Archangel Sidriel – The Divine Prince and Governor of Virtues

Archangel Sidriel is best known by his patrons as one of the Angel Princes of Heaven. He is often associated with his fellow angels Pazriel and Sabrael and particularly rules over the First Heaven along with angels Gabriel, Sabrael, and Asrulyu. Sidriel is held in high regard within the angelic order for being one of the seven archangels who are often interacting with God directly.


One of Sidriel’s most apparent valuable traits is his virtuous nature and leadership as he governs over 496,000 angels who live within the First Heaven. As it is within his domain, Sidriel works to improve humanity’s virtues and commands the angels living alongside him to develop our intuition into building better lives for other people.


As one of the most benevolent and strongest archangels, Sidriel is among those which the Divine has placed in a governing position in heaven. He plays a prominent role in the celestial realm as a supervisor and overseer of the Virtues’ main duties. Virtues are a collection of miracle creators in heaven and are some of the most powerful angels based on their manifestation abilities alone.


Archangel Sidriel also belongs to this group of miracle workers and serves to lead the Virtues in their quest to align our angels’ works with that of our dreams and wishes in life. His blessings and miracles provide many answers to virtually any problems we face in life, even those that seem impossible to take on. Whatever challenges life may bring to the table, Sidriel will make sure that with his guidance, you can get through any hurdles in life safely and soundly.


Sidriel is also a prominent figure among old religious scriptures and texts from different accounts and religions.


In particular, Sidriel is among the angels discussed in Enoch 3 among his list of prominent archangels who serve the Divine. He joins the likes of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Shatqiel, Shachaqiel, and Baraqiel of the order angels as the few who belong to the seven highest and most powerful archangels of heaven.


It is also in Enoch’s scriptures where the archangel’s status as the divine ruler of the first heaven has been well known by patrons, making him a clear higher being than most angels who lived among this part of the divine realm.


How Can Archangel Sidriel Improve Our Virtues to Reconnect with the Divine

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Sidriel is a patron in the elemental realm of Air. He especially governs the domain of Clarity together with Archangel Jeremiel and Archangel Adnachiel.


As one of the seven most powerful angels in the order, Archangel Sidriel works to improve your virtues in life so your inner positive self will not only be able to have a strong spiritual bond between the celestials and the Divine, but also to be able to uplift others around you who cherishes your influence in their lives at the same time.


Sidriel’s angelic advice will be there at your behest to help you reach your truest and most positively impactful self. With his help, your path towards becoming your most capable self will be a path that will lead not only to the betterment of yourself but also to others around you. 


And most importantly, his presence within your life will serve to bring the necessary growth in your life that will mirror all the positive traits that Sidriel and other angelic figures like him possess: leadership, wisdom, and optimism of life moving forward.


You may be able to accept Sidriel’s miracles your way by allowing your intuition to accept his offer to provide clairvoyance and enlightenment within you and guide you on a righteous life journey here on Earth. His benevolent acts that will help improve your virtuous self and expel positive vibrations for life to go your way come from his meaningful advice to be more helpful around other people.


Archangel Sidriel is a strong proponent of acting for the sake of others first before your own gains. As much as everyone has an autonomy in their own actions in life, the virtue of helpfulness is something he instills upon every one of his dear children on Earth.


By prioritizing the welfare of others and sacrificing a bit of your self-satisfaction, Sidriel believes in a possible action that could come from your selfless deeds. By always doing people right within your lifetime, over your existence, people will come to see you as a trustworthy person. 


The universe trusts only the vision of a trustworthy individual. With your positive presence, you may evoke a small bit of change within this world by way of influencing others of being better towards their fellow men like you would for them.


Sidriel also guides you to be more proactive in life. He is a guardian angel that showcases a great deal of initiative as a leader amongst angels in the First Heaven. Bearing the role of the governing figure in that corner of heaven, Sidriel will impart the wisdom that will be a motivating factor for those in his guidance to be a better, justice-seeking person here on Earth. 


He will also be there to guide you away from the perils of deception from others. If you permit him to do so, Sidriel will always be tapping into your consciousness at all times to provide you proper assistance during times of distress. This way, he can urge and instill within you a constant thought of awareness on this possible negative outcome not just to help you avoid these problems, but also to somewhat turn the possible outcome into a positive one.


How To Connect With Archangel Sidriel

Connecting with Archangel Sidriel is not a hard task to do as he usually has a welcoming presence that always calls for you to notice and ask for his assistance at all times.


Sidriel’s energies are always there for you to take in during times when your issues in life are hard to deal with, or during times when you find yourself in distress about your purpose in life.


When it somehow feels like time has made things unclear for you, talk to Archangel Sidriel and allow him to offer his guidance to you.


With the help of proper prayer and meditation, Archangel Sidriel’s presence will certainly come into your life to help you with your issues, and crises, and provides you advice to better navigate life in all of its ups and downs.


Archangel Sidriel Prayer


Dearest Archangel Sidriel, the divine ruler of the first heaven, who governs the Virtues in heaven,

Pull me into your light and call out for me today.

Please show me where my virtues align with yours and others with me.

Please help me lead a life where my actions inspire goodness in life.

Envelop me with your love and fill my intuition with your gift of guidance at all times.

Thank you for being there for me. Amen.


Keep on longing for the greatest path toward enlightenment in life. May Archangel Sidriel’s loving spirit always inform your consciousness of the right actions to take in life and allow you to always be within the path that he and the Divine have paved for your growth in life.