Archangel Verchiel – The Angel of Affection

Who is Archangel Verchiel


Archangel Verchiel’s name means “The Affectionate God” in Hebrew and is known as the angel of lifestyle and affection.


He is the ruler of Powers or Authorities. They are the order of angels who have power over evil forces. They are warrior angels who protect the world from evil. They restrain evil from doing harm. Powers are also the keepers of the history of the Universe.


Verchiel is also the ruler of the 4th Sphere in Heaven.


In astrology, Archangel Verchiel governs Leo and is the guardian angel of those who is born under this zodiac sign.


He is the ruler of the month of July.


As the angel of affection, he brings gifts of nobility and affection to Earth. Verchiel is also  the angel you can call to ask for generosity and special protection.


How Can Archangel Verchiel Help Us 

Angels are gifted with great powers to help humanity. They know what to do to help us alleviate our pains and questions. The angels have great powers and abilities to help men on earth and make their lives easier.


In the Celestial Wheel of Life, Archangel Verchiel is a patron in the elemental realm of Earth. He especially governs the domain of Protection together with Archangel Michael and Archangel Sariel.


As the bringer of surprise, Archangel Verchiel’s guidance comes to you when you least expect it. Sometimes, he will steer you from your expected course so he could protect you and lead you to the right path.


Verchiel also works with the other angels to help you take action. When you are worried about your choices or the next step you should take, Verchiel will show you where you should go.


Verchiel will help you let go of things that hindering your growth, whether it is a toxic relationship, your career, or any situation that you wish to end. He will lead you to new chapters of your life.


He will help you let go of anything that will possibly drain your energy and health.


In your manifestation journey, Angel Verchiel will be there to protect your mental well-being so your thoughts remain positive and your intentions clear. These are really important for a quality manifestation.


When you connect with Archangel Verchiel, expect to be surrounded by his loving protection and affection. Your happiness and well-being are his topmost priority because he knows that they will motivate you to move forward and chase after the life you wanted.


How to connect with Archangel Verchiel

Like all your angels, Archangel Verchiel is also waiting for you to connect with him and let him shower you with affection and protection.


Archangel Verchiel’s known crystals are ruby, clear quartz, yellow jade, and peridot. So you can use these crystals to welcome his presence into your life.


You can also infuse your home with essential oils like neroli, rose, ylang-ylang, and orange to invite him into your home.


Do not forget to invoke his light and presence into your life with prayer and meditation so you can clearly receive his guidance and blessings.


Archangel Verchiel’s Prayer for Meditation


Beloved, Archangel Verchiel, God’s affection,


First of all, thank you for being a loving guardian angel.


I pray to you today to ask for your presence and protection.


Please bless me with your guidance so I may manifest the life I want with the people who genuinely support me.


Please lead me from things and people who will take advantage of me.


I open myself to your divine affection and protection. Let your light guide me in my journey.