Ascended Masters – Meet Your Highest Guides (4 Tips On Invoking Them)

Are you in any way suffering and being challenged by life?

Suffering from health issues, finances, relationships, career or any aspect of your life that’s causing you discomfort and pain?

A discomfort that you want to address immediately?

Are you in any way seeking for spirituality and self-fulfillment?

Do you feel that you have been called to embark on a special journey of your soul to find your ultimate fulfillment in life?

But no matter how much success you gain for yourself, you still feel that there is something missing…

Something that resonates with your spirit and your essence…

Something that gives meaning and relevance to your existence in this world.

Whatever you are experiencing right now whether spiritual or practical, it all boils down to your core and your past karma.

And in order to come out from these difficulties, it will help you greatly if you find your guide.


Finding Your Guide

One of the best ways to catch up with life and to learn faster is to find your highest guide. They are the ones who will show you the way. That if you do it on your own, you might find it very difficult to find the way through the tough mazes.

But of course, you will not be able to find them without some challenges. You may find it hard to find the best guides in the whole world as they are not easily available or just too costly.

But you don’t have to focus on human guides as you can always seek for guidance from your angels and the Ascended Masters…

Finding your guide in this way will give you access to divine wisdom and the higher dimensions.

Who Are The Ascended Masters?

We know who angels are but who are the ascended masters?

We can understand ascended masters in the context of karma, incarnation and ascension. Without understanding these concepts, we will also not appreciate who ascended masters are.



Karma is the spiritual concept of cause and effect. This means that it is the result of one person’s action and as well as the action itself. It is the spiritual term for the cycle of cause and effect which describes the consequences a person’s actions. That is, what happens to a person, happens because their very actions caused it.



Human beings are spiritual beings having a physical experience. In spirituality, there is this concept called reincarnation. It is where souls are born in a certain lifetime and are reborn into another physical form in another lifetime to continue dealing with karma a soul has built up in the previous life.



The concept of ascension comes in when the soul is able to move beyond the karmic cycle, that is, transcending the reincarnation cycle. This happens when the soul is able to pay off all his karmic debt so he will cease to be born into another physical form in his next lifetime.


How Karma, Reincarnation and Ascension Work

After understanding these 3 spiritual concepts we can then move on to defining who the ascended masters are.

Building Karma in a certain lifetime may prevent the person to ascend beyond reincarnation as it will only lead him to the karmic cycle of reincarnation. As long as a person has some karmic debt to pay, he will continue to undergo the reincarnation process.

This is not an easy task to do that’s why many of us are reborn again and again.

In this context, we are all ascended masters in the making if we are able to get past the karmic cycle and achieve ascension.

To sum it up, ascended masters are spiritually enlightened beings. They were once ordinary humans like all of us. They have become ascended masters because they have mastered ascension and have already paid off their karmic debt. They also have undergone through successive spiritual transformations that they no longer have a physical body. They got past through their physical limitations of the cycle of incarnation and was able to tap the power of higher dimensions.

We can differentiate them from the other spiritual beings like angels and spirit guides because they can relate to us and have gone through human experiences. And if there are beings who can resonate with the human suffering, these are the ascended masters as they can relate with us in the frustrations of the karmic cycle.

This means that they have vast knowledge and wisdom base that we can tap to help us in our human journey. Like your angels, it is believed that they are willing to give guidance to each of us so we will be able to get through the initiations of ascension.

Here in celestial inspiration, we can help you get to know your ascended masters so you can as well invoke them for guidance aside from your angels.


How to Invoke Their Presence?


4 Simple Ways to Connect to The Ascended Masters

Thinking. The simplest way is to THINK of one particular ascended master. Just by thinking about them, you are connecting to their energy.

Say thanks and ask him your questions and wait for the message to come. Set aside your doubts and the answers will come to you.


Meditation. Another way to connect with them is through MEDITATION. You can begin with breath work and imagine all the things that you are grateful for and the things that make you happy. In this way, you are bringing yourself into your most beautiful state.

When you are in your peak state, call upon your chosen ascended master and ask him your questions.

Imagine him speaking to you and the guidance will come.


Visualization. You can also do VISUALIZATION. You can start by imagining yourself getting into the elevator and press level 6. The ascended masters are in the 6th dimension. When you come out of the elevator, you can imagine meeting the ascended master of your choice in a room you’ve chosen to enter.

Imagine you’re having a conversation with the ascended master and ask him all your questions in life and you will get your answers.


Channeling. You can also do CHANNELING. If you are an experienced channeler, you can channel the wisdom of the ascended master of your choice to develop a relationship with them. You can then ask your questions and be amazed with the answers you will receive.

Don’t forget to write the answers you hear so you will not forget it and get back to it when you are in a different state to understand it better.

Whatever you do, remember you are an ascended master in the making.

And you are free to tap on the wisdom of the ascended masters who have gone before you.

For more help on using these spiritual tools to invoke the ascended masters, please tune in to our youtube channel to have access to resources you can use in your spiritual journey.