your highest path. May you feel Archangel Raziel’s presence in your life and be aware of the guidance and blessings he placed in your path.